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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 398 W E S T E R N G R E AT L A K E S reported high counts of 25 Sedge Wrens in Aitkin 15 May (KCR) and 50 Marsh Wrens in Lyon 26 May (TK). The only Mountain Blue- birds were a male in Pierce, WI 15-17 Mar (PD) and a female in Crow Wing, MN 11-12 Apr (JWH, JPR, BWF). All three states re- ported both Townsend's Solitaire and Varied Thrush. Record early for Wisconsin was a Veery in Milwaukee 11 Apr (DM). Minnesota had Chestnut-collared Longspurs at Felton Prairie, Clay after mid-May and also the only Smith's Longspurs, 2 in Lincoln 4 Apr (BTS, KRE, m.ob.) and 9 in Murray 11 Apr (GW). Rare in Minnesota was a Worm-eating Warbler in Scott 30 May (BA, RMD, CRM); Wisconsin birders found 4 Worm-eating Warblers in three s. counties. A male Kirt- land's Warbler made an early return to Wis- consin 9 May in Milwaukee (SL); reports came from a total of three counties. Away from breeding areas, Michigan had migrant Kirtland's Warblers in Washtenaw 10 May (SP) and Iosco 16 & 24 May. High tallies for Minnesota were 74 Magnolia Warblers and 187 Chestnut-sided Warblers in St. Louis on 17 & 18 May, respectively (KJB). Nine Yellow-throated Warblers in five s. Wis- consin counties was an increase over recent years, while Minnesota had up to 2 Yellow- throateds in Winona 2 May+ (CH, BU, JWH, SBM, CRM). One at Tawas Point S.P., Iosco, MI 26 May (MTF) was n. of normal. Wiscon- sin had 6 Prairie Warblers in four counties, including a record early bird in Milwaukee 14-15 Apr (ACa) and one that returned for its fifth year in Waukesha 3 May (AS). Ad- ditional high counts for Minnesota were 36 Black-throated Green Warblers in Lake 23 May (DTr, JE) and 16 Canada Warblers in St. Louis 18 May (KJB). North of normal in Michigan was a Yellow-breasted Chat in Iosco 7-25 May (m.ob.). The only Spotted Towhee was in Clay, MN 22 May (MO). Minnesota had noteworthy counts of 14 Eastern Towhees in Washington 9 May (GJ) and Sherburne 24 May (TL). Min - A White-winged Dove was in Becker, MN 25 Apr–1 May (NH, BAB, m.ob.). Snowy Owls lingered s. into late May in both Wisconsin and Michigan, while Minnesota's last report was on 11 Apr. All three states reported Northern Hawk Owls, with the latest report on 18 Apr in Roseau, MN (BS). Wisconsin had Great Gray Owls in Bayfield 16 Apr (TN) and Burnett 27 May (MB), while Minnesota had reports from four counties. Boreal Owls are supposed to be at the low end of their 4-5 year cycle, so 16 banded at Whitefish Point, Chippewa was very good (CN); Minnesota had a calling Boreal Owl in Lake 18 & 23 Mar (SGW). Chuck-will's-widows again returned to Jefferson/Walworth, WI 4 May+ (CB) and Jackson, MI 11 May+ (AMB, STe). The only American Three-toed Wood- peckers were Apr reports from Lake and St. Louis, both Minnesota. Wisconsin hosted the only Gyrfalcons, a gray ad. from winter through 11 Mar in Douglas (PHS) and one in Dane 11 Apr (RBu), while Minnesota had a Prairie Falcon in Polk 30 May (AN). All three states reported Say's Phoebes; Minnesota had singles in Yellow Medicine 25 Apr (NF, JFR, SWe) and Lake 8 May (PHS), Wisconsin had one in Ashland 24 May (GS), and Michigan had one in Chippewa 26-27 May (CN). Aside from Minnesota, Western Kingbirds were scarce this spring, with only two Wisconsin reports and one Michigan report. Minnesota had Scissor-tailed Flycatchers in Rice 12-13 Apr (TFB) and Clay 6 May (KS), while Wis- consin and Michigan had singles in Door 18 Apr (LyD) and Muskegon 11 May (CS), re- spectively. Loggerhead Shrikes are still rare in Michigan, so singles in Charlevoix 19 Apr (SJo) and Iosco 23 May+ (VT, JBo, m.ob.) were noteworthy. Minnesota had White- eyed Vireos in Brown 22-30 May (BW, DWK, m.ob.), Mower 20 May (TAT), and Goodhue DATE (MS, SBM), while Wisconsin had a rare n. report in Ashland 19 May (NA). Wis- consin's overwintering Black-billed Magpie in Bayfield was last seen on 5 Mar (RB). Fish Crows seem to be expanding their range in Berrien, MI, with sightings from three sepa- rate locations this season. A Tufted Titmouse in Marquette 1 Mar (AR) was only the third Upper Peninsula record this century! A Rock Wren was in Kittson, MN 18-25 Apr (CSc). Minnesota Cranes was detected in Dakota, MN 13 May via high resolution GPS tracking. Black-necked Stilts were again present in large numbers in Wisconsin, with 22 stilts in seven s. counties. Minnesota had a pair in Stearns 25-26 Apr (PCC, SBM, m.ob.), while Michigan had 2 in Saginaw 29 Apr–19 May (DP, SK) and up to 3 in Monroe 30 Apr+ (SJ). American Avocets were present in good numbers, with a peak of 45 in Lac Qui Parle, MN 29 Apr (KJB). Minnesota had a Piping Plover in St. Louis 5-19 May (JPR, TRK, RZ), while Wisconsin had singles in three coun- ties during the first week of May. Record ear- ly in Wisconsin were a Semipalmated Plo- ver in Dodge 21 Mar (AK) and a Hudsonian Godwit in Dane 2 Apr (DS). Wisconsin reported an impressive 39 Red Knots from six counties, while Minnesota has singles in Hennepin 19 May (CMB) and Aitkin 30 May (BW, m.ob.), plus 2 in St. Louis 28-29 May (JWL, m.ob.). Michigan birders observed Red Knots in four counties, with a peak of 8 in Monroe 22 May (SJ, MTr). A Ruff was in Hennepin, MN 3-10 May (SLC, BAF, m.ob.), only to be followed by a Reeve at the same location on 18 May (BAF). Notewor- thy in Michigan were a Ruff in Monroe 1-2 May (AD), a Baird's Sandpiper in Chippewa 30 May (PCC), and a Western Sandpiper in Monroe 7-22 May (GF). JAEGERS THROUGH OLD WORLD SPARROWS Michigan had single Parasitic Jaegers at Whitefish Point, Chippewa 23 (TW) & 31 May (PCC). Minnesota was denied both Little and Laughing Gulls, with the most being seen along the Great Lakes shorelines in Michigan and Wisconsin. Noteworthy were a Black-headed Gull in Monroe, MI 29 May+ (AC), an ad. California Gull in Milwaukee, WI 30 Mar (WM), and ad. Slaty- backed Gulls in Marquette 22-28 Mar (SH, GP) and Wayne 2 May (CP), both Michigan. An impressive 3 different Arctic Terns were in Douglas 21 & 28 May (RJ, DT) and She- boygan 30 May (NP, ST), all Wisconsin. Wisconsin's fourth Band-tailed Pigeon was in Grant 26 Mar–9 Apr (JA). Michigan had Eurasian Collared-Doves lingering in Berrien, while new reports came from Missau - kee 6 May (BK) and Chippewa 3 May (KMc). SA Minnesota reported some impressive high counts for a variety of shorebirds: 284 Greater Yellowlegs in McLeod 20 Apr (KJB), 1500 Lesser Yellowlegs in Hennepin 3 May (BAF), 100 Stilt Sandpipers in McLeod 15 May (PH), 802 White-rumped Sandpipers in Jackson 23 May (KJB), 1300 Pectoral Sandpipers in Yellow Medicine 7 May (KJB), 3000 Semipalmated Sandpipers in Jackson 26 May (KJB), 81 Long-billed Dowitchers in Yellow Medicine 2 May (SBM), and 87 Wilson's Snipe in Yellow Medicine 19 Apr (GW). Often challenging to photograph, this White-eyed Vireo was nicely captured at Hok-Si-La Park, Goodhue County, Min- nesota 9 May 2015. Photograph by Matt Stratmoen.

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