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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 397 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– James D. Hengeveld, 6354 Southshore Drive, Unionville, Indiana 47468 ( Keith A. McMullen, 1405 DeSoto, O'Fallon, Illinois 62269 ( Geoffrey A. Williamson, 4046 North Clark Street, Unit K, Chicago, Illinois 60613 ( Craig A. Taylor, Jeffrey Timmons, Michael A. Topp, John Velasquez, Jenny M. Vogt, Tony Ward, Kyle Wiktor, Vern W. Wilkins, Daniel T. Williams, Geoffrey A. Williamson (Illinois), Justin Wrinn, Bob Zaremba, Susan Zelek. Many others submitted observations but could not be personally acknowledged; all have our thanks for their contributions. n J. Schaefer, Eric E. Secker, Brad Y. Semel, Leland Shaum, Robert E. Shelby, Andrew P. Sigler, C.J. Sikora, David Slabaugh (DSl), Nicholas Sly, Jeff A. Smith, Joe Smith, Jim S. Solum, Stanley W. Stec, Lee W. Sterrenburg, Alan F. Stokie, Brain Storvik, Douglas F. Stotz, Diana Strassmann, Nick Streicher (NSr), Del Striegel (DeS), Joseph L. Suchecki, Janice Sweet (JSw), Paul W. Sweet, Western Great Lakes suburban observations, presumably from released birds, are on the increase. This spring, Michigan's only likely wild reports came from Barry and Monroe. Wisconsin re- ported a single Gray Partridge in Iowa 8 May (JK). Sharp-tailed Grouse x Greater Prairie- Chicken hybrids were observed at Rothsay W.M.A., Wilkin, MN 25 Apr (NC). The only Pacific Loon was in Ozaukee, WI 30 Mar (DT). Noteworthy for inland Michigan were 318 Horned Grebes in Ingham 25 Apr (SW), but that number pales in comparison to 1913 in Hennepin, MN 24 Apr (CMB). Wis- consin had a lone Western Grebe in Douglas 26 May (DT), while Minnesota hosted the only Clark's Grebes in Kittson 30 Apr (HHD, RAE, JMJ) and one on Lake Osakis in Todd 2 May (JLK) that likely swam into Douglas 14 May (MT). All three states reported Snowy and Cattle Egrets, but numbers were down from previ- ous years. A Tricolored Heron in Monroe, MI 26 Apr+ (AD) was joined by another on 25 May+ (AM). Michigan also hosted the only Yellow-crowned Night-Heron in Van Buren 6 May (DB). Michigan had 3 Glossy Ibis 30 Apr+ and 2 White-faced Ibis after 1 May, all at Pointe Mouillee S.G.A., Monroe, and up to 3 Plegadis ibis were in Bay after 5 May. White-faced Ibis were found in eight Min - nesota counties, with a peak of 9 in Yellow Medicine 3 May (GW). Wisconsin reported 2 Plegadis ibis in Marathon 23 May (RP, CW). Black Vultures continue their exploration of Michigan, with this season's reports in Ka- lamazoo 8 May (WW), Washtenaw 12 May (RDH), Barry 27 May (MG), and Keweenaw 31 May (TB). Mississippi Kites were found in Ozaukee, WI 8 May (WM) and Huron, MI 18 May (DDu, ME). Other noteworthy finds were a Krider's Red-tailed Hawk in Blue Earth, MN 25 Mar and a Ferruginous Hawk in Ottawa, MI 4 Apr (DMc). Wisconsin bird- ers reported Yellow Rails from three counties and 2 King Rails in Columbia 23 May (NS). One of Wisconsin's reintroduced Whooping Outagamie 22 Mar and 1200 in Columbia 28 Mar, both Wisconsin (DT). Michigan bird- ers found Greater White-fronted and Ross's Geese in 13 and eight counties, respectively. Minnesota had Ross's Geese in 26 coun- ties and very early Cackling Geese in the n. counties of Traverse (DLP) and Clay (BP) on 14 Mar. Minnesota had its first Mute Swan record for Kandiyohi 18 Mar (JD, JW), as well as records from Goodhue and Wright. Eur- asian Wigeons were reported in strong num- bers, with multiple individuals in all three states. Minnesota had males in Jackson 26-31 Mar (CRM, m.ob.), Kittson 17-18 Apr (RMD, AN), and Marshall 30 Apr–1 May (HHD, RAE, SA). Wisconsin had males in Columbia 3-18 Apr (VBR, DR) and Bayfield 13-14 Apr (NA, RB), while Michigan's Eurasian Wi- geons were in Berrien 29 Mar (MM), Tuscola 19 Apr (JB), and Monroe 22-25 May (AC, m.ob.). Minnesota reported Cinnamon Teal in Carver 21-22 Mar (WCM, JW) and Becker 18 Apr (KL, JWH, BWF), as well as a Blue- winged x Cinnamon Teal hybrid in Stearns 16-26 Apr (RMD, PCC, AN, GH). Wisconsin also had a Cinnamon Teal in Jefferson 10-14 Apr (CB). Noteworthy in Michigan were the second state record Eurasian Teal 22 Apr (LD) and a King Eider that lingered through 15 Mar in St. Clair. The Common Eider from the winter season stayed through 14 Mar in Muskegon, MI and was later re-found in Mason 3-9 May (DD); Wisconsin also had a Common Eider linger through 23 Mar in Douglas. Rare inland was a Harlequin Duck in Allegan, MI 1-9 Mar (TC, m.ob.). Scoters were scarce in Minnesota, with only 2 Surf Scoters 17-19 May (KJB, JLK) and a single Black Scoter 24 Apr (JLK), both in St. Louis. The only Barrow's Goldeneyes were a female in Otter Trail 1 Mar (RAE) and a pair in Cass 9-10 Apr (JWM, DAY), both Minnesota. It's becoming more and more difficult to determine the provenance of Northern Bobwhite in Michigan. Reports of seem- ingly wild birds continue to decline, while –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SPRING –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Adam M. Byrne M arch temperatures were above normal in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, with record-high daily temperatures in parts of Minnesota in mid- March. Michigan had a cooler-than-normal March, with a very cold first week that de- layed early migrants until after 7 March. April and May temperatures were about average in Wisconsin and Michigan and slightly lower than normal in Minnesota. March and April precipitation totals were below normal across the Region. Snow cover retreated from most areas by April, except in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where the snow was still very deep. All three states experi - enced significant rainfall totals in May. Seasonal highlights in Minnesota were Brewer's Sparrow and Brambling, while Wisconsin recorded its fourth Band-tailed Pigeon and third Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch. Highlighting Michigan's season were a flock of Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks, a Slaty- backed Gull, and the state's fifth Brambling. WATERFOWL THROUGH SHOREBIRDS An impressive 12 Black-bellied Whistling- Ducks frequented Wayne, MI 16-23 May (KW, m.ob.). Good numbers of w. geese were reported from all three states, highlighted by Greater White-fronted Goose totals of 700 in

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