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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 407 I O WA & M I S S O U R I n. half of Iowa (m.ob., MSIM), and singles in Missouri at Dunn Ranch, Harrison 7 Jun and Clark 19 Jun (BR, m.ob.). The only reports of Greater Roadrunners were singles in sw. Mis - souri at Bull Shoals Reservoir, Ozark 10 Jun (MH) and at Springfield, Greene 3 Jul (ph. CB). Both states had numerous Barn Owl reports. Nests were found in five Missouri and seven Iowa counties (LR, MH, AG, BE, PSc, Skylar Hobbs), and birds were seen or heard in eight others (m.ob.). A pair of Short-eared Owls with a juv. at Bryson's Hope C.A., Pettis, MO 31 May–9 Jun (Andrea Ambrose, ph. Dana Rip - per, Ethan Duke) provided evidence of nesting in the Region for the first time in at least 10 years. Iowa's only Chuck-will's-widows were one or 2 in Page in sw. Iowa (KVS, JFu). Chim - ney Swifts nested in a replica of the historic Sherman Swift tower in Cedar, IA and hatched 4 young (Robert Scarth, Linda Scarth). The original tower was built in 1915 by pioneering ornithologist Althea Sherman. Other than one in Warren in s.-cen. Iowa 4 Jun (Ann Johnson), all Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were found in their traditional n. Iowa range (MSIM, m.ob.). All of Missouri's Peregrine Falcon reports were from metropolitan areas where falcons have been reintroduced: 10 reports from the St. Louis area included a nest with 4 young in St. Louis (Caitlin Andrews, eBird, Diane Bricmont, BP), and three reports came from the Kansas City area (eBird). In Iowa, 14 of 21 active nests produced 34 young, totals similar to those in 2014 (PSc). Late migrants included an Olive-sided Fly - catcher in Clay, IA 13 Jun (LS), single Yellow- bellied Flycatchers in Clay 2 Jun (Don Merz) and in Johnson 4 Jun (VC, DC), both in w. Mis - souri, and single Alder Flycatchers at River- lands 1-2 Jun (PL, Glen Hawley) and in Grun- Wilson's Phalaropes included a pair 22 Jun (Er- ich Gilbert, Tom Skilling, fide SJD) and a male and a large chick 2 Jul (SJD) at Maynard Reece W.P.A., Kossuth, IA. The largest concentration of southbound shorebirds included 127 Lesser Yellowlegs, 42 Stilt Sandpipers, 508 Least Sandpipers, 1710 Pectoral Sandpipers, and 383 Semipalmated Sandpipers at Saylorville 22 Jul (SJD). Notable southbound birds included single Piping Plo - vers in Lincoln, MO 18-20 Jul (PL, Joshua Uff- man, Mark Paradise, m.ob.) and at Saylorville 26 Jul (SJD), 54 Willets at Saylorville 28 Jun (SJD) and one on a flooded field in Lincoln, MO 19-20 Jul (MT, ph. Allen Smith), 4 Sand - erlings at Saylorville 19 & 26 Jul (SJD) and 6 at Riverlands 27 Jul (Bill Rowe, PL, JS), a White- rumped Sandpiper at Union Hills W.P.A., Cerro Gordo, IA 23 Jul (†RG), as many as 5 Buff- breasted Sandpipers at Hawkeye and 7 in Linn, IA 31 Jul (JFo, MB, BS), a Western Sandpiper at Saylorville 22 Jul (SJD), and single Red-necked Phalaropes at Saylorville 22 Jul (SJD) and at Hawkeye 26 Jul (JFo). The 600 Franklin's Gulls in Dickinson, IA 17 Jul (SJD) were somewhat early for such a large group. The 48 Ring-billed Gulls at Harry S. Truman Reservoir, Benton 18 Jul (DC, VC, Lee Farrell, Linda Farrell) made the second highest summer count for Missouri. The Re - gion's only Herring Gull was at Riverlands 1 Jun–27 Jul (PL, Cornelius Alwood, JS). Except for 2 in Atchison 13 Jun and one in St. Clair 26 Jul (Christopher Brown, Jill Hays, Josh Rus - sell, Steve Martin, Debbie Martin), most Mis- souri reports of Least Terns were from along the Mississippi River. Up to 3 were seen in Jun and early Jul at the usual nesting sites in w. Iowa (SJD, JFu, GLV), but the only report of nesting was two nests and 7 young at Deer Island W.A., Harrison 16 & 24 Jul (Jon Chris - tensen, fide SJD) on a sandbar created by recent floods. Caspian Terns were reported from seven sites in Iowa, with 8 at Saylorville 23 Jun (SJD, m.ob.) the most. Black Terns had their best summer in several years. In Iowa, a nest was noted at Dan Greene Slough, Clay 13 Jun (LS), and ads. feed - ing young were at Eagle Lake, Hancock 2 Jul (SJD) and also at Trumbull 19 Jul (LS, SJD). The 35 Forster's Terns at Saylorville 26 Jul (SJD) was the only large group of migrants. DOVES THROUGH THRUSHES The Region's only White-winged Doves were in Missouri, 2 at the usual New Ma - drid site 13 Jul (ph. CB) and one in Dunklin 14-26 Jul (TiJ). The number of reports of Black-billed Cuckoos was up somewhat, with up to 3 in 15 counties, mainly in the broods in Jackson and Louisa (Linda Rudolph, BS, JFo). Trumbull was the hotspot for Ameri - can Coots, with 250 there 13 Jun and 17 Jul and 100+ broods 17 Jul (LS, SJD). Sandhill Cranes continue to expand their range. A pair and 2 colts in Palo Alto in nw. Iowa (Mary Bar - rick, fide Bryan Hellyer) constituted the first recent report of nesting from this wetland-rich area of Iowa. In Missouri, one or 2 were found in Johnson, in Lincoln, at Squaw Creek, and at Eagle Bluffs (m.ob.), but no nesting activity was reported. Four ad. Black-necked Stilts, including a pair at a nest, at Green Island W.A., Jackson 6 & 11 Jun (DS, BCa) provided Iowa's second nesting record. The nest was destroyed by high water. Other Iowa records were one at Otter Creek Marsh, Tama 4 Jun (JFo) and one near Cedar Rapids, Linn 6 Jul (JFo). In Missouri, up to 5 were seen at Squaw Creek 9 Jun–8 Jul, with one seeming to be on a nest on 14 Jun (Ashley Hunt, JH). American Avocets made a good showing in both states, with as many as 8 at four sites in w. Missouri and five sites in Iowa, all in Jul (m.ob.). Late northbound shorebirds included a Semipalmated Plover at Cone Marsh 14 Jun (JFo), a Dunlin at Hawk - eye 9 Jun (JFo), and 3 Wilson's Phalaropes in Dunklin, MO 10 Jun (TiJ). Whimbrels were found in both states: 3 at Green Island W.A., Jackson 11 Jun (†DS) and 2 at Saylorville 23 Jun (SJD) were Iowa's first summer records since 2000, and one was on a flooded field in Lincoln, MO 19 Jul (†MT). A Ruddy Turnstone in Dallas, IA was seen on 26 Jun (John Bissell), an unusual date. A Wilson's Snipe showing ter - ritorial behavior in Clay, IA 14 & 21 Jun (LS) suggested nearby nesting. Seldom reported in summer, an American Woodcock in Wood - bury 23 Jun (MSIM) and 2 in Monona 30 Jul (MSIM) were near the w. edge of the species' Iowa nesting range. Evidence of nesting by Two Short-eared Owls with a juvenile were present 31 May through 9 June 2015 (here) at Bryson's Hope Conserva- tion Area, Pettis County, Missouri—the first evidence of nesting in the Iowa and Missouri region in at least 10 years. Photograph by Dana Ripper. The only report of nesting Least Terns in Iowa in 2015 came from Deer Island Wildlife Area, Harrison County in July (here 24 July). Photograph by Stephen J. Dinsmore.

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