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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 396 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A providing a first record for the site. Perhaps spreading from solid populations at the Lost Mound Unit of the Upper Mississippi River N.W.R., Jo Daviess and the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, Will, Blue Grosbeaks are also becoming more common in n. Illinois, with sightings coming from at least 10 other loca - tions across the tier. Among many high counts of Dickcissels in Indiana, the peak was of 45 at Universal Mine, Vermillion 9 Jun (SLL). The high count for Yellow-headed Blackbirds was of 42 at Goose Lake C.A., McHenry, IL 11 Jul (SL), where a relatively recent colony has ex - panded. A Red Crossbill was noted at Rock Cut S.P., Winnebago, IL 18 Jul (EES). Pine Siskins were reported from 15 locations across the Region, mostly in Cook, DuPage, and Lake in ne. Illinois, with 5 seen in a DuPage backyard 8 Jun (VM). Though summering siskins are not unusual, this season's showing was more extensive than usual. Pockets of European Goldfinches persist in Lake, IL, with 4 at Illinois Beach 8 Jun (ASA) and 4 at Waukegan 1 Jul (DK et al.) being the high counts. Though not considered to have an established population, the species is regularly present at these sites. Contributors cited (subregional editors in bold- face): Andrew S. Aldrich, Jill S. Anderson, David K. Antieau, H. David Bohlen, Owen Bontrager, Sandy Britt, Kenneth J. Brock (Indiana), Ethan Brown, Joan C. Bruchman, James H. Campbell, Evan Carlson, Nat Carmichael, John K. Cassady, Elizabeth J. Chato, Rena Cohen, Steve Cope - land, Ben Cvengros, Matthew M. Cvetas, Don- nie R. Dann, Brad Dawson, Richard J. DeCoster, Sharon Dewar (SnD), Colin Dobson, Joshua I. Engel, Anthony D. Friend, Tyler D. Funk, Mi - chal Furmanek, Urs W. Geiser, Doug Gerbracht (DGt), Andrew Gilbert (AGt), Don Gorney, Terri Gorney, Brendan J. Grube, Peter B. Grube, Aar - on Gyllenhaal, C. Leroy Harrison, Don Hartzler (DHr), Ted Hartzler, James A. Haw, Jed B. Hertz, Frank R. Holmes, Dustin Holschuh, Doug Hommert (DHt), Edward M. Hopkins, Mike Ingram, David B. Johnson, Davida Kalina, Matt Kalwasinski, Dan M. Kassebaum, Amy Kearns, Nick Kiehl, Corey Lange, Gary Langell, Scott Latimer, John P. Leonard, Steve L. Lima, John & Karen Lindsey, John C. Longhenry, Brian Low - ery, Dan Ludwig, Michael A. Madsen, Walter J. Marcisz, Carolyn A. Marsh, Keith A. McMullen, John Meredig, Andrew Miller, Benjamin Miller, Leo Miller, Perry Miller, Jim Mordacq (JMo), Vince Moxon, Don D. Mullison, Luis G. Mu - ñoz, Landon Neumann, Jeff Norris, Randy J. Pals, Sam Plew, Lisa Rest, Kevin B. Richmond, Patrick Ricketson, W. Douglas Robinson, Aidan Rominger, Rhonda S. Rothrock, Jeremy Ross, Kirk Roth, Richard Sayles, Sandy Schacht, Beau have occurred regularly. A Ruby-crowned Kinglet singing at Burnidge F.P., Kane, IL 2-16 Jun and seen several times during that period (v.r. JW) was quite unusual. At Pigeon River F.W.A., LaGrange, a singing Golden-crowned Kinglet in a large Norway Spruce grove 13 Jun (LS, PM et al.) was Indiana's second for Jun. An ad. was seen feeding a fledgling 23 Jun (BM, fide SP), and a total of 4 birds was there 5 Jul (SP). South of its normal breeding range, a Veery seemed to be on territory at Fort Ben - jamin Harrison S.P., Indianapolis 28 Jun (AR). A Swainson's Thrush at Montrose 13 Jun (ASA) lingered a few days past typical departure date. WARBLERS THROUGH FINCHES A late Northern Waterthrush was observed at Montrose 13 Jun (ASA, LGM). A Black-and- white Warbler at Montrose 19 Jun (CJS, DKA) and a female there 27 Jun (JIE) might have been late migrants or wandering individuals. In Peoria, IL within the cen. tier, where Black- and-white Warblers are usually absent during the summer, one was found 8 Jun (EC). In a fine season for Prothonotary Warblers, the peak count of 22 was logged at Harrison-Craw - ford S.F., Harrison, IN 3 Jun (DeS). A Tennes- see Warbler at Montrose 19 Jul (ph. ASA) was an early fall migrant, while a singing Orange- crowned Warbler at Greene Valley F.P., Du - Page, IL 9 Jun (MAM, v.r. DK) was a rather late spring migrant. The last Connecticut Warblers to depart, both in Chicago on 6 Jun, included one at Hegewisch Marsh (WJM) and another downtown (DS), the latter having lingered at its urban refuge for a week. A Mourning War - bler seen and heard singing at Illinois Beach 21 Jun (MMC) may have been a late migrant. Singing Black-throated Green Warblers were observed in a Chicago neighborhood 13 Jun (DKA), at Burnidge F.P., Kane, IL 14 Jun (JW), at Highland Park, Lake, IL 18 Jun (RC), at Chi - cago's Lincoln Park 27 Jun (LGM), and at Rol- lins Savanna F.P., Lake, IL 28 Jun (JSS). Two Lark Sparrows at Illinois Beach were likely present since spring through 11 Jul (m.ob.), with 4 reported there 20 Jun (BS, NSr). A singing White-throated Sparrow in sw. Jennings, IN 12 Jun (AK) and one at the Mo - mence Wetlands, Kankakee, IL 6 Jun (GAW et al.) were very late, while 1-2 were seemingly resident and singing in downtown Chicago 1-23 Jun (LR), and possibly one of these was noted in nearby Grant Park 2 Jul (KW) and 14 Jul (LR). Also a surprise was a Dark-eyed Junco at Goose Pond 21 Jun (LN). A fine count of 19 Blue Grosbeaks was made in Warrick 23 Jul (JM), Indiana's fifth largest summer count. Evi - dence of the species' northward movement was a first-year male Blue Grosbeak at Pigeon River F.W.A., LaGrange, IN 18 Jun and 2 Jul (JAH), Jun (JLS), one at Havana, Mason, IL 5-25 Jul (ADF, CD, DH, KBR, AGt), and one in Jackson, IL 10 Jun (SB) that was joined by a second bird 17 Jun–3 Jul and apparently started nest - ing (RSR, DDM, DTW, KAM, m.ob.). Indiana's third Fork-tailed Flycatcher, an imm., was found near West Boggs Lake, Daviess 30 Jun (AK, LWS et al.). Loggerhead Shrikes seen at unusual locales included one at Spring Creek F.P., Cook, IL 9 Jun (JCB et al.) and one at Greene Valley F.P., DuPage, IL 16 Jun–5 Jul (MAM, m.ob.). White- eyed Vireos have become more common in the n. tier in recent years. This season, reports came from 30+ sites distributed across 15 counties in the n. tier. For the fifth consecutive year, a Blue-headed Vireo held a territory at Pi - geon River F.W.A., LaGrange, IN from at least 2 Jun through 16 Jul (JAH, SS, LS, SP et al.). Fish Crows continue to be noted in Sangamon, IL, n. of their usual haunts in the state, with one at Springfield 3 Jun and 2 there 21 Jul (HDB), one at Sangchris Lake 15 Jul (HDB), and an - other there 23 Jul (HDB); small numbers also continue to be seen at Eagle Creek Park w. of Indianapolis in Indiana's cen. tier (m.ob.). In early Jul, a begging juv. Red-breasted Nuthatch was seen with 2 ads. in nw. Cook, IL (SWS), and singles were reported from five dif - ferent DuPage, IL locations throughout the sea- son. This group represents a larger-than-typical number of summering nuthatches, concentrat - ed in a relatively small area. A Brown Creeper was at Dixon 13 Jun (DFS); though not neces - sarily expected here, small numbers of creep- ers are present in the riparian corridors. The Bewick's Wren from spring at McLeansboro, Hamilton, IL remained through 3 Jun (ph. CLH, ph. RES), but somewhat surprising was that no Bewick's Wrens were reported from the usual w.-cen. Illinois area where nesting birds Indiana's third Fork-tailed Flycatcher was a short-tailed immature bird that was found 30 June 2015 in an area in the southwestern part of the state dominated by Amish farms. It remained only one day and moved around widely in the area. Photograph by Amy Kearns.

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