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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 381 F LO R I D A able 697 Black Terns were at Little St. George Island, Franklin 30 Jul (E. Thompson). Eight Roseate Terns were found in the Dry Tortugas off Hospital Key 1 May (CFi, K. Knight). Very rare away from the s. tip of the state, an ad. Roseate Tern appeared at Disappearing Island, Ponce de Leon Inlet 15 Jun (MBr). Lone Arctic Terns appeared at Bald Point S.P., Franklin 28 Apr (JMu) and Ponce de Leon Inlet 15 May (MBr). Eleven Pomarine Jaegers lingered into summer at various locations in the Gulf, in - cluding up to 5 offshore of Sanibel Island 20 Jun (DMc, TMc, JeB, DPe). A single Parasitic Jaeger was found 48 km off Clearwater 24 Jun (N. Goddard). DOVES THROUGH WHYDAHS Inca Doves are expanding into the Florida Panhandle, where one was at Big Lagoon S.P., Escambia 1 May (J. Thomasson), and 5 were at Jay, Santa Rosa, where a pair was seen copulat - ing 26 May (D. & C. Ware). One of the great rarities in Florida, a Key West Quail-Dove was seen infrequently at Long Key S.P., Mon - roe 1-16 Mar (m.ob., continuing from previ- ous season). A Mangrove Cuckoo was far n. at Emerson Point, Manatee 25 Apr (EKw). A Smooth-billed Ani continued at Snake Road near Seminole Reservation, Broward 27 Apr (G. Langley), and one appeared on Sugar - loaf Key, Monroe 10 May (C. Goodrich). Two Smooth-billed Anis stayed at Loxahatchee N.W.R., Palm Beach 9 Jun+ (M. Baranski, m.ob.). A lone Groove-billed Ani that was first seen 28 Dec 2014 (R. Harrod) remained at Fort De Soto Park through 23 Apr, tying the latest Pinellas spring date (M. Hughes, fide RSm). A single Antillean Nighthawk was found in the Dry Tortugas at Garden Key 21 May (DDo). Buff-bellied Hummingbirds have become a regularly occurring winter visitor, with singles recorded at Pensacola 7 Mar (V. Hedrick) and Pace, Santa Rosa 8-9 Mar (B. DeArman). Spring was productive for records of fly- catchers. A Brown-crested Flycatcher contin- ued along C-111E Canal, Miami-Dade 1-4 Mar (M. Vasi, CSa). Single La Sagra's Flycatchers were at Lantana Nature Preserve, Palm Beach 11-19 Mar (BrH, S. Young) and Green Cay Wetlands, Palm Beach 9 Mar (MaG). Two Trop - ical Kingbirds continued along L-31W Canal, Miami-Dade 1-8 Mar (R. Diaz). The female Tropical Kingbird returned for the third year to Sarasota and mated with a Gray Kingbird and successfully raised young 20 Apr–31 Jul (C. Herzog et al.). A Tropical/Couch's Kingbird graced the Road to Nowhere, Dixie 19 Jul (D. Richard). A lone Cassin's Kingbird was found at St. George Island S.P. 27 Apr (R. Cassidy, S. Cassidy, A. Cassidy). range at East Lake Toho, Osceola, with 8 and possibly 12 seen there 27 Apr (AKe). A Missis - sippi Kite was early at Tallahassee, Leon 1 Apr (R. Cassidy), while a pair copulating at Crys - tal River, Citrus 22 May (S. Levins) provided the first known county record and continued throughout the period. A pair nesting at Port Orange throughout summer provided the first confirmed breeding report for Volusia (Steve Petruniak, MBr et al.). Short-tailed Hawks continue expanding their range, including to the ne. corner of the state, where one was at Westside Industrial Park, Duval 15 Mar (BoR), a first verifiable county record. RAILS THROUGH JAEGERS A Black Rail was detected in Everglades N.P., Miami-Dade 1-29 Mar (RaD). A single Whoop - ing Crane graced Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P. 14 Mar–2 May (P. Chaon, P. Hosner et al.) and apparently continued for an unusual summer record 26 Jun–21 Jul (P. Polshek, J. Donsky et al.); 2 were found at Leesburg 9 May (L. Streeper). A rare Hudsonian Godwit made an appearance at St. Marks N.W.R. 1-2 May (J. O'Connell et al.). One of the major highlights of the spring season was a Curlew Sandpiper in breeding plumage at Merritt Island N.W.R., Brevard 6-9 May (MiH, m.ob.). A Ruff visited Merritt Island N.W.R. 5 Jun (J. Eager); another was along the Tolomato River, St. Johns 11 Jul (DDo). Very rare inland, a Red-necked Phala - rope appeared at Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P. 1-2 Jun (S. Ewing, RxR et al.). A late Bonaparte's Gull was recorded at Spoonbill Pond 17 May (KeD). A first-cycle Thayer's Gull and at least two different first- cycle Iceland Gulls were present at Daytona Beach Shores and the Tomoka Landfill, Volu - sia 3-30 Mar (MBr, EKw et al.). Lesser Black- backed Gulls continue their expansion on Florida's Gulf Coast and Panhandle, with 10 at Walnut Hill catfish farms 4 Mar (B&LDu) setting a record number for the area. Any white-winged gull is rare in the Panhandle, so a single Glaucous Gull at Fort Pickens 28 Mar (B. & J. Callaway, P. Baker, P. Beasley) was noteworthy. Brown Noddies were seen at two locations, including 2 about 80 km off Sanibel Island 20 Jun (DMc, TMc, JeB, DPe) and one 14 km n. of Key West 28 Jun (DDo). Dry Tortugas N.P. once again provided the only reports of Black Noddy: one at Garden Key, Monroe 2 May (CFi, K. Knight) and up to 2 on Bush Key, Monroe 18 Apr–10 May (LaM, DaS). A Sooty Tern was found at old St. George Island causeway, Franklin 17 May (JMu). Bridled Terns were seen from shore and at sea; 4 were 1.6 km s. of Destin Pass 26 Jun (EPl), and 26 others were reported at various locations on both coasts. A remark - In late Mar, there was a significant fallout of White-eyed Vireos on the cen. Gulf Coast, with 100 at Fort De Soto Park 27-28 Mar (JAC, EPl, P. Plage), 100 at Fred Howard Park 28 Mar (T. Mast), and as many as 69 at Hon - eymoon Island S.P. 28-29 Mar (EKw, J. Wells et al.). Providing only the seventh area record, a Yellow-green Vireo appeared at Gulf Breeze 26-27 May (B&LDu). A Black-whiskered Vir - eo was at the n. edge of its range at Fort De Soto Park 20-22 Apr (C. Rasmussen, m.ob.), and another was discovered at Fort De Soto Park 24 Apr (JAC). Unexpected on the Pan - handle coast, a Horned Lark was found at Crooked Island, Bay 5 Jun (K. Christman). No one anticipated a Golden-crowned Kinglet to appear at a St. Petersburg bird bath 2 May (N. Ogden). Up to 4 American Robins, includ - ing 2 singing males, were found at Gainesville throughout May (G. Parks, MiM), with 2 more at Gulf Breeze 31 May and 16 Jun (D. Tim - mons), while up to 3 stayed at Nelmar Ave., St. Johns 5-25 Jun (AKe, GKe et al.). A Bahama Mockingbird graced the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden 24- 27 Apr (F. Grenon). A rare treat was an ad. male Kirtland's Warbler in song at Lantana Nature Preserve 7 May (C. Edwards). Two Audubon's Warblers appeared this season, including one male molting into breeding plumage at Para - dise Park, The Villages 29 Mar (GaQ) and one at Garden Key 2 May (CFi, K. Knight). A Townsend's Warbler was found on Garden Key 26-29 Apr (D. Weidemann, m.ob.). A female Black-faced Grassquit continued at Bahia Honda S.P., Monroe 1-4 Mar (D. Voll - mar). A Dark-eyed Junco appeared very late at Gulf Breeze 24 Apr (B&LDu). Western Tanagers graced High Springs, Alachua 18 Feb–20 Apr (M. Lynch, J. Lynch et al.) and Zoo Miami, Miami-Dade 18 Mar (E. Bugallo). A Lazuli Bunting visited a private residence in Sarasota 10-22 Mar (m.ob.). A single Yellow- headed Blackbird appeared in n. Okaloosa 1 May (P. Baker, C. Tebay). Seldom seen so far A highlight of the spring 2015 season in Florida was this Curlew Sandpiper at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Brevard County 6-9 (here 7) May, found by Mitchell Harris. Photograph by Reinhard Geisler.

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