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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 383 This Little Egret, furnishing an overdue first record for Ontario, attracted hundreds of birders to the Ottawa area 1 (here 8) June through 13 July 2015. Photograph by Brian L. Morin. Jun (Stephen R. Charbonneau). Black Vultures continued to be observed along the Niagara River (m.ob.). An imm. Mississippi Kite was at Point Pelee N.P. 5 Jun (Sarah E. Rupert). Notable for s. James Bay was a calling Vir - ginia Rail at Little Piskwamish Point, Cochrane 23 Jul; and two pairs of American Coots nest - ed there 23 Jul–12 Aug (R. Douglas McRae et al.), the first breeding records for s. James Bay! A juv. American Golden-Plover at Little Piskwamish Point 27 Jul (R. Douglas McRae) was exceptionally early for this age class. Pip - ing Plovers continue a strong comeback on the Great Lakes, with nesting success once again at the traditional sites of Sauble Beach, Bruce and Wasaga Beach, Simcoe. Farther n., a nest - ing pair at Carter Bay, Manitoulin constructed a new nest 11 Jul after the first was destroyed. Four eggs later hatched, but only 2 chicks sur - vived to fledge (fide Christopher T. Bell). The pair at Toronto Islands, Toronto first seen 24 May (Gavin C. Platt, m.ob.) constructed a nest and remained until 23 Jun, when the nest was flooded after a heavy storm. The pair subse - quently abandoned the site; this was the first nesting record for the G.T.A. since 1934. The only other report was a lone male observed at Long Point Tip 11 Jun (Mark A. Conboy). An ad. American Avocet was an early fall mi - grant at Ottawa 21-28 Jun (Tony F. M. Beck, Nina Stavlund, m.ob.), the first local record in over 10 years. The only other report was one at Pardoville, Chatham-Kent 11 Jul (Stephen R. Charbonneau), which was also rather early. A Marbled Godwit at Oshawa Second Marsh, Durham 2 Jun (m.ob.) was both rare and late for the location. For a severely declining spe - cies, the 30 Red Knots at Long Point Tip 7 Jun were notable (Mark A. Conboy, Stuart A. was the Northern Pintail pair at the same loca - tion and date (Jeremy M. Bensette, Emma R. Buck, Christopher R. Gaffan). The male Eur - asian Wigeon at Moonbeam, Cochrane since 2 May (Roxane D. Filion) was last reported 11 Jun. Late for spring migration were 2 Harlequin Ducks at Lynde Creek, Durham 9-11 Jun (Dave Worthington, m.ob.). Two Buffleheads at Hill - man Marsh 16 Jun (Jeremy M. Bensette, Emma R. Buck) made an odd summer record for Point Pelee. An ad. Neotropic Cormorant was at To - ronto (Sunnyside Beach) 25 Jun–4 Jul (Patrick Stepien-Scanlon, m.ob.), for the second G.T.A. record this year. Significant for James Bay, a pair of Pied-billed Grebes once again nested at Big Piskwamish Point, Cochrane 18 Jul–9 Aug (R. Douglas McRae et al.). American White Pelicans in the s. included one at Niagara Falls, Niagara 8 Jun (Janet E. Snaith), one at Cootes Paradise, Hamilton and vicinity 11 Jun–13 Jul (Robert Z. Dobos, Jackson Hudecki, m.ob.), 2 at Windermere Basin, Hamilton 23 Jul (Kevin A. McLaughlin), and one at Belleville, Hastings 22 Jun and 6 Jul (Gilles Bisson, m.ob.). Up to 18 were at Pelee Island, Essex 23 Jun (Paul D. Pratt, Cheryl Baker, Janet Tuite, m.ob.). Oth - er singles were at Port Burwell, Elgin 26 Jul (Rosemary Crawford) and at Long Point Tip, Haldimand 3 Jul (Denis Lepage, Stuart A. Mack - enzie, Ron Ridout). The 14 photographed at Amherstburg, Essex 28 Jun (Nancy Baur) were possibly part of the same large group previ - ously at Pelee Island. Ontario's first Little Egret was at Carp, Ot - tawa 1-8 Jun; the bird was found and identified by Benjamin F. Di Labio 2 Jun. Subsequently, it became known that a local resident had seen the bird the day before (fide Robert Curry). It was later seen at other locations within Ot - tawa beginning 7 Jun, includ- ing Kanata, Nepean (Andrew Hayden Park) and Britannia Point; it was last seen 13 Jul (m.ob.). A Snowy Egret was at Windermere Basin 12 Jun–23 Jul (Cheryl E. Edgecombe, m.ob.). Always rare for the n., a Green Heron was near Dorion, Thunder Bay 6 Jun (Kaarlo O. Jarvela). An ad. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron at Huntley, Ottawa since 23 May (Mary Connolly) was last seen 8 Jun. A White- faced Ibis frequented Cran - berry Marsh, Durham 1-3 Jun (Brandon McWalters, m.ob.), while another was near Orleans, Ottawa 2 Jun (Gregory Zbitnew, m.ob.). An unidentified Plegadis ibis was photographed at St. Clair N.W.A., Chatham-Kent 15 Blake A. Mann –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he summer period started out with higher-than-normal precipitation but approached average by the end of the period. After a more traditional winter and the very wet spring, water levels were rather high and shorebird habitat during migration was at a premium in most areas. Vegetation was lush throughout the period. Temperatures were cooler than average in most regions, and there were few very hot days. Once again, a decline in aerial foragers such as swallows was noted by several subregional editors. Most regions had few notable sightings, with a few exceptions, including Neotropic Cor - morant, Little Egret, Yellow-crowned Night- Heron, White-faced Ibis, White-winged Dove, Tropical/Couch's Kingbird, Cassin's Kingbird, Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, and Sage Thrasher. Abbreviations: G.T.A. (Greater Toronto Area); Point Pelee (Point Pelee Birding Area, a stan - dard C.B.C. circle centered just n. of Point Pelee N.P.). Ontario is conveniently divided into "north" and "south" regions along the 47° N latitude. Place names in italics refer to a county, district, or regional municipality. WATERFOWL THROUGH ALCIDS Seasonally rare for the s. was the long-staying Brant at Ottawa, Ottawa 1-31 Jul+ (m.ob.). Two Trumpeter Swans photographed on Lake St. Clair at Walpole Island First Nation, Lamb - ton 15 Jul were rarities for the locale (Caleb G. Putnam et al.). A lone individual was found at Grand Bend S.T.P., Huron 21 Jul (Jeffrey H. Skevington). Seven Gadwalls at Hillman Marsh, Essex 1 Jun (Michael J. Austin) were record-late spring migrants for Point Pelee, as Ontario

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