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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 399 W E S T E R N G R E AT L A K E S Ann Luloff (AL), Mike Mahler, Craig R. Man- del, William C. Marengo (WCM), Jan W. Mattson, Ken McIlwrick (KMc), Doug Mc- Whirter (DMc), Andrea Meldrum, Scott B. Meyer, Dick Mooney (DM), William Mueller (WM), Todd Naas, Chris Neri (CN), Clin- ton Nienhaus (CNi), Andrew Nyhus, Mark Otnes, Gary Palmer, Barry Parkin, Rob Pen- dergast, David Peters (DP), Douglas L. Pier- zina (DLP), Nolan Pope, Curt Powell (CP), Suzanne Pudelek, Jack Reinoehl, Abby Reynolds, John P. Richardson (JPR), David Rihn, Kim & Cindy Risen (KCR), Peg Rob- ertsen, Jordan Rodgers (JR), James F. Ryan (JFR), Joe Schaufenbuel, Chantel Schlegel (CSc), Nathan Senner, Greg Sherlock, Beth Siverhus (BS), Andrew Smith (ASm), Brian T. Smith (BTS), Carol Snoek (CS), Matthew Stratmoen, Kara Susag, Peder H. Svingen, Andrea Szymczak (AS), Scott Terry (STe), Daryl Tessen (DT), Steve Thiessen (ST), Mi- chael Thompson (MT), Mike Tonder (MTo), Valerie Trabucchi, Dale Trexel (DTr), Mary Trombley (MTr), Tom A. Tustison, Butch Ukura, Josh Wallestad, Garrett Wee, Chris West, Steve Weston (SWe), Warren Whaley, Tom Wheeker, Bob Williams, Sean Wil- liams (SW), Kaitlyn Wilson, Steve G. Wilson (SGW), Dale A. Yerger, Roy Zimmerman. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Adam M. Byrne, 11771 Rachel Lane, DeWitt, Michigan 48820 ( –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Peder H. Svingen T emperatures and precipitation were near average across the Region in June and July. Highlights included Magnificent Frigatebird, King Rail, and Lark Bunting in Michigan; Common Eider and Mississippi Kite in Wisconsin; and Tropical Kingbird and Bewick's Wren in Minnesota. Abbreviations: Horicon (Horicon N.W.R. and Horicon Marsh S.W.A., Dodge/Fond du Lac, WI); L.P. (Lower Peninsula of Michi - gan); Muskegon (Muskegon W.T.P., Mus- kegon, MI); Pte. Mouillee (Pointe Mouillee S.G.A., Monroe, MI); Tawas Point (Tawas Point S.P., Iosco, MI); U.P. (Upper Peninsula of Michigan). WATERFOWL THROUGH RAILS Unusual for late summer was a Greater White-fronted Goose in Scott, MN 19 Jul (BAb). Unexpected was a Eurasian Wigeon at Muskegon 3-6 Jun (ph. MBo). Furnish- WI 12-15 Mar (CRB), the state's third record and first since 2009. In general, winter finch numbers were unremarkable, with no state reporting significant movements or num - bers. Once again, all three states reported Eurasian Tree Sparrow. These odd nomads seem to show up in the n. reaches of the Re - gion, skipping over hopeful birders to the south. This year, Minnesota's lone record was one from winter that lingered through 10 Mar (fide AS). Wisconsin had singles in Marathon 26-27 Mar (m.ob.) and Bayfield 12 Apr (RB), while Michigan had one in Delta 10 May (SH, JKa, GP) and another in Chip - pewa 24-25 May that was joined by a second bird 26-29 May (CN, m.ob.). Corrigenda: In the spring 2014 report, for the White-faced Ibis in Charlevoix, MI, the correct date range was 5-6 May. Also, the Mississippi Kite reported in Chippewa 18 May was not accepted by the Michigan Bird Records Committee and should be deleted. Contributors (subregional editors in bold- face): Brad Abendroth, John Anderson, Nick Anich, Sandy Aubol, Tim Baerwald (TB), Valerie Bailey-Rihn (VBR), Karl J. Bar- don, Carol & Rich Becker (CRB), Betsy A. Beneke, Matthew Berg, Lars Benson, Tom F. Boevers (TFB), Jason Bojczyk (JBo), Chris- tine Brackett (ChB), Ryan Brady (RB), John Brenneman, Cynthia Bridge (CB), Connie M. Brunell (CMB), Robert Bucci (RBu), Paul E. Budde, Jeff Buecking (JB), Dixie Burkhardt, Adam M. Byrne, Andy Cassini (ACa), Al- len Chartier, Philip C. Chu, Erik Collins, Tim Cornish, Kim Crandall, Nathan Cross, Perry Daniels, Robert Demge (RD), Andy Dettling, Herb H. Dingmann, Jerry Dirks, David Dister (DD), Lydia Doerr (LyD), Louis Dombroski (LD), Robert M. Dunlap (RMD), Dan Duso (DDu), Kim R. Eckert, Jeff Eddy, Ronald A. Erpelding, Monica Essenmacher, Bruce A. Fall (BAF), Gordon Fitch, Meg & Todd Frantz (MTF), Nathan Freshour, Ben W. Frichtman (BWF), Matt Galbraith, Elis- sa Gallien, Skye Haas (SH), Steven Hager (StH), Robyn & Don Henise (RDH), Nancy Henke, Chris Hockema, John W. Hockema, Pete Hoeger, Gerald Hoekstra, Gregory Jahner III, Scott Jennex (SJ), Diane Jobson, Robbye Johnson, Tim Johnson, Jeanie M. Joppru, Steven Joyner (SJo), Steven Kahl, Tyson Kahler (TK), Joe Kaplan (JKa), Mary & Marty Kelm (MMK), Bob Kemp, Ted R. Keyel (TRK), Doug W. Kieser, John Kivikoski (JK), Aubrey Klink, Mark Korducki (MK), Jan & Larry Kraemer (JLK), Kelly Larson, Tony Lau, James W. Lind, Meredith Lindsey, Andrew B. Longtin (ABL), Steve Lubahn, nesota's fourth state and first spring Brewer's Sparrow was in Lake 4 May (JWL). Michi- gan birders reported Lark Sparrows from five counties, including a rare breeding record in Kalamazoo (JBr); unusual for ne. Minnesota was a record in St. Louis 16 May (LB, PHS, RJ). The only Lark Bunting was a female in Chippewa, MI 25-27 May (CN, m.ob.). A Le Conte's Sparrow in Dakota 14 Mar (TAT) was record early for Minnesota. A count of 60 White-crowned Sparrows in Todd 3 May (AL) was noteworthy in Minnesota. Harris's Sparrow is a rare spring find in Michigan, so reports from five counties were above aver- age. Following last year's banner numbers, Summer Tanager reports returned to normal this spring, with three reports from Minne- sota and eight in Michigan. Wisconsin had 2 Western Tanagers, including a record early bird in Ozaukee 24 Apr (RD). Minnesota had Western Tanagers in Pine 14-28 Apr (MMK, DWK, CNi, TJ, JR), Anoka 1-4 May (KC, ELC, CRM), Hennepin 3 May (ABL), Lake 10- 11 May (MTo, PHS), and Otter Tail 10 May (ML). A male Black-headed Grosbeak was in Crow Wing, MN 18-20 May (JPR, EG, BU). A female Lazuli Bunting was in Milwaukee, WI 15-17 May (MK), and the only Painted Bunting was in Wexford, MI 15 May (DJ). A Dickcissel in Lake, MN 18 May (PR) was far out of range. Continuing the theme of high counts in Minnesota were 8000 Red-winged Blackbirds in Faribault 21 Mar (CNi) and counts of 1000 Common Grackles at two sites in Faribault 18 & 21 Mar (CNi) and in Nicollet 28 Mar (StH). Both Michigan and Minnesota had Bram- bling records, their first since 2000 and 2001, respectively. In Michigan, one visited a feeder in Alcona 17-28 Apr (ChB), while Minnesota had a male in Crow Wing 20 Mar (JPR). A Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch was in Ashland, Serendipitously photographed at Two Harbors, Lake County, Minnesota 4 May 2015, this fourth-state-record Brewer's Sparrow was also the first for spring and for the North Shore. Photograph by James W. Lind.

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