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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 403 I O WA & M I S S O U R I sion in Greene 16 Mar–21 May (CBu, m.ob.). The only other was in McDonald 19 May (JC). Missouri Barn Owl reports included up to 4 at Maintz Wildlife Preserve, Cape Girardeau 7 Mar–25 May (m.ob.); all other reports were from four w. Missouri counties of 1-2 birds. The highest count of 7 came from Jackson 29 May (Mary Wilcox). Iowa's only Barn Owl was in Story 17-31 May (Sheila Doser, fide SJD). Snowy Owls only made it as far s. as Iowa: as many as 4 near Hayden Prairie, Howard 1-14 Mar (LR, RGo); an ad. female in Humboldt 1 Mar (SJD); an ad. male in Wright 1 Mar (ph. SJD); one in Hancock 8 Mar (Patty Hansen, fide PH); a juv. male in Wright 9 Mar (Tim Smith, fide SJD); and one in O'Brien 14 Mar (A. J. Christian, fide TMH). A single Burrowing Owl was seen near Arthur, Ida, IA 25 Apr (ph., †Don Poggensee). A Boreal Owl specimen was collected in Iowa and submitted to the Dordt College bird collection in Sioux City, Woodbury 11 Mar (Robert De Haan, fide PH). A single Northern Saw-whet Owl at Grammer Grove 1 Mar was the only report (MP). The tally of 120 Common Nighthawks at Cardinal Marsh, Win - neshiek 15 May (PH, LR) was the highest re- ported. The first Ruby-throated Hummingbird of the season was early in Dunklin 7 Apr (TJ). The season's only Prairie Falcon was at Squaw Creek 13 Mar (DM). The Region's first Eastern Wood-Pewee was detected in Carter, MO 25 Apr (MeR). The high count of 10 Least Flycatchers was made along the Wapsi River Greenbelt, Bremer, MO 11 May (CRE). Five reports of Western Kingbird came from cen. and w. Iowa, with the first at Brenton Arboretum, Dallas 5 May (RLC). Missouri's fif - teenth Say's Phoebe was in Dunklin 5 Apr (ph., †TJ). Iowa's first 2 Loggerhead Shrikes were at Kellerton, Ringgold 11 Apr (WWH); the spe - cies was subsequently reported from five ad- ditional counties through 30 May, including a likely nesting pair at Cone Marsh, Louisa (BSc). Northern Shrike reports included one at Brad - ford Farm, Boone, MO 21-23 Mar (EW, m.ob.), Black-backed Gulls came 5 Mar–2 Apr from n. Missouri sites, while 7 were reported four Iowa counties. Two Glaucous Gulls were in Missouri 14 Mar: one at Long Branch Lake S.P., Macon (DM, SM) and another at Riverlands (JU, DM). In Iowa, one was at Cedar Lake, Linn 9 Mar at (JF), and a juv. was at Red Rock Reservoir, Marion 29 Mar (SJD). Least Terns were relatively scarce this spring, with paltry high counts of 4-5 at two breeding sites along the Mississippi River in Missouri and no reports from the MidAmerican Energy Ponds, Pottawattamie, a regular location for this species in Iowa. A record-early Caspian Tern for Iowa was in Linn 11 Apr (JF). High counts in the Region included 63 at Saylorville 23 May (JG) and up to 34 at Smithville 14-21 May. Peak Black Tern counts came from Squaw Creek 15 May with 715 (MR) and 1400 at Trumbull Lake, Clay, IA 22 May (SJD). A flock of 102 Common Terns in Dubuque 13 May was the largest flock ever reported in Iowa away from the Mississippi (DAS). Forster's Terns numbers climbed in Missouri 26 Apr–4 May, with counts of 14-30 at three widespread sites, then a peak of 56 at Smithville 7 May (DW). DOVES THROUGH WAXWINGS Single White-winged Doves were found in each state: at Shenandoah, Page, IA 27 Mar–2 Apr and again 24-28 Apr (KDy), and in Dallas, MO 16 Apr (DM, SM). Yellow-billed Cuckoos arrived early in each state: the first in Missouri tied the earliest arrival record in Mississippi 16 Apr (MH), while the first in Iowa at Lacey Keo - sauqua S.P., Van Buren established a new third earliest record 4 May (CRE), and the next to arrive in Poweshiek tied the previous third earli - est record 5 May (MP). Six Black-billed Cuck- oo reports came from Iowa, mostly from cen. and s. parts, with the northernmost report at Eagle Lake, Hancock 23 May (AMJ). All Greater Roadrunners reports came from their sw. Mis - souri range, and the first report may represent the same individual hanging around a subdivi - good showing across the Region. In Missouri, 1-2 were at Squaw Creek 23-26 Apr (Thomas Gaines, DW, m.ob.), while 5 were at Riverlands 31 May (ph. CM, JM, Chrissy McClarren); in Iowa, 4 were at Frazer's Bend, Fremont 17 May (KDy), 2 were at Saylorville 23 May (JG), and one was at Hawkeye 27 May (JF). Hudso - nian Godwits peaked in Iowa with 13 at Bays Branch W.A., Guthrie 11 May (DTh), and 4 at Dugout Creek W.A., Dickinson 30 May were the last (LAS). In Missouri, the second earliest was 9-10 Apr at Squaw Creek (DW), where they peaked 20 Apr at 15 (DW). Ten Ruddy Turn - stones in Emmet, IA 22 May made the highest count in the Region (SJD). In Missouri, 2 Red Knots were at Swan Lake 6 May (SK). Single Ruffs were spied in each state: Missouri's ear - liest was in Dunklin 23 Mar (ph., †TJ), and one was at Hawkeye 2 May (ph., †JF). The count of 209 Stilt Sandpipers at Squaw Creek 15 May was the only high count (MR). Iowa's first Dunlin arrived at Amana Lily Pond, Iowa 8 Apr (JF); Missouri's first was found about a month earlier, 14 Mar, in Dunklin (TJ), where they peaked around 1000 on 8 May (TJ). A rare spring migrant in the Region, 3 Western Sandpipers were at Squaw Creek 13 Apr (ph. DW). Semipalmated Sandpipers peaked at 70 at Hawkeye 17 May (MHB). A well-document - ed Short-billed Dowitcher was record early in Missouri at Squaw Creek 20 Apr (ph., †DW). The highest Long-billed Dowitcher counts in - cluded 500-550 at Otter Slough C.A., Stoddard, MO 10-11 Apr (CBu, GSa) and another 300 at Pemiscot 11 Apr (TJ), both Missouri. In Iowa, the Wilson's Phalaropes peak of 7 in Winneshiek 15 May (PH) was significantly lower than the peak of 300 reported the previous year, and in Missouri, the highest was nearly 100 at Squaw Creek 15 May (MR). Missouri's only Red- necked Phalarope was at Squaw Creek 5 May (DW), while seven reports were made across Iowa 19-27 May. Nearly 300 Bonaparte's Gulls at Bagnell Dam, Miller, MO 10 Apr (CBa) and 138 in Bue - na Vista, IA 11 Apr (LAS) were the peak counts, while a rather late individual in Dubuque, IA 13 May was the last (DAS). Stockton Lake, Polk, MO hosted an ad. and an imm. Little Gull 29-30 Mar (Paul Hostetler, ph., †GSw, ph., †GSa). The only Laughing Gull was at Smith - ville 27-29 Apr (DW). The Ring-billed Gull colony in Dickinson, IA was active with 130+ nests and small chicks 30 May (SJD). Thayer's Gull reports included 2 at Riverlands 7 Mar (CM, JM), one at Saylorville 30 Mar (RLC), and a rather late individual at Smithville 5 Apr (DW). An Iceland Gull was at Riverlands 6-7 Mar (m.ob.), but more unusual was one at Long Branch Lake S.P., Macon 10-14 Mar (ph., †CBa, m.ob.). Two reports of single Lesser Single Ruffs were noted in both Iowa and Missouri in spring 2015. This bird, furnishing Missouri's fifteenth (and earliest ever) record, was in Dunklin County 23 March. Photograph by Tim Jones.

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