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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 103 A L A S K A rence I. One Evening Grosbeak frequented a Ketchikan feeder 15-18 Sep (JFK), deliver- ing the fall's only report. Ketchikan birders report that House Sparrows have apparently disappeared locally, with none seen in that community since Jun 2015. Contributors and Observers: B. A. Agler, J. B. Allen, G. S. Baluss, G. Beiber, E. Benitz, R. B. Benter, A. Bowman, A. C. Brown, A. Bruce, I. Bruce, K. Bruce, L. K. & T. A. Burke, E. W. Clark, A. C. Courtney, L. H. DeCicco-eBird Compiler, B. H. Demerjian, T. Dimarzio, N. K. Drumheller, C. Eckert, D. Elliott, E. Fernandez, G. Frost, D. Goch- feld, C. P. F. Goff, M. R. Goff, R. B. L. Goff, S. Golodoff, H. E. Goodell, J. Greenway, C. Gregory, F. & B. Haas, N. R. Hajdukovich- E-bird Compiler, J. Hamilton, M. C. Har- ris, S. C. Heinl-Southeast Co-Compiler, I. Helmericks, D. Hemenway, S. F. Hemenway, T. Hoyt, R. Hughey, C. Irrigoo, E. H. John- son, T. Johnson, W. Keys, J. F. Koerner, A. J. Lang-Southcoastal Compiler, P. E. Lehman, J. D. Levison, J. H. Lewis, R. A. MacIntosh, D. K. MacPhail, M. A. Marsh, B. Meiklejohn, J. Millsaps, B. K. Neumann, S. Oehlers, C. Parker, E. V. Parker, B. Peluso, K. Persons, A. W. Piston, R. Pittman, K. Reislbach, B. Robinson, L. Robinson, G. H. Rosenberg, S. Schaller, R. L. Scher, S. Schuette, P. Scully, M. K, Schwan, D. Shirley, D. W. Sonneborn, St. Paul Tour (S. Schuette et al.), M. & O. Squires, T. Sullivan, M. Taylor, T. G. Tobish, B. Tweit, S. Ulman, G. B. van Vliet, E. Wad- dell, S. Weltz, M. F. Willson, R. Winckler, C. Wright. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Thede Tobish, 2510 Foraker Drive, Anchorage, Alaska 99517 • RBLG, ph. EVP), and at Craig 1-4 Nov (ph. LHD, AJL, NRH, SCH) were unusual for the outer Southeast coast. The Craig bird repre- sents just the Region's second Nov record. Single Rose-breasted Grosbeaks visited feed- ers at Juneau 11-20 Sep (ph. JM, m. ob.) and Ketchikan 5 Oct (ph. MAM). There are now at least 15 Alaska records of this grosbeak, which breeds as close as ne. British Colum- bia. Three Black-headed Grosbeaks made for a good showing and included singles at Sitka 26 Sep (ph. DL), one that represented a second local record at Anchorage 14-17 Oct (fide WK, et al.), and another from the w. In- terior at Shageluk 12-13 Oct (ph. JH). Western Meadowlarks showed again this fall at Juneau, with 2 present there 1-31+ Nov (GBV, PAR, BAA, MCH). Another took up residence at Ketchikan 25 Oct–8 Nov (ph. SCH) and a fresh feather pile in the same area 8 Nov confirmed the presence of two birds. The only Brewer's Blackbird re- port came in from Hoonah 26 Oct through the period (ACC). Certainly the fall's biggest surprise was the ad. male Hooded Oriole, another Alaska first, at Juneau 19-22 Sep (ph. OS, MS, ph. JDL, m. ob.). This species nests as close as nw. California. It is an ir- regular visitant to Oregon and is casual to British Columbia, where the closest record is from Terrace, ca. 70 mi from the Alaska border. Multiple Bullock's Orioles surfaced at Ketchikan, all spaced exactly one month apart, including one at apple trees 24 Aug (ph. JHL, JFK), a second individual 24 Sep (ph. SCH), and a third 24 Oct–1 Nov (ph. SCH et al.). There are only seven prior Alas- ka records, four of which come from Gam- bell. Two Southeast Brambling reports were the season's highlights for a species more expected in the Bering Seas region; one was at Sitka 27 Nov (ph. EVP, CP), the other at Farm I. up the Stikine R mid-Nov (EB, fide BKN, BHD). The season's only Common Rosefinch was at Gambell 30 Aug (GB et al.), that site's ninth from fall. St. Paul I. birders were treated to a handsome and skittish Pal- las's Rosench 20-24 Sep (St. Paul Tour, ph. CG, ph. DG et al.). Another Alaska first, this ne. Asian species breeds as close to the Re- gion as the Kurile I. and winters in s. Japan. Rare for the Bering Sea was a female-type Purple Finch at the St. Paul I. wild celery patches 10 Sep (ph. GB et al.). Wide-ranging Red Crossbills put in appearances via small groups at St. Paul I. 5 Aug–8 Sep, with a high count of 17 notched 19 Aug (St. Paul Tour), and also near Dutch Harbor, with 4 pres- ent there 4 Sep (CW). A juv. White-winged Crossbill at Gambell 4-24 Aug (ph. CI, m. ob.) constituted a first fall record for St. Law- twos 2 Sep–6+ Oct (St. Paul Tour), singles at Gambell 29-30 Aug, 24 Sep, and 4 Oct (PEL) where there had been four prior records, and in the e. Aleutians near Dutch Harbor 15- 18+ Nov (SG). The latest Townsend's War- bler report elsewhere was on the Kenai Pen. 25 Oct (AJL). The tardiest Wilson's Warblers consisted of singles at Kodiak 25 Oct–15 Nov (RAM) and Ketchikan 30 Nov (JFK). Although it went unreported last win- ter, a Spotted Towhee returned to a feeder at Juneau for a third consecutive year 10 Oct (KRi, m. ob.). There are now 14 Alaska records of the species, nine of which have been documented at Juneau. The Fox Spar- row that lingered near Nome 31 Oct–28 Nov (KP) was most unusual for that north- erly site. A total of 15 Sooty Fox Sparrows at Gambell 24 Aug–31 Oct (PEL, CI) estab- lished both a new high count and, eventu - ally, a new late date. Typical Swamp Sparrow reports from the Southeast included singles at Ketchikan 9-10 & 11 Oct (AWP, SCH), up to 3 at Craig 1-4 Nov, and a single at Klawock 3 Nov (AJL, SCH, NRH, LHD). Elsewhere, one at Seward 31 Oct–1 Nov (TS, SS, RBB) was unexpected. Following recent trends in Ketchikan, pugetensis White-crowned Spar- rows were scattered through Prince of Wales I. sites, i.e. 7 at Klawock, 6 at Craig, and 2 at Hydaburg 1-4 Nov (AJL, ph. LHD, NRH, SCH). Little Buntings appeared at both Ber- ing Sea hotspots this season, with 2 at St. Paul I. 12-13 Oct (St. Paul Tour, ph. CG), the Pribilofs' third record, and three singles at Gambell 31 Aug–3 Sep, 29-30 Sep, and 6-7 Oct (AJL, PEL, m. ob.). Another Rustic Bunting, the ninth for the Southeast, set up shop at a feeder near Ketchikan 2-24 Nov (JFK, ph. JDL). St. Paul I. birders flushed an intriguing, imm. Emberizid bunting 11 Oct that was later confirmed as the Pribilofs' first and Region's fifth fall Pallas's Bunting 12-13 Oct (St. Paul Tour, ph. CG). Isolated West- ern Tanagers at Sitka 21 and 27-28 Sep (ph. Young Owen Squires and his mother found Alaska's first Hooded Oriole, an obvious reverse migrant from points well to the south, in Juneau's community gardens where it lingered 19-22 September (here on 22). Photo by © James D. Levison. This distant shot of the Pribilofs' first Pallas's Bunting, present in wild celery patches at St. Paul I. 11-13 Septem- ber (here on 12), shows the distinct bill shape and grayish lesser wing coverts patch. Photo by © Cory Gregory.

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