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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 404 I O WA & M I S S O U R I Johnson 15 May (MHB). Fewer Bay-breasted Warblers were found in Iowa this season com - pared to last, with reports from five counties in 2015, whereas 10 counties reported them last spring. A Yellow Warbler at Saylorville estab - lished an earliest arrival date for the species in Iowa 19 Apr (ph. SJD). Single Black-throated Blue Warbler were at Buffalo Creek Access, Bu - chanan 11 May (MP), at Parker's Woods, Cerro Gordo 16 May (BVL), both Iowa, and at Tower Grove Park, MO 14 May (m.ob.). In Iowa, a Palm Warbler in Linn tied the second earliest record 18 Apr (BRM), and 34 was the highest count 11 May at Sweet Marsh, Bremer (CRE). One hundred fifty Yellow-rumped Warblers were in Guthrie 3 May (KDy), the season's top count. Iowa's first Canada Warbler tied the sec - ond earliest arrival date 8 May at Haysville Bend W.A., Keokuk (CRE). Yellow-breasted Chats ar - rived early in Missouri, with the second earliest in Christian 17 Apr (m.ob.) and single birds 18 Apr in Carter (MeR) and Douglas (Becky Estes) tying the previous second earliest record. Bacon Creek Park, Woodbury, Iowa hosted 2 Spotted Towhees, one 19 Apr (MHB) and an - other 16 May (GLV). Iowa's last Clay-colored Sparrow report was of 7 at Diamond Lake, Dickinson 28 May, which was the high count and could indicate possible nesting (MHB). Two Lark Sparrows in Webster 17 Mar were record early by three days in Missouri (†GSa). In Iowa, Henslow's Sparrow reports were more numer - ous than Grasshopper Sparrow reports, with the first reported 16 Apr at Neal Smith N.W.R., Jas - per (KVS) and a peak of 20 there 4 May (KVS). Missouri's last 2 Le Conte's Sparrows were at Smithville 29 Apr (DM, SM), while in Iowa 1-2 third earliest Iowa record 18 Apr (BRM), and they peaked at 25 at West of Hills, Johnson, IA 9 May (WWH). The last 2 American Pipits in Emmet 22 May made the third latest Iowa report (ph. SJD). A single Sprague's Pipit was at Rosecrans Memorial Airport, Buchanan, MO 11 Apr (MR). Just over 200 Smith's Longspurs were at Dunn Ranch, Harrison 21 Mar (DW), and 125 were still there 11 Apr (SK). Not too far away, over 200 were at nearby Pawnee Prai - rie C.A., Harrison, MO 23 Mar (SK). In Iowa, they were found in five counties, with the first at Errington Marsh, Polk 18 Mar (DTh) and a high of 300 from 12-26 Apr at Dunbar Slough, Greene (SJD). Iowa Lapland Longspur high counts included 1150 in Dickinson 23 Mar (ET) and 1000 in Webster (DCH) and Jasper (KVS), both 7 Mar. Counts of 150-1000 Snow Bun - tings came from Howard 5-14 Mar (LR). WARBLERS THROUGH OLD WORLD SPARROWS Warbler migration went as expected across the Region; species arrived and departed on time and passed through in expected numbers. That said, many early arrival records were set in each state. Missouri saw its earliest and sec - ond earliest spring Ovenbird records when 2 were found along Red Bridge Rd., Christian 9 Apr (†DB) and 8 in Barry 11 Apr (Barbara Blevins, DB). Worm-eating Warblers tied their earliest arrival 17 Apr at three s. Missouri sites: one along Red Bridge Rd., Christian (m.ob.), 2 at Weldon Spring C.A., St. Charles (Diana Bricmont, Bryan Prather), and 2 at Rockwoods Reservation, St. Louis (JM). Iowa's northern - most Louisiana Waterthrush reports came from Allamakee 9 May (MP) and Hancock 19 May (BVL). A Swainson's Warbler was well n. of where expected in Missouri at Hidden Valley Park, Clay 28-31 May (ph., †Linda Williams, m.ob.). Connecticut Warblers were reported in seven Iowa counties 16-23 May. In Missouri, a total of 5 at four St. Louis area sites and one Kansas City locale 15-27 May represented an above-average spring count. Iowa's last Ken - tucky Warbler and the only one away from the se. part of the state was at Amana Woods, Iowa 30 May (JF). American Redstarts peaked at 35 along the Wapsie River Greenbelt Bremer, IA 11 May (CRE). Reports of 1-2 Cape May Warblers came from six Iowa counties 9-22 May. In Mis - souri, the only reports came from the St. Louis area, with counts of 1-4 across five sites 2-21 May. Cerulean Warblers were well reported in Iowa, with 2 at Lacey Keosauqua S.P., Van Buren 4 May (CRE), 2 along the Squire Point Trail, Coralville Reservoir, Johnson 8 May (MHB), 8 at Yellow River S.F., Allamakee 9 May (MP), 3 at Ledges S.P., Boone 9 May (DCH), and 2 along the Squire Point Trail, Coralville Reservoir, and in Iowa they were noted in five counties through 4 Apr. Iowa's second earliest White- eyed Vireo arrived 16 Apr at the Croton Unit, Shimek S.F., Lee (RIA, PHA). Iowa's first Red- eyed Vireo arrived 27 Apr at the Donnellson Unit, Shimek S.F., Lee (CRE). A high of 150 Northern Rough-winged Swallows came from Boone, IA 19 May (DCH). A Bank Swallow turned up at Creve Coeur Lake, St. Louis, MO 3 Apr (CM), and in Iowa, a high of 500 was estimated at Sycamore Access, Polk 19 May (RLC). A Cliff Swallow at Bagnell Dam, Miller 25 Mar was about the fourth earliest for Mis - souri (CBa), while one at Gray's Lake Park, Polk tied the second Iowa earliest record 8 Apr (JB). Red-breasted Nuthatch reports were limited to singles at 10 widely scattered locales across Missouri 3 Mar–2 May (eBird) and at four sites across Iowa 11 Mar–27 Apr. A Winter Wren at Tower Grove Park, St. Louis City 4 May was Missouri's third latest (Tom Bailey). A count of 15 Marsh Wrens 9 May at Harrier Marsh, Boone made the seasonal high count in Iowa (DCH). A Bewick's Wren in Marion was unusually far n. for Missouri 26 May (Brandon Stehl), and two reports, 16 & 26 Apr, came from the Argyle Junkyard, Lee, a regular location for this spe - cies in Iowa (RIA, PHA, BSc). A Ruby-crowned Kinglet 28 May at Diamond Lake, Dickinson tied the second latest Iowa record (ph. MHB). In Missouri, 4 Veeries were found at both Longview Lake, Jackson 2 May (Eric Walters) and Trail of Tears S.P., Cape Girardeau 9 May (JBo, MR). Gray-cheeked Thrush was reported in seven counties e. of a line from Kossuth to Polk, with the first on 3 May at Parker's Woods Cerro Gordo (RGo) and the last on 25 May at Algona, Kossuth (MCK). Swainson's Thrush counts included 73 along Red Bridge Rd., Christian, MO 2 May (DB), 108 nocturnal mi - grants 23 May at Grimes, Polk, IA (JB), and 25 more nocturnal migrants still passing through in Iowa at Algona, Kossuth 25 May (MCK). A Varied Thrush in Iowa continued to be seen through 5 Mar at Lime Springs, Howard (PH, LR). The first 2 Gray Catbirds in Linn tied the A Yellow Warbler set a new record-early arrival date in Iowa 19 April 2015 at Saylorville Reservoir, Polk County. Photograph by Stephen J. Dinsmore. This Say's Phoebe in Dunklin County 5 April 2015 was Mis- souri's fifteenth but only the second eastern Missouri record. Photograph by Tim Jones.

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