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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 400 W E S T E R N G R E AT L A K E S the fourth consecutive year in Otter Tail 25- 26 Jun (CRM et al.). Providing Minnesota's first definitive record was a vocalizing Tropi- cal Kingbird at Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve, Scott 24 Jun–15 Jul (ph., †BAF, m.ob.). This follows a silent Tropical/Couch's Kingbird at Duluth 28 Oct 2011. Of related interest was a deeply yellow-bellied member of this genus in Dane, WI 24 Jul (†MKi) that was initially identified as Western Kingbird but apparently lacked the white outer rectri- ces of this species. All three states recorded Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. Minnesota had one in Beltrami 4 Jun (ph. KJB), Wisconsin had one in Burnett 2 Jul (JH, ph. AHa), and Michigan had singles at Tawas Point 18 Jun (NDR) and Lake 23 Jul (ph. MKu). Lingering from spring was a Loggerhead Shrike Tawas Point 3 Jun (KW). In Michi- gan, Fish Crows persisted at two widely separated sites in Berrien, and Common Ra- ven was found in the L.P. at Muskegon for the third consecutive year. A Bewick's Wren at Hastings Sand Coulee S.N.A., Dakota 1-7 Jun (†TLe, KSc, †ALe, †BAF, †ADS) was the first one found in Minnesota since 1998. Far n. of its usual Minnesota locales was a North- ern Mockingbird in Lake 16 Jun (BMy). An American Pipit in Alger 10 Jun (ph. LJD) was late for Michigan. Wisconsin's only Worm-eating Warbler appeared in Grant 30 Jun (AHo). In Michi - gan, Worm-eating Warblers were found again this year in Allegan and Berrien, but the only breeding evidence was of a pair attending a cowbird at Warren Dunes S.P. 2 Jul (AMB). A Golden-winged Warbler and a Lawrence's Warbler were in St. Clair 7 Jun (KRy); Gold - en-winged has become rare this far s. in Michigan. The Wisconsin Kirtland's Warbler Project reported 31 of 51 young fledging from 10 nests, the best year ever for this spe - cies in the Badger State. A Kirtland's nest in Marinette was only the third outside of the Adams stronghold. Casual in Minnesota, a Yellow-throated Warbler from spring contin - ued in Winona through 22 Jun (m.ob.), and a Prairie Warbler sang in Dakota 7 Jun (†BAF, †ADS, SHF, †ALe). In Wisconsin, an unmated Prairie Warbler sang for the sixth consecutive year in Waukesha through 6 Jun (ASz), and another from spring lingered in Fond du Lac through 10 Jun (RM). Rare anywhere in Min - nesota, a Yellow-breasted Chat found 21 Jun attracted a mate and successfully bred in Ol - msted (DWK, RPR, ph. BPl, ph. MJM). Far n. of its normal Minnesota range was a Field Sparrow in Koochiching 3 Jun (DCZ). Lark Sparrow nested last year in Michigan for the first time in 50 years; this year, a pair nested in Kalamazoo (JB). Surprising every - over Marquette 7 Jun (ph. AO). Exception- ally late was a Golden Eagle in Crawford, MI 2 Jun (CB). Only one Yellow Rail was heard at Seney N.W.R., MI this summer (CY, EY), and they were apparently scarce in Minne - sota, with reports from Beltrami and Lake of the Woods but not from traditional locations. Wisconsin reported a King Rail at Horicon 14 Jun (ph. RVH), and Michigan had one in Bay 15 Jun–2 Jul (JCD, m.ob.). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH FALCONS Black-necked Stilts continued from spring at Pte. Mouillee through 22 Jun and nested again at Horicon. Sixteen American Avocets in eight Wisconsin counties and high counts of 24 in Big Stone, MN 16 Jul (DLP), 12 in Berrien, MI 17 Jul (RJ), and 11 at Pte. Mouillee 10 Jul (JWh) were part of a minor influx into the Region. A Ruff at Pte. Mouillee 26-31 Jul (JPa, m.ob.) was noteworthy. Northbound Whim - brels straggled through Manitowoc, WI as late as 8 Jul (CSo). Lingering Wilson's Phalaropes through 11 Jun at Pte. Mouillee and through 21 Jun at Muskegon were seen by many. Unlike last year's stellar showing, Michi- gan's only Little Gulls were at Pte. Mouillee, but Wisconsin reported good numbers for the second consecutive summer, including up to 5 in Manitowoc on multiple dates. Two ad. Laughing Gulls were also there 1-22 Jun (m.ob.). Furnishing the first summer oc- currence in Michigan was a Thayer's Gull in Marquette 4 Jun (ph. SH). Equally rare in summer, single Iceland Gulls were in two Wisconsin locations, including a worn first-cycle bird in Manitowoc 19 Jun (ph. AA). Continuing this theme of unseasonable larids were Glaucous Gulls in Baraga, MI 8 Jun (ph. DN), Ottawa, MI 5 Jul (ph. EP), and Manitowoc, WI 25 Jul (CSo). Wisconsin had 2 White-winged Doves, one in Iowa 14-15 Jun (ph. LB) and the other in Racine 18-19 Jul (ph. KW). Reminiscent of the previous summer, a Snowy Owl lin - gered in Door, WI until 23 Jun (BK). Hard to explain was a calling Northern Hawk Owl spotlighted in Sawyer, WI 22 Jul (†KF). Wis- consin's returning Chuck-will's-widow on the Jefferson/Walworth line vocalized through 5 Jul (m.ob.), and Michigan's Chuck from spring sang in Jackson through 10 Jun (KA). A juv. Prairie Falcon with a coracoid fracture was picked up in downtown Duluth and turned in for rehabilitation 20 Jul (fide PHS). It may have run afoul of the Peregrine Fal- cons nesting nearby. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH FINCHES At Maplewood S.P. in w.-cen. Minnesota, a territorial Acadian Flycatcher was found for ing Wisconsin's second summer record and eighth overall was the first-year Common Eider in Brown 12 Jun (ph. NW). Also in Wisconsin, breeding Bufflehead in Brown 1 Jun (TP) and Douglas 1 Jul (MBe) brought the total number of confirmed nesting records to five, all of these recent. A lonely Horned Grebe lingered through 4 Jul in McLeod, MN (PRH), while another was miles away in Steele, MN 4 Jul (RZi). Spring's pair of Eared Grebes lingered at Muskegon through 19 Jun (m.ob.). Unseasonable and out of range in Wisconsin was a Western Grebe in Dane 24-31 Jul (ph. PvG). Outstanding for Michigan was the ad. female Magnicent Frigatebird along the Lake Michigan shore in Berrien 9-13 Jul (BB, m.ob.). It also wandered northward into Van Buren 11 Jul and represents the fifth state re - cord, though seven additional records of Fre- gata sp. likely pertain to this species as well. For the third consecutive summer, Snowy Egrets were farther n. in Michigan than usual in Bay, but only 2 more were found else - where in Michigan, and Minnesota and Wis- consin each had only one. The Region's only Little Blue Heron was in Washtenaw , MI 9-14 Jun (NS, m.ob.). Michigan also attracted single Tricolored Herons to Pte. Mouillee all summer and Tawas Point 21 Jun–14 Jul (DH, m.ob.). In Wisconsin, young Yellow-crowned Night-Herons were found at Horicon 18 Jun (†DT) and Racine 20-25 Jun (DG). Spring's Glossy Ibis at Pte. Mouillee lingered through 15 Jul; elsewhere in Michigan, one visited Nayanquing Point S.W.A., Bay 1-2 Jun (DD, DLJ). A White-faced Ibis was at the same Bay location (at the same time and place as the Glossy), and 2 lingered from spring through 10 Jul at Pte. Mouillee. Unusual for Wiscon - sin was a Mississippi Kite in Ozaukee 17 Jul (†CB). Now annual in Michigan, but unusu - ally far n., was the Black Vulture seen flying Representing Minnesota's first confirmed record, this Tropical Kingbird at Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve, Scott County was present 24 June through 15 (here 5) July 2015. The bird was thoroughly documented with audio recordings and numerous photographs. Photograph by Gerald Hoekstra.

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