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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 380 F LO R I D A Area); FLMNH (Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville); F.O.S.R.C. (Florida Orni - thological Society Records Committee); Lake Apopka (Lake Apopka Restoration Area, Or - ange unless otherwise stated); N.E.R.R. (Na- tional Estuarine Research Reserve); Panhandle (that part of Florida from the Apalachicola Riv - er through Escambia); Paynes Prairie (Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P., Alachua); record (only those reports verifiable from photograph, vid - eotape, or specimen evidence); report (any observation); S.T.A. (Stormwater Treatment Area); S.T.F. (Spray Treatment Fields); Viera Wetlands (Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands, Viera, Brevard). WATERFOWL THROUGH HAWKS Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks expanded northward, with 4 at Jefferson County Recy - cling Center, Jefferson 18 Apr (MSm) and 35 in five locations in w. Panhandle 5-31 May (m.ob.), while 106 at Lem Turner Spray Fields 22 May (D. Foster) provided a record-high count for Duval and, farther s., a pair with 8 young at Sawgrass Lake Park, Pinellas 23 Jul (JAC, STa) provided the first county breed - ing record. Three goose species were recorded this spring: a Greater White-fronted Goose at Hague, Alachua through 2 Mar (R. Norton et al.), 4 Snow Geese at Liberty West Park, Duval 1-10 Mar (BoR) and 2 at Walnut Hill catfish farms, Escambia 4 Mar (B&LDu), and a Ross's Goose at Walnut Hill catfish farms 4 Mar (B&LDu). Another Greater White-front - ed Goose was very late and very far s. at the Key West G.C., Monroe 18 Jun (DDo). In Aug 2014, the A.B.A. Checklist Committee added Egyptian Goose as an established exotic in se. Florida (Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade). More observers are now docu - menting additional areas in Florida with small- er populations of Egyptian Geese, including 2 reported at Bystre Lake, Hernando 25 Jun+ (S. Mann, J. Mann et al.). A lone Common Eider appeared at Amelia Island S.P., Nassau 3-9 Mar (KeD). Pa - cific Loons are always rare in Florida, so three sightings in the Panhandle were impressive, with birds at Fort Pickens 9 (B. Duncan) & 18 Mar (M. Rose et al.) and one at Gulf Breeze 17 Apr (B&LDu). An amazing 300 Horned Grebes were found at Saint George Sound 1 Mar (R. Cassidy, L. Cassidy). Up to 8 American Flamingos turned up at S.T.A.-2, Palm Beach 7 Mar–25 Apr (JHB, RSc, CWe, m.ob.); singles elsewhere were noted on Hwy. 27 about 16 km s. of S.T.A.-2, Palm Beach 25 Apr (W. Parker), and fly - ing over Biscayne N.P., Miami-Dade 6 May (C. Thibodeau). Two American Flamin - gos were found at Deering Estate, Miami-Dade 1 Jul (RaD), and 8 were seen in flight ne. of S.T.A.-1E, Palm Beach 4 Jul (C. Ford). The regular pelagic trips out of Ponce de Leon Inlet, a few additional trips out of se. Florida, trips to Dry Tortugas, and private boats heading out on both coasts have all in - creased the offshore coverage around the state of pelagic species. A high count of 82 Audu - bon's Shearwaters was recorded between Key West and the Dry Tortugas N.P., Monroe 21 Apr (DaS). Four Black-capped Petrels were found about 96 km off Ponce de Leon Inlet, Volusia 7 Jun (MBr et al.). An impressive 57 Cory's Shearwaters were also found on this same trip, including at least 2 Scopoli's Shearwaters, the subspecies of Cory's Shearwater that breeds in the Mediterranean. Other species seen on the trip included 2 Great Shearwaters and 7 Wil - son's, 3 Leach's, and 9 Band-rumped Storm- Petrels. One Wilson's, 2 Leach's, and 2 Band- rumped Storm-Petrels were also seen about 80 km off Sanibel Island, Lee 18 Jul (JeB, DMc, TMc, DPe, J. Padilla, S. Daughtrey). Eight Great Shearwaters were seen from shore at Pensacola Beach, Escambia 19 Apr (DSt), with singles 53 km nw. of Clearwater, Pi - nellas 24 Jun (N. Goddard) and 15 km off Clearwater Pass, Pinellas 8 Jul (N. Goddard). A Leach's Storm-Petrel was seen 64 km off John's Pass, Pinellas 20 Jun (T. Ploger). Single Band-rumped Storm-Petrels were found about 40 km off Alligator Point, Franklin 7 Jun (JMu) and 56 km sw. of Clearwater 28 Jun (N. Goddard). Single White-tailed Tropicbirds were reported e. of the Dry Tortugas N.P. 21 Apr (DaS) and off Juno, Palm Beach 12 & 24 Jun (D. Gawlik). An ad. Red-billed Tropicbird was found just a few km off Boyn - ton Inlet 16 Apr (RaD, DaS, RSc, CWe, MBr, m.ob.), and an ad. and an imm. were reported 32 km n. of Key West, Monroe 6 May (DDo). A lone Red-billed provided Pinellas with its first documented record 48 km off John's Pass 20 Jun (T. Ploger). A lone ad. Masked Booby was off Boynton Inlet 16 Apr (DaS, RSc, CWe, MBr, m.ob.), and another ad. was seen just off Biscayne N.P., Mi - ami-Dade 1 May (R. Featherly, D. Schaffter). In addition, an impressive 95 were at the breed - ing colony at Hospital Key, Monroe 22 May (DDo). A subad. Masked Booby was found off Sanibel Island 20 Jun (DMc, TMc, JeB, DPe). Three Brown Boobies frequented Destin Pass 8-29 Jun (BrP, M. Swan, W. Greene, L. Good - man, S. Duncan), and one was off Boca Grande Pass, Lee 23 & 25 May (DMc, TMc, D. Lusk, A. Lusk). A white-tailed brown morph ad. Red-footed Booby at Fort Pickens 11 May (B. Duncan) provided the second record for the w. Panhandle; more expected, an imm. Red-foot - ed appeared on Bush Key, Dry Tortugas N.P., Monroe 19 Apr (LaM). Neotropic Cormorants continue at their only known Florida nesting location and include several possible hybrids at Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Palm Beach 29 Apr and 7 Jun (m.ob.). Another was found at S.T.A.-2 on 12 Apr (DaS), and singles also turned up at Little Card Sound, Key Largo, Monroe 14 Jun (J. Eager) and Peaceful Waters Sanctuary, Palm Beach 14 Apr (L. Hess). An ad. Great Cormorant was seen in flight with 100 Double-crested Cormorants at T. M. Goodwin W.M.A., Brevard 2 Apr (DaS). A Great White Heron was n. of usual range at Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P. through 15 Mar (C. Leonard et al.), and one paired with a Great Blue was noted at Palmetto, Manatee 17 Apr (EKw). Single White-faced Ibis were found at St. Marks N.W.R., Wakulla 15 Mar (JCa) and at Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P. through 10 Apr (D. Segal, G. Parks et al.), while one was late at Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. 5 Jun (PaH). Snail Kites continue to be regular n. of usual Away from the Florida Keys, Roseate Tern is a very rare bird in Florida. This bird was found resting with a group of terns on a sandbar in Ponce de Leon Inlet, Volusia County 15 June 2015. Photograph by Michael Brothers. Typically confiding and eager for handouts during migration, this Great Shearwater allowed very close approach on a pelagic trip out of Ponce de Leon Inlet, Florida 7 June 2015. Photograph by Michael Brothers.

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