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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 392 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A (ph., †CLH, ph. RES, MSS, ph. KAM). An im- pressive 168 Blue-gray Gnatcatchers flew past Obs. Tower 3 May (BJG), providing Indiana's second largest count. A Townsend's Solitaire was discovered at Waukegan, Lake, IL 14 Apr (ph., †NC). Also at Obs. Tower, an Indiana record total of 15,753 American Robins was logged 16 Mar (BJG). The American Pipit flight was unspectacular, making 400 at Carlyle 22 Mar (DMK) noteworthy. The continuing Bohe - mian Waxwing was last seen at Chicago's Jack- son Park 2 Mar (TH, MMc). Lapland Longspurs were present in excel - lent numbers, the peak count occurring 7 Mar when 1600 were estimated primarily in Jasper, IN (JCK). Smith's Longspurs had an exception - al presence in Indiana, as the total of approxi- mately 4000 reported individuals was nearly an order of magnitude higher than the aver - age. At a field nw. of Sullivan, Sullivan, where 100+ were seen 22 Mar (SLL), 800+ were sub - sequently seen 4 (LN, SD) & 15 Apr (MRB), representing Indiana's second largest counts. They were reported in nine Indiana counties, the easternmost being Franklin and Union. WARBLERS THROUGH FINCHES A Golden-winged Warbler appeared at the e. end of Lake Lemon, Brown 17 Apr (JDH), establishing a new early arrival date for Indi - ana. Three Brewster's Warblers were reported in Illinois: at Labagh Woods F.P., Cook 13-14 May (ASA, m.ob.), in Champaign 16 May (NG), and at Galena, Jo Daviess 17 May (MEF, DTW, m.ob.). One Lawrence's Warbler was discov - ered at Salt Creek Woods F.P., Cook, IL 3 May (DFS). Two Swainson's Warblers were in Alex - ander, IL 9 May (†ID); one was vocalizing at the same location 23 May (†RSR). A fine count of 33 Kentucky Warblers was made at Harmonie 26 Apr (JM). One of the most exciting finds of the season was a male Kirtland's Warbler at Montrose 16-17 May (DR, BJW, ph., †MMC; ph., †GAW, m.ob.). The bird was quite coopera - tive and was heard sing- ing numerous times. At Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Campbelltown, Pike, IN an early Palm Warbler was seen 16 Mar (JR). Another exciting find was a Black-throated Gray Warbler at Red Hills S.P., Lawrence, IL 26 Apr (ph., †CLH). The 87 Eastern To - whees logged at Har- monie 12 Apr (JM) con- stituted Indiana's fourth This species generally departs the s. tier by Mar, and there are no known breeding records for the s. tier of Illinois. Good numbers of Chuck-will's-widows were reported in Indiana, notable among which singles in sw. Vigo 3 May (SLL) and Pigeon River F.W.A. 17 May (SP), the latter furnishing a first record for LaGrange as well as the first n. tier record since 1998. An eager Chimney Swift returned to Cache River State N.A., Johnson, IL 30 Mar (KAM). The first Ruby-throated Hummingbird to return was noted at Pomona, Jackson, IL 9 Apr (RSR). The 10 Merlins tallied at Obs. Tower 10 Apr (BJG) tied Indiana's third highest daily total. An Olive-sided Flycatcher heard in Misha - waka, St. Joseph 29 Apr (EM) was the earliest ever for Indiana's n. tier of counties and the fourth earliest for the state. On 22 May, 58 Aca - dian Flycatchers were tallied at Harmonie (JM), Indiana's fourth largest count. A Say's Phoebe reported at Miller Meadows F.P., Cook, IL 31 Mar–2 Apr was enjoyed by many (ph. KB; ph. †GAW, m.ob.). This was Illinois's twelfth Say's Phoebe in the past 18 years but only the third for spring during that period (exclusive of an overwintering bird that stayed into Mar). A Western Kingbird at Montrose 12 May was a surprise (ph. JGz), as were singles in Winneba - go, IL 22 May (TL) and at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, Will, IL 23-24 May (ph. JAS, JIN); one at the Grant Street Wetland, Lake, IN stayed 23-28 May (RG, m.ob.). Two Scissor- tailed Flycatchers were noted: at Fermilab, Du - Page, IL 14-18 May (ph. GP, JLz, m.ob.) and near Havana, Mason, IL 19 May (BR). High vireo counts included 39 White-eyeds at Harmonie 26 Apr (JM), Indiana's highest ever spring count, and 39 Bell's at three Warrick, IN sites 17 May (JHC). Fish Crows were also re - ported in good numbers and from new, more northerly locations, e.g., one noted at Spring - field, Sangamon, IL 1 Apr (HDB). Early swal- lows included a North- ern Rough-winged Swallow in Williamson, IL 21 Mar (WDR), 8 Cliff Swallows at Me - tropolis, Massac, IL 25 Mar (KAM), and a Barn Swallow in Union, IL 25 Mar (KAM). Num - bers of Sedge Wrens reported were once again below average. Two Bewick's Wrens were reported from Il - linois: one at Sinissippi Island, Adams 12 Apr (JMs, PJR) and another at McLeansboro, Ham - ilton 20 May–3 Jun Orchard 11 May (DDM), 13 in Adams, IL 12 May (AMR, PJR), and 6 in s. Bartholomew, IN 26 Apr (DCr), the latter a first county record. Six Red-necked Phalaropes were a surprise at the El Paso S.T.P., Woodford, IL 21 May (ph. KAM). The first-cycle Little Gull found at Turtle Creek Reservoir, Sullivan, IN 2 Nov was last seen there 12 Apr (SLL). Another was a one- day wonder at Waukegan, Lake, IL 25 Apr (†AWS). Several Laughing Gulls were report - ed, including early arrivals at Crab Orchard 2 Apr (ph. KAM) and Chicago's Lincoln Park 4 Apr (ASA). Only 2 Franklin's Gulls were reported in Indiana, and numbers in Illinois were also lower than typical: the peak count of 6 in Sangamon 14 Apr (HDB) was less than half the median high count for the past 10 years. An ad. California Gull at Wolf Lake, Lake 17 Mar (AAA) was the first seen in Indiana since Jan 2012. On 5 Mar, 900 Herring Gulls were counted on the St. Joseph River in South Bend (EM), the highest count ever in Indiana away from the Lake Michigan lakefront. In Indiana, inland ad. Lesser Black-backed Gulls were found at South Bend 1 Mar (J&KL), at Mid - dlefork Reservoir, Wayne 9 Mar (SF, WHB), at Prairieview Landfill, Marshall 20 Mar (LS, NM, WH), and at Lake Monroe, Monroe 24 Mar (DG, m.ob.); ads. were also present at Whit - ing Refinery Beach, Lake 28 Mar (CAM) and at Michigan City Harbor, LaPorte 25 Apr (LS et al.). Two imm. Glaucous Gulls along the St. Joseph River in South Bend 3 Mar (StS) and 3 there 5 Mar (EM) represented only the second and third occasions on which multiple birds were seen at a site away from Lake Michigan in Indiana. Lingering gulls included a Thayer's Gull at the Lake County Fairgrounds, Lake, IL 11 May (DRD), an ad. Lesser Black-backed Gull at Montrose 31 May (MMC, GAW, m.ob.), a Glaucous Gull at Winthrop Harbor, Lake, IL 9 May (AFS), and a second-cycle Great Black- backed Gull at Waukegan, Lake, IL 20 May (PWS, SL). DOVES THROUGH LONGSPURS A White-winged Dove was an unfortunate window collision casualty in Chicago 12 May (*Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, fide JIE). Highlights for cuckoos, both species of which were reported in unprecedented numbers in Indiana, were 8 Black-billeds at Potato Creek S.P., St. Joseph 9 May (SN) and 8 Yellow-billeds at Patoka River 30 May (ES). Barn Owls con - tinue to be reported in decent numbers in Illi- nois, as at least 10 counties had sightings. The latest Snowy Owl to depart was in Livingston, IL 31 Mar (BM). Quite unexpected was a call - ing Northern Saw-whet Owl at Ferne Clyffe S.P., Johnson, IL 2 May (KAM, DMK, TW, CD). Only a quarter of recent Say's Phoebe sightings in Illinois have occurred in spring, such as this one 31 March (here) through 2 April 2015. Photograph by Matthew Cvetas.

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