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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 389 E A S T E R N H I G H L A N D S & U P P E R O H I O R I V E R VA L L E Y Reading 6-31 May (Jay Drasher). An imm. male was at Presque Isle S.P., Erie 10 May (ph. Geoff Malosh), and another was in Lebanon 4 May (Mike Dale). Blue Grosbeaks may be ascending the Ohio River, where singles were found near Newport, Washing- ton, OH 4 May (Bill Allen) and immediately across the river within the Ohio River Is- land N.W.R., Pleasants, WV 9 May (Derek Hudgins). Two birds at Little Indian Creek W.M.A., Monongalia, WV 24 May (Ian Bat- terman) were at a northerly outpost in the cen. highlands. A singing Western Mead- owlark discovered in Trumbull, OH along the PA line 22-26 May (ph. Victor Fazio, m.ob.) was subsequently seen feeding young (ph. Sally Isacco, Jacob Roalef). It is not clear whether this was a hybrid pair- ing. Away from the Western Basin, single Yellow-headed Blackbirds were in Cuyahoga 10 Apr (ph. Michelle Pesho, Rob Campbell) and in Ashtabula, OH 29 Mar (Jonathan Ol- iveras). Documented Ohio Brewer's Black- birds were reported from Stark 7 Apr (Ben Morrison), in Lake 18 May (John Pogacnik), and in Hancock 20 Mar (Jeff Loughnman, Shane Meyers). The Bullock's Oriole that wintered at Gilbertsville, Montgomery, PA for the fifth straight year continued through 12 Apr (Mary Ache). Common Redpolls lingered into Apr across the Region, with the last singles noted 11 Apr in Cuyahoga (Tom Denbow) and Ashtabula (Chris Swan). The only Evening Grosbeak in the Region was last reported at Mohican S.P., Ashland, OH 28 Mar (ph. Alex Eberts, Leslie Sours). Observers: PENNSYLVANIA: Mary Ache, George L. Armistead, Ed Bernot, Mary Bird- song, Bruce Carl, Dick Cleary, Mike Dale, Stephen Dowlan, Jay Drasher, Mike Epler, Devich Farbotnik, Todd Fellenbaum, Pa- mela Fisher, Michael Gardner, Vern Gauth- ier, Eric Hartshaw, Ray Hendrick, David Hughes, Tom Johnson, Carl Juris, Nancy Juris, Arlene Koch, Michael Lanzone, Larry Lewis, Meredith Lombard, Geoff Malosh, Annette Mathes, Andy McGann, Jerry Mc- Williams, Randy Miller, August Mirabella, Judy Mirabella, Bill Murphy, Pam Newitt, Ted Nichols II, Jeff Payne, Donna Peters, David Poortinga, Mike Schall, Terry Shaffer, Stan Stahl, Shannon Thompson, Mark Vass, Joe Verica, Rick Wiltraut, Carole Winslow, Eric Witmer. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Victor W. Fazio, III, 18722 Newell Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 ( Tom Johnson, 24 Meadowood Drive, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania 17036 ( longpre). The annual passage of Kirtland's Warbler proved a bit more westerly this sea- son, with individuals just n. of Columbus at Highbanks Metro Park, Delaware 17 May (Darlene Sillick, Jen Moore, ph. Carl Win- stead, m.ob.) and within the Oak Openings, Lucas, OH 13 May (ph. Alex Eberts, Christo- pher Collins, m.ob.). A Clay-colored Sparrow had returned to potential breeding grounds within the Canaan Valley N.W.R., Tucker, WV 15 Apr (Dale Plumley). Locally noteworthy were singles at Myeerah Nature Preserve, Logan, OH 8 May (ph. Troy Shively), at the Hus- ton Brumbaugh Nature Centerm, Stark, OH 19-23 May (Adam Zorn, ph. Leslie Sours), and at Beachwood City Park, Cuyahoga, OH 28 May (Gautam Apte). In Pennsylvania, at least 6 Clay-colored Sparrows returned to breeding sites in Clarion starting 16 May (Carole Winslow), and migrants were found in Erie, Lancaster, and Lycoming. Are Lark Sparrows establishing themselves along the Great Miami River in sw. Ohio? No fewer than 12 birds were located at seven locations along this corridor from the Ohio River to Fairborn, Greene 28 Apr–31 May (ph. Jeremy Dominguez, ph. Carl Win- stead, ph. Daniel DeLapp, Michael Shade, Brian Wulker et al., ph. Andy Bess, Linda Osterhage, m.ob.). Quarries or disturbed industrial sites/parking lots are preferred habitats. A single bird returned to the Black River Reservation, Lorain, OH breeding site 28-30 May (ph. Ed Wransky, Patricia McK- elvey). The only migrant detected away from breeding locales was a bird on South Bass Island, Ottawa, OH 5 May (ph. Andy Jones). After seven years visiting the same feeder in Hancock, OH, we said goodbye to the Golden-crowned Sparrow 24 Apr (fide Robert Sams). The Harris's Sparrow and Gambel's White-crowned Sparrow that wintered in Northampton, PA continued through 5 May and 13 Mar, respectively (Arlene Koch). An apparent White-throat- ed Sparrow x Dark-eyed Junco hybrid was photographed along the Magee Marsh W.A. Boardwalk, Lucas, OH 17 May (Roger Le- master, Richard Domokos, m.ob.). A Lin- coln's Sparrow studied closely at East Fork S.P., Clermont, OH 18 Mar (J. W. Rettig) had likely wintered. A striking male Western Tanager made a brief stop at Wendy Park, Cuyahoga, OH 18 Apr (ph. Jen Brumfield). In Pennsylva- nia, Summer Tanagers seem to be increas- ing as migrants/overshoots in spring. This year, 2 males appeared in Berks, with one at Birdsboro 8 May (Harold Lebo) and one at necessary. Two apparent African Collared- Doves ("Ringed Turtle-Doves") were pres- ent in May near Metzger Marsh W.A., Lu- cas, OH. Of hundreds of birders reporting these well-photographed birds, almost a third walked away listing them as Eurasian Collared-Dove. A White-winged Dove was photographed at a private feeder in Arca- dia, Hancock, OH 23 May (ph. Robert Hills, Robert Sams), while video posted on Face- book documented a bird at the Three Rivers Avian Center, Summers, WV 1 May (R. & Wendy Perrone). Snowy Owls lingered in Pennsylvania until 11 Mar (David Hughes) and 26 Mar (Terry Shaffer) in Berks, and at Union City, Erie until 3 Mar (Donna Peters). The only extralimital Chuck-will's-widows appeared at Maumee Bay S.P., Lucas, OH 9 May (Mary Anne Romito et al.) and at Fort Indiantown Gap, Lebanon, PA 29 Apr (Tom Johnson), for that individual's sixth year. SHRIKES THROUGH FINCHES Two Loggerhead Shrikes were on the breed- ing grounds in Greenbrier, WV 30 Mar (eBird). The only other report anywhere in the Region was of a single bird on the shore of Lake Erie in Lake, OH 28 May (ph. Tom Frankel, Andy Avram, m.ob.). A Northern Shrike in Noble 13-19 Mar (ph. Jon Cefus, Kent Miller) was a rare find for se. Ohio. The late winter induced a bird to remain at Kill- deer Plains W.A., Wyandot, OH 1 Apr (ph. Irina Shulgina). Bell's Vireo was reported from 10 locations in seven Ohio counties, as great a distribution as ever seen in the state in a single season. Fish Crows consolidated their gains within the suburbs of Pittsburg and Cleveland. The species continues to ex- plore the Lake Erie shoreline in Cuyahoga and Lake, while 2 ventured to Indiana, In- diana, PA 2 May (Margaret Higbee). Com- mon Ravens descended the Ohio River in West Virginia to Pleasants 26 Mar (Carlton Schooley) and Jackson 21 Mar (2; ph. Stefan Gleissberg). The European Robin from last season continued through 7 Mar in Lower Make- field Twp., Bucks, PA (Pam Newitt); the provenance of this individual is unknown. Wholly unexpected in the absence of any Regional movement during the winter, 5 Bohemian Waxwings graced Lake Erie Bluffs Metropark, Lake, OH 22-24 Mar (ph. Andy Avram, ph. Donna Owen, m.ob.). Five Smith's Longspurs were documented from the Indiana frontier in Mercer, OH 22 Apr (ph. Jeremy Dominguez, Sarah Lucas). A late Snow Bunting remained at Conneaut Harbor, Ashtabula, OH 2 Apr (Branwin De-

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