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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 386 E A S T E R N H I G H L A N D S & U P P E R O H I O R I V E R VA L L E Y Hancock, OH 16 May (ph. Robert Sams, Shane Meyers). Black Scoters remained within the Allegheny foothills through 23 Apr in Stark, OH (Kent Miller, Adam Zorn) and 30 Apr on Seneca Lake, Noble (Kent Miller, Jon Cefus, Ben Morrison). Another late Black Scoter was found on 27 Apr at Bald Eagle S.P., Centre, PA (Joe Verica). It was another strong season for Long-tailed Ducks, with more farther s. and w. than is usual. Late observations away from the e. flyway included singles at Big Island W.A., Marion, OH 18 Apr (ph. Benjamin Miller) and in Hancock, OH 2-18 Apr (ph. Shane Meyers et al.). A Common Goldeneye x Hooded Merganser hybrid was document- ed from Alum Creek S.P., Delaware, OH 11 Mar (ph. Ben Warner, Anna Wittmer). A rare Barrow's Goldeneye continued from the winter season through 9 Mar along the Delaware River in Northampton, PA (Todd Fellenbaum). With the spread of Common Mergansers into lower portions of the Al- leghenies, May reports along the w. border are of interest. Singles were located at Pleas- ant Hill Lake, Richland, OH 9 May (Gary Cowell) and on Lake Logan, Hocking, OH 3 May (eBird). Ruddy Ducks were remark- ably numerous across Ohio late into the season. Unusual double-digit counts from the s. Ohio River valley include flocks of 14-15 in Noble 5 May (Kent Miuller et al.) and at East Fork S.P., Clermont, OH 3 May (Neil Gilbert, Kathi Hutton et al.). Red-throated Loons are typically encoun- tered as singles in spring within Ohio, so 5 at Hoover Reservoir, Franklin 24 Mar (Alex Champagne, m.ob.) was unusual. Ten more Ohio birds were met as singles lingering through 1 May in Allen (Victor Fazio) and 9 May in Holmes (Gary Cowell). A Pacific brite), and 2 were in the highlands of Pres- ton, WV 2 May (David Daniels). A Eurasian Teal was in Lebanon, PA 1-2 Apr (Stan Stahl). Canvasbacks were especially slow to move northward, with records on the Ohio River in Huntington, Cabell, WV 10 May (Jean- Marie Gauthier), in cen. Ohio at Delaware W.A., Delaware 26 May (Sara Lawrence), and in e. Pennsylvania on the Susquehanna River in Dauphin 29-31 May (Bruce Deuel, Ian Gardner). Late Greater Scaup are sometimes mis- identified in Ohio, so 2 in Logan 12 May (Troy Shively) and 7 on Seneca Lake, Noble 5 May (Kent Miller, Jon Cefus, Ben Morri- son) were noteworthy. A well-photographed Redhead x Ring-necked Duck hybrid was at Duck Hollow, Allegheny, PA 25-31 Mar (Da- vid Poortinga). The Harlequin Duck along the Eastlake Seawall, Lake, OH, present since the beginning of the year, remained through 1 Apr (ph. Cory Chiappone). An- other Harlequin was inland on the Alleghe- ny River at Warren, Warren, PA 14 Mar (Ste- phen Dowlan). Formerly exceptional, Surf Scoters are now consistently found into May within Ohio, even well away from Lake Erie. Southerly birds included 2 in Licking 3 May (Mike Smith, Margaret Bowman, Dave Smith et al.), one on Seneca Lake, Noble 5 May (Kent Miller et al.), and one on Indian Lake, Logan 1-4 May (ph. Troy Shively). Up to 2 were on Lake Erie off Port Clinton, Ot- tawa, OH 16-19 May (ph. Andy Jones, ph. Ryan Lesniewicz, Tom Glover, m.ob.). The other scoters remain less frequent, with late White-winged Scoters at Yellow Creek S.P., Indiana, PA 2-7 May (2; Margaret Higbee, David Janetski, m.ob.), one on Indian Lake, Logan, OH 3-10 May (ph. Troy Shively, Der- ek Hudgins), and one on Findlay Reservoir, 14 Apr (Alex Lamoreaux, Chad Kaufman, Annette Mathes, Susan Strassner), and 1-2 in Montgomery, PA 18-25 Mar (ph. August Mirabella, ph. Michael Lyman, m.ob.) serve as a reminder to observers to take care in the identification of small white geese. Two Cackling Geese lingered in s. Ohio 31 Mar (ph. Junior Barnes), while 2 in a flock of Canada Geese at Schekelhoff Park, Seneca 2 May (VF) represent a late spring date for Ohio. This was surpassed by one in Lan- caster, PA 5 May (M. Lombard, Jeff Musser). Two apparent Snow Goose x Canada Goose hybrids were in Butler, OH 22 Apr (John Habig). Gadwalls continue to remain in ever- greater numbers late into the season within Allegheny highlands, as evidenced by 18 in Grant, WV 3 May (Frederick Atwood) and 43 in Crawford, PA 8 May, with 10 there 18 May (Mark Vass). Otherwise the species was almost exclusively reported in single digits throughout the Region in May. Coincident with the rise in Gadwall numbers, hybrids with Mallard are reported more frequently. Singles were noted at Metzger Marsh W.A., Lucas, OH 8-11 May (Audrey Whitlock, Lee Adams, Ethan Kistler, Kent Miller), at Cleve- land, Cuyahoga, OH 21 Mar (Andy Jones), and on Lake Ontelaunee, Berks, PA 23 Mar and 26 Apr (Rudolph Keller). Eurasian Wi- geon was found at 15 locations for the sea- son in Ohio and nw. Pennsylvania, or three times what was the norm a decade ago. All were noted as singles, and most departed the first week of Apr. There was a large gap be- tween these interior records and several scat- tered across e. Pennsylvania, with records in Berks, Chester, Lancaster (4 birds total). Two birds were at Riverfront Park, Lancaster 22 Mar (Meredith Lombard). Several remained until mid-Apr, with one in Mahoning, OH the latest, 14-24 Apr (Jeff Harvey). Hybrids with American Wigeon are now reported al - most annually within the Region; one was documented from Logan, OH 3-15 Apr (ph. Troy Shively). American Black Duck con- tinues it retreat from the w. portion of the Region. Documented May records were re- stricted to the shoreline of Lake Erie. Only within the Allegheny highlands are sightings as far s. as West Virginia made; one remained in Tucker 3 May (David Ledwith). Northern Shovelers were late departing the Upper Ohio River Valley, with 2 in Mason, WV 15 May (Carlton Schooley), 2 in Wetzel, WV 2 May (Wilma Jarrell), and 2 in Allegheny, PA 23 May (ph. Shannon Thompson). Green- winged Teal in the Valley also lingered in Mason 16 May (Mike Griffith, Wendell Arga- SA That the w. third of Ohio is part of the spring migration route of American White Pelican in the Great Lakes is now well established, largely within the past 15 years. The species continues to increase at this time of year. A flock of 23 on the Ohio River was noted on the early date of 23 Mar (ph. Susan Crew), the day after 3 appeared at Buck Creek S.P., Clark (Doug Overacker). A lone bird made it upriver to the Newport, Wash- ington , OH/St. Mary's, Pleasants, WV area, being sighted on both banks 26 Mar (Carlton Schooley). A dozen were in Marion , OH 11 Apr (Ron Sempier). Pelicans were reported from another nine other Ohio counties, including flocks of 33 in Auglaize 18 Apr (ph. Alex Eberts, Leslie Sours, James Muller), perhaps holdovers from the 32 the day before in adjacent Logan (Troy Shively). The Western Basin has long been a favored haunt, with hundreds of sightings through May. Just how many birds are involved is a matter for speculation, but not fewer than the 36 at Winous Point Marsh, Sandusky 13 May (Drew Weber, Diane Boswell). Pennsylvania chipped in 3 additional American White Pelicans, with individuals at Presque Isle S.P., Erie 9 May (George L. Armistead) and 2 at Conejo- hela Flats, Lancaster 11-13 Apr (Bruce Carl).

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