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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 394 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A ings included one at Peoria, Peoria, IL 2 Jun (KBR), one in Sangamon, IL 27 Jun (HDB), one in Vigo, IN 11 Jul (VWW), an ad. at Big Ox Creek 26 Jul (BL) that furnished a first record for Scott, IN, and one noted flying northward over Gurnee, Lake, IL 31 Jul (MF). One was seen at Rockford, Winnebago, IL 12 (DTW, JPL, LM, JMV) & 30 Jun (DTW), approximate - ly 6 km ne. of a site where kites had nested since 2008. One to 2 birds were seen at the regular Rockford breeding site throughout the period, with 2 there 24 Jul (JCL), though no nest was located. Sightings in the n. and cen. tiers have increased over the past decade, but they remain rare there. On 26 Jun, 5 recently fledged Northern Harriers being fed by ads. were discovered at Goose Pond (AK), marking the second consecutive year nesting has been documented at the site. Two Swainson's Hawks were at the regular Burlington, Kane, IL nesting locale throughout (m.ob.). Among 8 King Rails reported were a single from Prairie Ridge State N.A., Jasper, IL 1 Jun (RES), 2 at Limberlost 10 Jun (TG, KR et al.), one at Springbrook Prairie F.P, DuPage, IL 17 Jun (JAS), one that walked onto w. Beverly Drive, Porter, IN 27 Jun (JKC, RJP, KJB), one at Killdeer Wetlands F.P., Cook, IL 27 Jun–3 Jul (WJM, AFS), and 2 at Cane Ridge W.M.A., Gibson, IN 26 Jul (VWW). As many as 13 Common Gallinules were noted at Dixon 5 Jul (MAM). Summer reports of Sandhill Crane in the n. tier are expected but remain unusual for the cen. tier, making notable the following ob - servations: one was present at Iroquois County C.A., Iroquois, IL 2 Jun (CAT, GAW), 3 were in Woodford, IL 4 Jun (TH), 2 were at Heron C.P., Vermilion, IL 19 Jul (described as "presumably the resident pair," NS), a flock of 10 was seen flying northward near Bourbonnais, Kankakee, IL 14 Jun (JBH), and 2 were at Goose Pond throughout Jul. SHOREBIRDS THROUGH FALCONS Black-necked Stilts continue to be prominent in the Region. The 117 at Goose Pond 9 Jun (AK) constituted Indiana's third largest count. A pair nested at Grant Street Wetland, but the nest was inundated by rising waters 1 Jun (CAM). One in LaSalle, IL 18 Jul (UWG) and 11 in Newton, IN 28 Jul (EMH) were further unusual finds for the n. tier, though one expects northerly sightings of this expanding species to increase. Stilts at cen. tier locations included more than 60 birds at 15 locations, mostly in Illinois, with a known nesting attempt in Sangamon, IL (CL, HDB) and successful nesting in Coles, IL (TDF). Eleven American Avocets were reported, about average, but numbers of Willets reported were below average. An early fall migrant American Golden-Plover appeared at Wheeling Bottoms (J&KL); Goose Pond harbored small groups throughout the summer. At Limberlost, 2 Snowy Egrets 13 Jun (JT) provided a first record for that site and only the second for Adams. For the third consecutive summer, Little Blue Herons were exception - ally scarce in Indiana, the lone bird reported at Goose Pond 15 Jul (GL). Similarly, Snowy Egrets and Little Blue Herons were noticeably absent from the East St. Louis area where a large rookery had existed for years. Local bird - ers have notified biologists with the Illinois Natural History Survey, and hopefully the sud - den local population crash will be investigated. A Tricolored Heron was at Emiquon 11 Jun (MI, ph. CD, m.ob.). Indiana's only report of Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was of 2 birds in the Oatsville Bottoms at Patoka River N.W.R., Gibson 26-27 Jul (JR et al.). The number of Black-crowned Night-Heron nests in Chicago's Lincoln Park this season was 271 (fide SnD), a slight increase from the preceding year. Five Glossy Ibis were reported: 2 at Striebel Pond in Michigan City, LaPorte, IN 1 Jun (ph. PBG) continuing from the end of May, one at Emi - quon 6 Jun (DHr), and another at Grant Street Wetland continuing from May through 9 Jun (BZ). A fifth bird was at Limberlost 10 Jun (TG) through 11 Jun (JAH), furnishing a first record for Adams. In addition, two groups of 6 Plegadis ibis were noted at Emiquon 11 Jun (MI), with sightings of 6+ continuing through 14 Jun and a peak of 10 on 12 Jun (SZ). Nesting Ospreys at Powderhorn Lake F.P., Cook, IL fledged one young 29 Jul (CAM), marking two straight years of successful nest - ing in four consecutive attempts at the site. In a nest survey at Patoka Lake in s.-cen. Indiana, 28 Ospreys were found 5 Jul (AK), represent - ing the third highest Indiana summer count. Mississippi Kites were notable throughout the Region. Among 50+ birds reported in Indiana, the peak count was of 5 at Scales Lake C.P., Warrick 21 Jul (JHC). Other notable sight - N.W.R. and The Nature Conservancy's Emi- quon Preserve, Fulton, IL); F.W.A. (Fish and Wildlife Area); F.P. (Forest Preserve); Goose Pond (Goose Pond F.W.A., Greene, IN); Grant Street Wetland (in Lake, IN); Illinois Beach (Il - linois Beach S.P., Lake, IL); Limberlost (Lim- berlost Swamp, Adams, IN); Montrose (Mon- trose Point in Chicago's Lincoln Park). WATERFOWL THROUGH CRANES A Black-bellied Whistling-Duck found near the Fort Wayne Zoo 17 Jul+ (JS, m.ob.) provid - ed a first record for Allen and the thirteenth for Indiana. Three Snow Geese remained at Emi - quon throughout the period (m.ob.). A pair of Trumpeter Swans that was present at Grant Street Wetland in May reappeared 11 Jun (MK) and remained through the season (MAT et al.). Other notable lingering waterfowl included 24 Gadwalls at Rollins Savannah F.P., Lake, IL 21 Jun (GAW et al.), 11 Ring-necked Ducks at Dixon 13 Jun (DFS), Lesser Scaup at Dixon throughout Jun with 3 there 13 Jun (DFS), and 8 Red-breasted Mergansers at Waukegan, Lake, IL 17 Jun (PWS). On 2 Jun, a female Common Merganser at Michigan City Harbor, LaPorte (KJB) provided the first summer record for the Indiana Lake Michigan lakefront. Ruddy Ducks were unusually prevalent, exemplified by 22 at Dixon 13 Jun (DFS) and successful nesting noted at Goose Lake C.A., McHenry, IL 11 Jul (WJM, JSA) and at Peacock Marsh, Will, IL 12 Jul (JAS). A frigatebird was spotted by Josh Engel fly - ing northward along the Lake Michigan shore- line off Chicago's Lincoln Park 8 Jul. This was almost certainly the same ad. female Magni - cent Frigatebird that set up shop in nearby Berrien, MI 9-13 Jul. American White Pelicans continue to set records in Indiana, with a new summer high of 257 birds reported. A flock of 38, originally on Atwood Lake, LaGrange 11 Jun (SP), apparently moved to Kankakee F.W.A., Starke, where there were 38 on 18 Jun This season's rarest long-legged wader was this Tricolored Heron, found by Mike Ingram in the Emiquon preserves along the Illinois River valley 11 June 2015. Photograph by Colin Dobson.

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