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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 393 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A bird, Tricolored Heron, Long-tailed Jaeger, Fork-tailed Flycatcher, and nesting by Piping Plovers and Golden-crowned Kinglets. Abbreviations: Dixon (Dixon Waterfowl Ref - uge, formerly Hennepin-Hopper Lake Resto- ration Area, Putnam, IL); Emiquon (Emiquon Eric Gyllenhaal, C. Leroy Harrison, Ted Hartz - ler, Walter Helmuth, James D. Hengeveld, Susan E. Hengeveld, Jed B. Hertz, Lynea S. Hinchman, Amy Hodson, Karen Hogan, Frank R. Holmes, Edward M. Hopkins, Brian John - son, Ryan Jones, Davida Kalina, Matt Kalwa- sinski, Dan M. Kassebaum, Amy Kearns, Phil & Joanne Kelly, John C. Kendall, Nick Kiehl, Mike Knight (MKn), Larry J. Krutallis, Krzysz - tof Kurylowicz, Scott Latimer, Steven L. Lima, John & Karen Lindsey, Joshua Little, Tom Lit - tle, Jessica Lopez (JLz), Brian Lowery, Carolyn A. Marsh, Kelly J. McKay, Keith A. McMullen, Michael McNamee (MMc), John Meredig, Eric Michael, Mike Miller, Neal Miller, Fran R. Mo - rel, Robert A. Morgan, Bernard & Pauline Mor- ris, David Mott, Jason Mullins (JMs), Don D. Mullison, Luis G. Munoz, Benjamin Murphy, Scott Namestnik, Greg E. Neise, Landon Neu - mann, Christopher G. Newman, Teresa Noel, Joan I. Norek, Glenn Perricone, Sam Plew, Judy Pollcok, Adam M. Reyburn, Phil J. Reyburn, David Richardson, Shelley Richardson, Kevin B. Richmond, W. Douglas Robinson, Lois Rockhill, Aidan Rominger, Jeremy Ross, Kirk Roth, Rhonda S. Rothrock, Bob Russell, Steve Sass (StS), John Schwegman, Mark S. Seiffert, Adam W. Sell, Leland Shaum, Robert E. Shelby, Junior Shrock (JSh), John Skene (JSk), Jeffrey R.R. Skrentny, Evan Speck, Sarah Smarr, Jeff A. Smith, Lee W. Sterrenburg, Andrew O. Stewart, Alan F. Stokie, Douglas F. Stotz, Paul W. Sweet, Jim Tudor, Tony Ward, Mark Welter, David E. Willard, Barbara C. Williams, Daniel T. Wil - liams, Jr., Geoffrey A. Williamson (Illinois), Benjamin M. Winger, Ted Wolff (TeW), Wil - liam Wood, Dennis Workman, B.J. Worth, Carl Yoder. Many others submitted observations but could not be personally acknowledged; all have our thanks for their contributions. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he summer of 2015 was the Region's second wettest on record, with rain - fall totals close to double the average amounts for the two-month period, which were exceeded by 17-18 cm in both states. The month of June set record precipitation totals for both Illinois (24.1 cm) and Indiana (23.0 cm), with both figures more than doubling each state's average. Indeed, June 2015 was Illinois's second wettest month ever; all other months in the top five come from the fall sea - son. Temperatures across the Region were close to but slightly lower than average. Notable summer records included Black- bellied Whistling-Duck, Magnificent Frigate - largest count. Two ad. male Blue Grosbeaks arrived in Indiana 11 Apr, the second earli - est arrival date for the state: one was at Wes- selman Woods Nature Center, Vanderburgh (CGN), the other in Knox (SB). Good numbers of grassland sparrows were reported in the Region, highlighted by 42 Grasshopper Spar - rows at Upper Mississippi River N.W.R., Car- roll, IL 16 May (TeW) and four reports of 25+ Grasshopper Sparrows from Indiana. Highs for Henslow's Sparrow were 27 at Orland Grass - lands, Cook, IL 4 May (MMc) and two tallies of 24 in Vermillion and Newton, IN. Four Nelson's Sparrows were reported, the earliest at Prairie Ridge State N.A., Jasper, IL 11 May (RES). The latest Harris's Sparrow to depart was a single at Chicago's Grant Park 16 May (DEW). Single Summer and Scarlet Tanagers arrived early in the Pine Hills, Union, IL 11 Apr (KAM), and single Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were also early at Sugar Ridge F.W.A., Pike, IN 9 Apr (JR) and in Kankakee, IL 13 Apr (JBH). At unusual locations for Indiana, single ad. male Yellow-headed Blackbirds were found at Harmonie 26 Apr (JM) and in LaGrange 23 May (JSh). The largest tallies of Rusty Black - birds were of 800 at Carlyle 6 Apr (DMK) and 1822 at Obs. Tower 12 Apr (BJG). A White- winged Crossbill was reported at Sand Ridge S.F., Mason, IL 21 Mar (KBR). The last Hoary Redpoll to depart Wolf Lake, Cook, IL was 13 Mar (CAM). It was a phenomenal season for Pine Siskins, with nearly ten times the average number reported in Indiana. The 3922 count - ed at Obs. Tower 20 Mar (BJG) nearly doubled the previous high for Indiana. A Eurasian Tree Sparrow at Montrose 16 Mar (ph. DK) was well away from locations where this species is es - tablished; the northward expansion of the spe- cies' range likely facilitated this record. Contributors cited (subregional editors in boldface): Shanin Abreu, Cindy M. Alberico, Andrew S. Aldrich, Don Allen, Amar A. Ayyash, Steven D. Bailey, Andrew Belt, Richard Bisbee, H. David Bohlen, Kenneth J. Brock (Indi - ana), Jim Brown, Michael R. Brown, Maury H. Brucker, Brad Bumgardner, Sherry Burnett, Karrin Burns, William H. Buskirk, James H. Campbell, Nat Carmichael, John K. Cassady, Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, Christopher Collins, Dan Collins, David Crouch (DCr), Rob Curtis, Matthew M. Cvetas, Donnie R. Dann, Bob Decker, Colin Dobson, Ida Domazlicky, Steve Doud, Tiffany Drake, J. Barny Dunning, John Eakin, Josh I. Engle, Brad Feaster, Sam Fitton, Matthew E. Fraker, Tyler D. Funk, Doug Gerbracht (DGt), Julie Gidwitz (JGz), Andrew Gilbert (AGt), Neil Gilbert, Don Gor - ney, Judy Groskind, Brendan J. Grube, Robert Guth, Jess Gwinn (JGw), Aaron Gyllenhaal, An unexpected discovery in the middle of the summer was a Long-tailed Jaeger found 15 July 2015 by Frank Holmes at Horseshoe Lake State Park, Madison County, Illinois. The bird was seen very well by many observers swooping down to catch small fish then resting on the water near shore to consume them. Photographs by Douglas Hommert.

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