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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 395 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A ported in Indiana: one at an Elkhart feeder 4-10 Jun (LS, †JAH, m.ob.), another at a feeder in Muncie, Delaware 20 Jun (SC), one in nw. Kosciusko 26 Jun (DSl), and a road-killed bird in LaGrange 19 Jul (BM). An ad. male Rufous Hummingbird that visited a feeder near Lin - den 14 Jul (EMH) furnished a first record for Montgomery as well as Indiana's earliest ever fall record. Two Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were in a Carroll, IL backyard 1 Jun (EB), and another was noted at Mississippi Palisades S.P., Carroll, IL 23 Jun (BD); a small summering population exists in nw. Illinois. A Merlin at Waukegan, Lake, IL 1 Jun (AFS, PWS) seemed to be late, but Merlins were seen in Indiana for the third consecutive summer. A pair during the first week of Jun and a single 8 Jul were observed at Valparaiso (BJG), and 2, including a juv., were present at Blooming - ton, Monroe 28 Jul (ph. JN). These represent Indiana's second and third Jul records. A Monk Parakeet was seen in Elkhart, IN 9 Jul (OB), providing a first county record. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH THRUSHES A Yellow-bellied Flycatcher at Montrose 14 Jun (ph. GAW) was somewhat late passing through. A Least Flycatcher present at Illinois Beach 8-23 Jun (ASA, m.ob.) was of interest, as the species rarely summers. Western Kingbird reports were scattered across the Region and more numerous than usual. A pair was present at the Evansville Regional Airport 6 Jun (LN), and at least one was still present through 22 Jul (BC). A single bird was near Chicago's Steel - workers Park 8 Jun–14 Jul (AG, m.ob.). Others included a pair at Havana, Mason, IL through - out Jun with a chick in the nest 3 Jul (KBR); 2 present during Jun at East St. Louis, St. Clair, IL, seen feeding 2 fledglings 3 Jul (DMK); a single in Champaign, IL 10 Jul (EJC); and a family group of 4-5 s. of Meredosia, Morgan, IL 25 Jul (CD, TW). Scissor-tailed Flycatchers included one in n. Lake, IL 11 Jun (BJS, DRD), one at Springbrook Prairie F.P., DuPage, IL 16 necked Phalarope was of a single in Newton 28 Jul (EMH) through 31 Jul (DGt). A Red Phala - rope was located at Lake Mauvaisterre, Morgan, IL 27 Jul (CD, CL, KAM). A well-documented Long-tailed Jaeger graced Horseshoe Lake, Madison 15-19 Jul (ph. FRH, ph. KAM, ph. DHt, DTW, m.ob.), provid - ing one of fewer than 10 records for Illinois. An imm. Little Gull at Waukegan, Lake, IL 6 Jun (ph., †PR) was locally rare, though they are found more regularly in summer farther n. on Lake Michigan. Three Laughing Gulls were seen in the Region: an ad. at Lake Springfield, Sangamon, IL 28 Jun (HDB), a second-cycle individual at Cane Ridge W.M.A., Gibson, IN 22 Jul (ph. BC), and another ad. at Horse - shoe Lake, Madison, IL 23 & 27 Jul (DMK). A second-cycle California Gull was a surprise at Lake Springfield, Sangamon, IL 2 Jun (ph. HDB). There were two reports of Lesser Black- backed Gulls from Illinois: one at Mon - trose 1 Jul (RJD) and a third-cycle bird at Carlyle 27-29 Jul (DMK). Two Great Black-backed Gulls were present for much of Jul in se. Chicago (AG). A hefty 118 Least Terns were present in Alex - ander, IL 29 Jul (KAM), and the breed- ing population around Lake Gibson, Gibson, IN consisted of 230+ ads. (fide AK). Black Terns had an unusually large presence in the Region, with more than 120 birds reported. Of note were 5 ads. and 3 juvs. (some still with natal down) at Goose Lake C.A., McHenry, IL 11 Jul (WJM, JSA), suggesting local breeding. Four White-winged Doves were re - in Patoka River N.W.R., Gibson, IN 21 Jul (JR). A Piping Plover was in Livingston, IL 17-19 Jul (DBJ, APS, m.ob.), while the lone Indiana Pip - ing Plover report was of a single at Miller Beach, Lake 27 Jul (MAT). Two early fall migrant Lesser Yellowlegs were noted in Sangamon, IL 22 Jun (ph. JMo). An Upland Sandpiper in Cass, IN and 2 in Miami, IN at Grissom A.F.B. 5-6 Jun (DG, AR, JAH et al.) and a total of 4 there 23 Jun (NK) indi - cated that there were two to three pairs that attempted nesting there. Four Whimbrels were reported, all singles: at Miller Beach, Lake, IN 25 (KJB, RJP) & 27 Jul (MAT), in Alexander, IL 28 Jul (WDR), and in Rock Island, IL 29 Jul (RS). Indiana's fourth Jun and latest spring record of Hudsonian Godwit was logged 13 Jun at Limberlost (EMH, TG, ph. JT et al.). At Michigan City Harbor, LaPorte, IN, 5 Marbled Godwits were found 17 Jul (MK), and a single Marbled was seen 18 Jul at Illinois Beach (BJS, NC). Single Sanderlings at Illinois Beach 12 Jun (PWS) and at Montrose 13 Jun (ASA) were quite late spring migrants, as was a White- rumped Sandpiper noted in LaGrange, IN 16 Jun (AM, BM). At Goose Pond, a record-early juv. Baird's Sandpiper was photographed 28 Jul (AK). An estimated 3500 Pectoral Sandpipers in Alexander, IL 29 Jul (KAM) formed a strong summer concentration. A Wilson's Snipe was noted at Killdeer Wet - lands F.P., Cook, IL 20 Jun (WJM), where there is suitable habitat for nesting. The 10 Wilson's Snipe tallied at Limberlost Swamp, Jay 29 Jul (JV) established a new summer high count for Indiana. The only Indiana record of Red- SA Quite exciting was the confirmed nesting by a pair of Piping Plovers at Illinois Beach. The first suggestion that there may have been nesting activity came when Piping Plo - vers were being seen in late May and Jun, well after the usual spring migration window, drawing the attention of state and federal wildlife officials. On the basis of leg bands, one breeding pair plus an additional 4 birds were present 10 Jun (fide BYS). Those monitoring the activity, however, confirmed only a single pair exhibiting courtship behaviors, with band combinations showing the male of the pair to have hatched in 2014 near Gulliver, MI, while the female hatched in 2014 from among the Missouri River population. By 11 Jun, the male had created three distinct nest scrapes; however, it wasn't until 25 Jun that a nest complete with four eggs was confirmed (BYS, DL). The first two eggs hatched 18 Jul, with all 4 young present the following day. Unfortunately, a Peregrine Falcon mortally wounded the male plover 19 Jul (BYS); he was not observed following the event. On 30 Jul, Stephanie Schubel of the University of Minnesota and her summer research team, together with the Illinois De - partment of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, captured and banded the 4 young. The last day all 4 young were present was 12 Aug (fide BYS), at which time they were able to fly short distances. One seen 19 Sep (AFS) marked the last date young were observed at Illinois Beach, but one of the young banded birds was documented on Jekyll Island, GA 3 Nov (fide BYS). The Region's only other nesting attempt by Piping Plovers since 1979 was during 2009, which was within 20 m of this season's nest site. A second male was at a different part of Illinois Beach 1-17 Jun and possibly 1 Jul (AFS). On the basis of leg bands, this bird was later noted in Wisconsin (fide JSw). In Illinois, Montrose Point in Chicago's Lincoln Park delivered yet another rarity with this Snowy Plover 2-11 (here 7) May 2015. Photograph by Ward Boulton.

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