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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 99 G R E AT B A S I N Contributors and Cited Observers: Taylor Abbot, Tim Almond (TAl), Meg Andrews, Jack Binch, Jim Boone (JBo), Nate Brown, Anna Buckardt, Jessica Burton (JBu), Ste- phen Carlisle, Franz Carver, Cullen Clark, Matthew Colbert, Dorothy Crowe, Maurice Demille, Rick Fridell, Dennis Ghiglieri, John Hackney, Mike Hearall, Stephen Heinrich, Joellen and Samuel Herbert, James Holmes (JHo), Suzi Holt (SHo), Paul Hurtado, Jeff Johnson, David Kozlovsky, Shawn Langs- ton, Andrew Lee, Kenny Lee, Michael Lester, Rob Lowry, Brian Maxfield, Neil McDonal, Martin Meyers, Brandon Miller (BMi), Bry- ant Olsen, Neil Paprocki, Jason Pietrzak, Alan de Queiroz, Michael San Miguel, Rick Saval, Greg Scyphers, Dennis and Rebecca Serdehely, Sherree Sheide, Weston Smith, Steve and Cindy Sommerfeld, Brian Steger, Justin Streit, Rose Strickland (RSt), Mike Swink (MSw), Mark Taylor, Jeanne Tins- man, Carolyn Titus, Seth Topham, Debbie Van Dooremolen, Christina Van Oosten, Ken Voget, Deb Vogt, David Wheeler, Anne Win- ters, Ben Zyla. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Rick Fridell, 3505 West 290 North, Hurricane, Utah 84737 • Esmeralda, Nevada 24-26 Oct (ph. GS, RSt, DG, et al.) and Floyd Lamb hosted a Swamp Sparrow 17-21 Nov (GS et al.). Scarlet Tanagers turned up at Pahranagat 19 Sep (DS) and along SR-128, Grand, Utah 25 Oct († SH). The only Rose-breasted Grosbeak reported was at Floyd Lamb 4 Oct (AL); as was a Painted Bunting reported 7-10 Nov (Al et al.). There was a veritable explosion of Dick - cissels in Nevada this fall, with no less than six reported across the state. The first was found at Miller's R.A. 16 Sep (AB, CV), followed by juveniles at Floyd Lamb 20-21 Sep (ph. MSw), Primm, Clark 23-27 Sep (JP et al.), Arlemont Ranch, Esmeralda 26 Sep (GS, MM, RL), and Corn Cr. 3 Oct (ph. GS) and 26-27 Oct (DC, JBo). A flock of 10 Bobolinks were at Lamoille, Elko, Nevada 7 Aug (AQ) and a single bird was at Tonopah, Nye, Nevada 12-19 (RSt, GS, MA, RL). An Orchard Oriole was photographed at Corn Cr. 7 Sep (JS). Five Common Redpolls were documented along Jeremy Ranch Road, Morgan, Utah 14 Nov–7 Dec (NP, WS). Three Lawrence's Goldfinch were found at Corn Cr. 23-24 Sep (JS et al.), 2 were at Primm, Clark, Nevada 26 Sep (JS), and a single was photo - graphed visiting a Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada feeder 4 Nov–5 Dec (DV). Black-throated Blue Warblers graced Lytle 6 Oct (ph. RF) and Floyd Lamb 8-11 Oct (NM et al.), and two were at Corn Cr. 21-26 Oct (JS, DV et al.). A Palm Warbler was photo - graphed at Powell L., Utah, Utah 25 Oct (†SS) and several Hermit Warblers were observed at high elevation areas around Washington, Utah 14 Aug–4 Sep (S&CS, RF, DW). SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES One of the highlights of the season was Ne- vada's third endorsed Cassin's Sparrow, dis- covered 26 Sep (†GS, RSt, DG) at the Amar- gosa Valley Park, Nye, Nevada. The sparrow lingered through 29 Sep (DV, CT, et mult. al.) and was enjoyed by many state birders. Clay-colored Sparrows were reported at Floyd Lamb 27 Sep (ph. MM), Amargosa Valley, Nye, Nevada 29 Sep (ph. GS), Tonopah Cemetery, Esmeralda, Nevada 3 Oct (RSt, DG), and Ivins, Washington, Utah 11 Nov (RF). Wayward Lark Buntings were found at Antelope Island 28 Aug (WS), H.B.V.P. 31 Aug (JS), and Ivins, Washington, Utah 10 Nov+ (RF). Grasshopper Sparrows were discovered at Amargosa Valley Park, Nye, Nevada 26 Sep (ph. GS) and Floyd Lamb 3 Oct (ph. AL). A cooperative Le Con - te's Sparrow lingered at Arlemonte Ranch, Alaska especially unusual locations or dates for the noted species. WATERFOWL THROUGH RAPTORS It seemed like one of the Region's poor- est autumns for waterfowl in years, with low numbers reported from the periphery. Southeast Alaska produced the season's notable rarities, including 2 Wood Ducks at Klawock L., Prince of Wales I. 10 Nov (EWC), the season's only report of this casual visitant. Notable sightings farther north near Gustavus included a Ruddy Duck 15 Nov (NKD), casual in Southeast. An imm. Yellow-billed Loon was extralim- ital on the Matanuska Lakes near Palmer 12 Nov (ph. RW) and the first documented for Upper Cook Inlet. An average fall show- ing for Pied-billed Grebes included singles at Annette I. 29 Oct (RBB), Ketchikan 11+ Nov (AWP), and north to Gustavus17-18 Nov along with two together at a different Gustavus Lake 15-22 Nov (ph. NKD). Pink-footed Shearwater sightings includ- ed 4 w. of Forrester I. 6 Aug (PEL) and 2 off Yakutat 12 Aug (AJL, AMB). Another Pink- systems and ended with a continu- ation of the new late-season pattern of very strong and large low pressure systems, some of which entered as the extra-tropical remains of ty - phoons. Only well into Novem- ber did weak winter condi- tions emerge, though with little effect. The North Gulf of Alaska remained in a warming trend with above-average sea sur - face temperatures wide- spread through the season. There was no strong concentration of red-alert rarities al - though four new species were documented for the Region. Late-season coverage at Gam - bell, continuing well past the typical early- October departure of birders, is starting to reveal good results into November. Abbreviations: North Gulf (North Gulf of Alaska); referenced details (†), photographs (ph.), videotape (vt.), and audiotape (at.) are on file with the Alaska Checklist Com- mittee. Italicized place names or dates denote Thede Tobish –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– F all 2015 closely mirrored the previous year, producing another strong suite of rarities but with low numbers of birds overall and few concentrations of regular passage migrants. Unlike 2014, there were plenty of notable late dates and scattered lin - gerers. Weather conditions again contributed to all these highlights. The season started out mild with weak, short-lived low pressure

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