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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 408 I O WA & M I S S O U R I Single Song Sparrows were in Taney 24 Jun (GS et al.), Springfield Greene 27 Jun (Troy Earwood), and Greene 3 Jul (CB), where they rarely nest. Lingering migrants included Iowa's first summer Lincoln's Sparrow at Pleasant Creek R.A., Linn 11 Jun (ph. BCa), and single White-throated Sparrows in St. Louis, MO 2-8 Jun (ph., †Diane Bricmont) and in Black Hawk, IA 22 Jun (DE). Reports of a pair of Summer Tanagers at a nest in Dubuque 6 Jul (DS), a pair in Marshall (MP), and one in Webster (Doug Harr) add to their growing northward movement into the middle third of Iowa. Rare in summer in s. Missouri, a Rose-breasted Grosbeak in Cape Girardeau 2 Jul (†Mark Goodwin) was unex - pected. The range of the Blue Grosbeak contin- ues to change in Iowa. Singles in Appanoose 3 Jun (ToJ), near Cone Marsh 9 Jul (JFu), and in Dubuque 18 Jul (DS) continue expansion from the species' once limited range in se. Iowa. One in Story 19 Jun (SJD), one near Nora Springs, Floyd 12-16 Jul (CF, RG, BL, PH), one at Kel - lerton Bird C.A., Ringgold 3 & 16 Jun (MSIM), and 2 in Madison 22 Jul (RA, PA) continue the species' expansion into cen. Iowa and north - ward, almost to the Minnesota border. A male Painted Bunting at a feeder in Williams, Wright 7 Jun (ph., †Gayle Bothe) was a rare find for Iowa. One or 2 were found in seven locations in their sw. Missouri stronghold in Greene, Stone, Taney, Barry, and Christian (eBird). In Missouri, the southernmost Bobolinks were up to 6 in Moniteau 1 Jun–6 Jul (CB), one in Leclade 9 Jun (WW), one in Pettis 27 Jun (VC, DC), and 3 in Benton 2 Jul (Brandon Watson), all s. of the Missouri River. The 16 Bobolinks at Sedan Bottoms W.A., Appanoose 5 Jun (BS) provided a high count from s. Iowa. Outside of the Prairie Pothole region of Iowa, southerly Yellow-headed Blackbirds were along the Missouri River in Mills and Fremont in Iowa (MSIM) and Squaw Creek in Missouri (JH et al.). One in Bates in w.-cen. Missouri 5 Jul (Ed Robinson) was unexpected. Late Pine Siskins in Missouri were singles at feeders in St. Louis 1 Jun (ph. David Rudder), Crawford 2 Jun (Joe Eades), and Jasper 19 Jun (JC, fide Becky Wylie). A Eurasian Tree Sparrow at Otter Creek Marsh, Tama, IA 2 & 27 Jun and 2 Jul (MP, DE) continues this species' northwesterly range expansion. Cited contributors (state editors in boldface): Pam Allen, Reid Allen, Chris Barragar, Michael Brown, Jeff Cantrell, Bill Clark (BCl), Brandon Caswell (BCa), Dan Cowell, Varick Cowell, James J. Dinsmore (Iowa), Stephen Dinsmore, Mike Doyen, David Eastman, Bruce Ehresman, Carolyn Fischer, Jim Forde (JFo), Jim Fuller (JFu), Allen Gathman, Rita Goranson, Mark were found in 14 Missouri counties (eBird), but Iowa had only one at Shimek 12 Jul (SJD). A species that seems to be harder to find in re - cent years, one or 2 Veeries were found in Al- lamakee and Delaware, IA (TS, BS). WARBLERS THROUGH OLD WORLD SPARROWS Late warblers included a Connecticut Warbler in Worth, IA 2 Jun (RG, BL), Iowa's third lat - est Blackpoll Warbler in Allamakee, IA 8 Jun (MSIM, TS), and a Wilson's Warbler in Dunklin, MO 2 Jun (TiJ). A singing Swainson's Warbler at Hidden Valley Park, Clay, MO 28 May–3 Jun (LR, ph., †Linda Williams, m.ob.) was far nw. of usual range. Others were 2 in Reynolds 23- 24 Jun (Luis Rugelio, Brad Jacobs, Paul McK - enzie) and 5 at the Current River, Shannon 6 Jun (Cole Wolf, Nicholas Sly) in the species' usual range. Other notable warblers in Mis - souri included 9 Ovenbirds in Randolph 14-27 Jun (EW) and 6 in Shelby 1 Jul (EW, BM, BCl), a Black-and-white Warbler in Pike 17 Jul (CB), and single Yellow-throated Warblers at Foun - tain Grove 7 Jul (SK, Larry Lade) and in Macon 1 Jun (MD). All Iowa reports of Worm-eating Warblers were from Shimek in the se. corner of the state: 2 on 19 Jun (BR) and singles 21 Jun and 12 Jul (Chris Edwards, SJD). As many as 5 Blue-winged Warblers were found at 13 locations in Allamakee, Clayton, and Winneshiek in ne. Iowa (MSIM, BS). Likewise most reports of Cerulean Warbler were from ne. Iowa, with reports of 10 or more as well as an ad. on a nest in Allamakee 13 Jun (BS, Walt Wagner-Hecht, BR, PSk). Iowa's only Pine Warblers were sin - gles at two locations in Shimek in the se. cor- ner of the state (SJD), where they have nested. Two male Spotted Towhees at Oak Grove Park, Sioux, IA 6 Jun constituted Iowa's second summer record. On 20 & 28 Jun, a male Spot - ted Towhee was seen there feeding a young Brown-headed Cowbird, the first evidence of Spotted Towhee nesting in Iowa and the Region (ph. Joe Junger). Other than a Clay- colored Sparrow at Neal Smith N.W.R., Jas - per in cen. Iowa 2 & 6 Jun and a second bird there 19 Jun (KVS), all reports were from four n. Iowa counties, with 6 in Dickinson 22 Jul (MSIM, m.ob.) the most. A Vesper Sparrow at Bilby Ranch Lake C.A., Nodaway, MO 25 Jun (Robert Guth) was s. of its usual range. Out - side of their usual range, up to 6 Grasshopper Sparrows were at two sites in Cape Girardeau 7 Jun–30 Jul (AG), and 5 were in Scott 10 Jul (MH) in Missouri. Widespread in both states, high counts of Henslow's Sparrows were 18 at Hi Lonesome Prairie C.A., Benton, MO 7 Jun (Marge Lumpe), 13 at Penn-Sylvania Prairie, Dade, MO 11 Jun (David Blevins), and 60 at Neal Smith N.W.R., Jasper, IA 1 Jun (KVS). dy, IA 16 Jun (MP). An Olive-sided Flycatcher at Saylorville 26 Jul (SJD) was Iowa's third ear - liest. Least Flycatchers were found at nine sites in Allamakee, Clayton, and Winneshiek (MSIM, BS, PSk), further supporting its status as a reg - ular summer resident in ne. Iowa. Two species of flycatchers continued to expand eastward and northward across Missouri. There were three reports of Western Kingbirds in the St. Louis area, five reports from the Columbia/ Jefferson City area, and two reports from Scott and Stoddard in se. Missouri. In Iowa, where Western Kingbirds have been moving east - ward, 2 were at West Des Moines, Polk 15 Jun (RA, PA), where the species is now established. Scissor-tailed Flycatchers showed a similar pat - tern, with one or 2 birds in six counties in se. Missouri (eBird), two pairs in St. Charles (ph. BP et al.), and a male at Fountain Grove 17 Jun (BCl, BM). For only the second summer in the past seven years, no Scissor-tailed Flycatchers were reported in Iowa. Loggerhead Shrikes were found in 17 Mis - souri counties, with evidence of nesting in Howell and Phelps (Becky Elston, Susan Far - rington, WW, GL), and in seven Iowa coun- ties (m.ob.), about typical for summer. Away from their usual haunts in the Ozarks, up to 4 White-eyed Vireos were found at Fountain Grove (GL), Hunnewell Lake C.A., Shelby (EW, BM, BCl), Pershing S.P., Linn (Ryan Risher), and Thousand Hills S.P., Adair (Peter Kon - drashov, Jason Luscier). Rare in Missouri s. of I-44, as many as 7 Bell's Vireos were found in Stone, Howell, Stoddard, Cape Girardeau, Scott , and Wayne in se. Missouri. In Missouri's Ozarks, where rare, Bank Swallows were found in six counties, including two colonies with up to 136 birds in Greene (Kathleen Cowens, Dor - othy Thurman, m.ob.). Missouri had reports of Marsh Wrens in 10 counties, more than usual, with 4 at Swan Lake N.W.R., Chariton 25 Jul and 3 at Squaw Creek 30 Jun the most (eBird, VC, DC, KP, MR). One or 2 Bewick's Wrens This Spotted Towhee tending a Brown-headed Cowbird fledgling at Oak Grove Park, Sioux County, Iowa 20 June 2015 marked the first evidence that Spotted Towhee breeds in the state. Photograph by Joe Jungers.

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