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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 382 F LO R I D A Hedrick, Dale Henderson, Linda Hensley, Claire Herzog, Larry Hess, Susie Hetrick, John Hintermister, Ric Hoover, Brian Hope, Earl Horn, Pete Hosner, Paul Hueber, Colin Hughes, Mark Hughes, Melissa James, Robin Johnsen, Kelly Jones, Tim Kalbach, Dave Kandz, Les Kelly, Adam Kent, Gina Kent, Sue Killeen, Rick Kittinger, Katrina Knight, Troy Koser, Andy Kratter, Ed Kwater, Keith Laak - konen, David Laliberte, Lucille Lane, Robert Lane, Graham Langley, Janet Leavens, Felicia Lee, Charlene Leonard, Bob Lessard, Tony Leukering, Sharon Levins, Heather Levy, Mike Liberton, Jose Lopez-Padilla, Darcy Love, Ali - cia Lusk, Dave Lusk, Jack Lynch, Mary Lynch, Lorne Malo, Kathy Malone, Mike Manetz, Lar - ry Manfredi, Jane Mann, Steve Mann, Phyl- lis Mansfield, Don Margeson, John Martin, Paul Mason, Tom Mast, Bruce Matasick, Lori Mathis, Larry McIntosh, David McQuade, Tammy McQuade, Wendy Meehan, Deena Mickelson, Jeff Miller, Gary Money, Tina Mossbarger, Linda Most, John Murphy, Kris Nelson, Kristine Nelson, Steve Nesbitt, Robert Norton, Jeff O'Connell, David O'Keefe, Dennis O'Neil, Matt O'Sullivan, Nancy Ogden, Cathy Olson, Roberta Overland, Vicky Parker, War - ren Parker, Geoff Parks, Dennis Peacock, Eric Plage, Peter Plage, Troy Ploger, Peter Polshek, Donald Pridgen, Paul Pruitt, Bruce Purdy, Gallus Quigley, Chris Rasmussen, Doug Rich - ard, Bob Richter, Ralph Risch, Ron Robinson, Dave Roemer, Thomas Rohtsalu, Jean Rolke, Merilu Rose, Rex Rowan, Anne Ruben, Fran Rutkovsky, Arliss Ryan, Allison Salas, Santiago Salazar, Carlos Sanchez, Lia Sansom, Danny Sauvageau, David Schaffter, Rick Schofield, Emily Schwartz, Debbie Segal, Karen Seward, Barbara Shea, Danny Shehee, Bob Showler, Bob Sicolo, Scott Simmons, Mike Simmons, David Simpson, Ron Sinclair, Amanda Smith, Marvin Smith, Ron Smith, Daniel Stangeland, Dave Stock, Leann Streeper, Barbara Surman, Malcolm Swan, John Swenfurth, Wes Tallyn, Bryan Tarbox, Sue Tavaglione, Ed Tess, Betsy Tetlow, Christine Thibodeau, Joe Thomasson, Ezra Thompson, Larry Tilley, Dana Timmons, Tom Tompkins, David Tonnessen, David True, Michael Vasi, Dennis Volmar, Carly Wain - wright, Barbara Walker, Gerald Walker, Don & Carol Ware, Charles Weatherhead, Chuck Weber, Doug Weidemann, Jim Wells, Debbie White, John Whitehead, Audrey Whitlock, Sharon Wilcox, Mike Williams, Stu Wilson, Keenan Yakota, Cecile & Morris Yarrow, Cu - neyt Yilmaz, Susan Young, Teri Zambon, Joe Zarolinski, Adam Zions. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Michael Brothers, Marine Science Center, 100 Lighthouse Drive, Ponce Inlet, Florida 32127 ( and female) were present all season at Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. 9 May–12 Jul (PaH, B. Sicolo, m.ob.), perhaps breeding; a single bird turned up at Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P. 1 Jul (L. Davis). Isolated breeding of the ex - otic Scaly-breasted Munia (the Eng- lish name recently changed from Nutmeg Mannikin) included 6 at International Paper Wetlands 12 Jul (J. Callaway, B. Callaway) and 29 at Pace, Santa Rosa 31 Jul (DSt). An - other exotic apparently expanding its foothold is Pin-tailed Whydah, with a pair at e. Pensacola, Escambia 6-7 Jul (B. Gilley, L. Tilley, L. Good - man) and one in w. Pensacola 7 Jul (G. Money). Pin-tailed Whydahs are obligate brood parasites that parasitize certain species of estrildid finches, including Tricolored Mu - nias. The increase of Scaly-breasted Munias breeding in the w. Panhandle may provide opportunities for the Pin-tailed Whydah to begin breeding here. Contributors (Members of the Florida Orni- thological Society Field Observations Com- mittee in boldface): Howard Adams, Brian Ahern, Bruce Anderson, Trina Anderson, Nikki Armstrong, Steve Aversa, Fay Baird, Peggy Baker, Mike Baranski, Pam Beasley, Brad Bergstrom, Ron Bishop, Lane Booker, Peter Bottjer, Jeff Bouton, John Boyd III, Jim Brady, Michael Brothers, Cecil Brown, Matt Bruce, Ezequiel Bugallo, Mark Burns, Cory Callaghan, Jerry & Brenda Callaway, Vince Capp, Bob Carroll, Aurora Cassidy, Debo - rah Cassidy, Lydia Cassidy, Rodney Cassidy, Shiloh Cassidy, Chris Cattau, Jim Cavanagh, Philip Chaon, Kevin Christman, Carolyn Cimino, Peter Clark, JoAnna Clayton, Mark Cook, Cindy & Steve Coster, Cameron Cox, Kevin Dailey, Susan Daughtery, Lloyd Da - vis, Bridgette DeArman, Gail Deterra, Rangel Diaz, Robin Diaz, John J. Dinsmore, Jenni - fer Donsky, Bonnie Douglass, Diana Doyle, Jacob Drucker, Bob & Lucy Duncan, Kathy Duncan, Scot Duncan, Jim Eager, Del Ehlers, Carl Edwards, Charlie Ewell, Benjamin Ew - ing, Sam Ewing, Roxanne Featherly, Charles Fisher, Jr., Judy Fisher, Catherine Ford, David Foster, Bruce Furlow, David Gagne, Murray Gardler, Dave Gawlik, John & Ivy Gibbons, Jerry Gibson, Bernice Gilley, Colin Gjervold, Nate Goddard, Marcello Gomes, Larry Good - man, Steven Goodman, Ted Goodman, Carl Goodrich, Pamela Graber, Tina Greenberg, Wendy Greene, Francois Grenon, Debbie Grimes, Bill Haddad, Karen Hamblett, Erik Haney, Al & Bev Hansen, Mitchell Harris, Randy Harrod, David Hartgrove, Vaughan s., 15 Rusty Blackbirds visited New Smyrna Beach, Volusia 6 Mar (MBr), while another 26 were in Gainesville 13 Mar (K. Malone, RxR et al.). A female Brewer's Blackbird stayed at Bayport, Hernando through 10 Mar (J. Mann). Single Shiny Cowbirds appeared at Dog Is - land, Franklin 1 May (JMu), at Honeymoon Island S.P. 3 May (TKa), and at Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. 30-31 May (B. Sicolo, PaH et al.). A lone Bronzed Cowbird was n. of its usual haunts at e. Clearwater 8-13 Mar (R. & D. Lane, m.ob.). Always rare in Florida, a Bull - ock's Oriole remained in Gainesville through 1 Mar (AKe. S. Goodman et al.). The major winter influx of Pine Siskins continued, with at least 6 well s. at Clearwater Lake Resto - ration Area, Lake Mar 15 (GaQ et al.), and large counts elsewhere: 240 at Cantonment, Escambia 15 Mar (B. & J. Callaway) and up to 101 at Alachua through 4 May (R. Rob - inson et al.). Rare in the state at any time, a Dark-eyed Junco was very late along Man - dalay Rd., Taylor 5 Jul (R. Kittinger). At the very s. edge of breeing range, a singing male Painted Bunting was at County Line Ditch Rd., Volusia 12 Jun (MBr), while 3 (2 ads. with fledgling) proved continued nesting at their disjunct breeding location at Apalachic - ola 23 Jun (JMu). Two Shiny Cowbirds (male The subspecies of Cory's Shearwater that breeds in the Mediterranean, called Scopoli's Shearwater, was nicely documented on a pelagic trip out of Ponce de Leon Inlet, Florida 7 June 2015. Photograph by Michael Brothers. Lingering from the winter into spring at Daytona Beach and environs, this Thayer's Gull was photographed 4 March 2015. Photograph by Michael Brothers.

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