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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 402 I O WA & M I S S O U R I dra Swans included 17 at Riverlands 3-23 Mar and 4 others at Squaw Creek 8-13 Mar (BJ, DM), but none were reported in Iowa. American Black Ducks were generally scarce in both states. Iowa's sixth Mottled Duck appeared at Dunbar Slough, Greene 26 Apr (†AB), and Missouri's seventh was also a one-day wonder at Eagle Bluffs 10 May (ph., †CBa). Missouri's first Cinnamon Teal turned up at Squaw Creek 13-23 Mar (Joseph Mos - ley, m.ob.), and 1-2 were there 3 Apr−5 May. Another 1-2 were at Schell-Osage C.A., Vernon 28 Mar (EW, CBa). In Iowa, single drakes were observed at Swan Lake S.P., Carroll 10-11 Apr (Larry Dau, RIA, PHA) and Brower Slough, Woodbury 18 Apr (GLV). Two pairs were also at Brower Slough, Woodbury 23 Apr (Bob Nick - olson). Northern Pintail numbers were down in Iowa, with a high of only 102 at Brownville W.A., Mitchell 14 Mar (PH), where the 2014 spring peak was more than 2000. Lesser Scaup peaked at 2000 at Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo, IA 19 Apr (PH). In Missouri, a Surf Scoter was at Riverlands 26 Apr (CM, JM); a White-winged Scoter was at B. K. Leach C.A., Lincoln 21 Mar (Bruce Schuette); and unusual for the cen. Ozarks was a Black Scoter at Austin Commu - nity Lake, Texas 25 Mar (ph. EW). In e. Iowa, single Surf Scoters were at three sites 8 Mar and 12 Apr; a female White-winged was in Wapello 18 Mar (ph. SJD); and a male Black Scoter was at Jewell sewage lagoons, Hamilton 8-9 Apr (SJD, DTh), presumably the same bird that was found 4 May at nearby Anderson Lake, Hamil - ton (SJD). A total of 5 Long-tailed Ducks passed through the Region. In Iowa, a drake was at Lock & Dam 14, Mississippi River, Scott DATE (Terry Stone), and an imm. female was at Say - lorville 28 Mar (ph. SJD, DTh, RIA, PHA), and in Missouri one was at Bellerive Park, St. Louis City 7-8 Mar (Andrew Reago, Chrissy McClar - ren, CM, JM), another at Stockton Lake, Polk 3-5 Apr (m.ob.), and a female at Eagle Bluffs 16-29 May (AK, m.ob.). Bufflehead counts continue to decline during spring migration in Iowa. In 2013, the high was 833, in 2014 the high was 44, and this spring's high was a paltry 19 at Saylorville 24 Mar (RLC). Seventeen Northern Bobwhites in Ringgold 31 May (Jeff Livingston) made the highest Iowa count in recent years. Gray Partridge con - tinue to hang on in Iowa, with reports coming from seven counties. In Missouri, Ring-necked Pheasants were almost exclusively reported from the nw. corner of the state, and a high of 55 came from Lime Springs, Howard, IA 5 Mar (LR). Greater Prairie-Chickens were only re - ported from their three remaining strongholds in Missouri 16 Mar–29 Apr: high counts of 30 at Dunn Ranch (SK), 8 at Taberville Prairie CA (m.ob.), and up to 16 at Wah'kon-tah Prairie (m.ob.). The highest came from Iowa, with up to 38 on a lek in Ringgold 31 Mar (DTh). Missouri's fifth spring Red-throated Loon was at Riverlands 31 Mar–1 Apr (†Brent Schindewolf, †Lane Richter, ph., †JM, ph., †Chrissy McClarren), and Iowa's third earliest arrived at Saylorville 1 Apr (DTh). A Pacific Loon was reported at Smithville sporadically 6-29 Apr (†DW), likely the same individual in all cases. All Common Loon reports came from cen. and w. Missouri 7 Mar–21 May. Mis - souri's latest spring Horned Grebe was found at Eagle Bluffs 22 May (ph., †Chase Darr). Only Iowa observers noted Red-necked Grebes this season, although reports decreased compared to spring 2014. Fifteen of the 16 Eared Grebe reports made to eBird were of 1-2 from the w. edge of Missouri, with the exception being one in the cen. Ozarks, Texas 25 Mar (Bill Clark, EW). Five locations in the w. half of Iowa host - ed Western Grebes 19 Apr−22 May. In recent years, Neotropic Cormorants have become rare annual visitors to the Region. This spring, one was at Schell-Osage C.A., Vernon, MO 13 May (ph. DM, SM), and a subad. was at Union Slough N.W.R., Kossuth, IA 23 May (SJD, WWH). Anhingas had a good showing in se. Missouri, with 8 at Mingo N.W.R., Wayne 8 May (MR, JBo), where one remained 10 May (DM, SM), and another at Big Oak Tree S.P., Mississippi 9 May (MR, JBo). Heron reports were low in Missouri compared to previous spring seasons. Iowa only had two Least Bittern reports, singles at Blazing Star W.P.A., Kossuth 23 May (PH) and Cone Marsh, Louisa 30 May (William Scheible). In Missouri, up to 8 were at Monopoly Marsh at Mingo N.W.R., Wayne, MO 18 May (CBa), but they were generally absent from the rest of the state. Fewer Snowy Egrets were seen in Missouri, and most were reported from the St. Louis area. In contrast, virtually all of Missouri's Cattle Egret observations came from the opposite side of the state near Kansas City. Glossy Ibis are decidedly more scarce than White-faced in the Region, so one at Squaw Creek 10 Apr (DW) and 21 May (ph., †SM; ph., †DM); 2 at separate locations in Wood - bury, IA 25-26 Apr (Bill Huser); one at Cone Marsh, Louisa, IA 27 Apr (†Brandon Caswell); one at Otter Slough C.A., Stoddard, MO 8 May (MR, JBo); and 4 at Riverton also 8 May (KD) were all notable. In Missouri, 2 Black Vultures ranged n. to Capen Park, Boone 5 May (MeR), but one photographed at Jester Park, Polk, IA 22 May was far n. of the species' typical range (ph., †Nicole Worth). Single Golden Eagles were noted in each state: at Dunn Ranch, Har - rison, MO 21 Mar (DW) and at Dunbar Slough, Greene, IA 26 Apr (Hank Zaletel). Squaw Creek held the Region's only King Rail reports: one 5 May (DW) and possibly the same bird 15 May (MR). Missouri Common Gallinule reports consisted of 1-2 at three sites 1-21 May and an impressive high of 14 at Mo - nopoly Marsh, Mingo N.W.R., Wayne 18 May (CB). In Iowa, singles were at Brenton Slough, Dallas 12 May (RIA, PHA, JB, JG) and at Cone Marsh, Louisa 23 May (CRE). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH TERNS The Region's first 9 Black-bellied Plovers stopped in Cerro Gordo, IA 11 Apr (RGo), where the season's high of 30 occurred 14 Apr (RGo). The first American Golden-Plover was noted 11 Mar in Dunklin, MO, where their numbers swelled to 6500 by 4 Apr (TJ); the highest count elsewhere was of 2000 at Swan Lake 21 Apr (SK). Three Snowy Plo - vers passed through Missouri this spring: one at Squaw Creek 13 Apr (ph. DW), another at Eagle Bluffs 30 Apr–3 May (GC, †Andrew Kinslow, †Chase Darr, †Karen Wosilait, †Al - len Smith, †EW), and another in Vernon 1 May (ph. DW). Single Piping Plovers were noted at four Iowa and three nw. Missouri sites 10 Apr– 19 May. In their se. Missouri stronghold, Black- necked Stilts numbered 410 in Dunklin 12 May (TJ), and in the opposite corner of the state, the high count was 5 at Squaw Creek 16 May (Marky Mutchler). In Iowa, 1-3 were found at six widespread sites beginning with 3 in Iowa 8 Apr (JF), and a copulating pair accounted for 2 of the 4 present at Green Island W.A., Jackson 21-25 May (DAS). American Avocets peaked at 27 in each state: at Saylorville 23 Apr (SJD) and at Squaw Creek 30 Apr (DC). A Solitary Sand - piper in Emmet was Iowa's second latest 30 May (ph. SJD). In Missouri, peak Greater Yel - lowlegs counts included 104 at Clarence Can- non N.W.R., Pike (CM, JM) and 150 at Otter Slough (GS), both 11 Apr. Peak Willet counts of 20-79 were made at three w. Missouri sites and at Hawkeye 29 Apr–4 May. The Missouri high count of Lesser Yellowlegs was of 400 in Dunklin 29 Apr (TJ), whereas the peak in Iowa was 170 in Van Buren 4 May (CRE). The first Missouri Upland Sandpiper was noted at Smithville 8 Apr (DW), and none were report - ed e. of Boone; Iowa observers submitted only five reports 11 Apr–24 May. Whimbrels had a Missouri's fifth spring record of Red-throated Loon came from Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary, St. Charles County 31 March and 1 April (here) 2015. Photograph by Andrew Reago.

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