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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 376 M I D D L E AT L A N T I C residence 10 Mar (JR); one at a Harford resi- dence 27-30 Mar (fide MH); one at a Howard residence 18-21 Mar (SH); one at West Friend - ship Park, Howard 19 Mar (JW); and one in Talbot 3 Mar (VD). A Pine Siskin at Kings Grant, Virginia Beach 18 Jun (RF, MM) made an exceptional summer record for the Coastal Plain. A European Goldfinch at a Talbot resi - dence 16 Jan–12 Mar (fide LR) was presumed an escapee. A banded Evening Grosbeak was at Sandston, Henrico, VA 5-19 Mar (SA); another was at Merry Point, Lancaster, VA 5 Mar (FS). Contributors: Lee Adams, Shirley Adams, Tom Albright, Harry T. Armistead, Frederick Atwood, Curtis & Lynn Badger, Paul Baicich, Marcia Balestri, Betsy Bangert, Scott Baron, Lynda Blair, Ruth Boettcher, Tim Boucher, Ed - ward S. Brinkley, Joelle Buffa, Mike Burchett, Paula Cameron, Tim Carney, Maeve Charles - worth, Allen Chartier, Linda Chittum, J.B. Churchill, Barry Cooper, Jeff Culler (JCu), Ter - ri Cuthriell (TCu), Dave Czaplak (DCz), Todd M. Day, Clancy Deel, Vincent De Sanctis, Sally Dick, Peter Doherty, Adam D'Onofrio, Ed Eder, Frank Fogarty, Timothy Freiday, Ron Furnish, Eve Gaige (EGa), David Gersten, Geoff Giles, Douglas J. Graham, Elora Grahame, Jim Green, Gregory Gough (GGo), Dan Haas, Matt Haf - ner, Joe Hanfman, George Harris, Rosemarie Harris, Mark L. Hoffman, John Hogan (JHo), Bill Hohenstein (BHo), Al Holm, Susan Hood, Scott Housten, Joanne Howl, Bill Hubick, Dan - iel Irons, Frode Jacobsen, Cheryl Jacobson, Amy Johnson, Karen Jones, Karen Kearney, Claire Kluskens, David Larsen (DLa), Michael Linz (MLi), David Littlepage, Eddie Lukemire, Jo Lutmerding, Mikey Lutmerding, Dan - iel Mapel, Gabriel Mapel, Sean McCandless, Carol McCollough, Ernie Miller, Clyde Mor - ris (CMo), Marie Mullins, Clark Olsen, Ellison Orcutt, Beth Oristian, Mike Ostrowski, Robert Ostrowski, Thomas Ostrowski, Janet Paisley, Andrew Rapp, Sue Ricciardi, Robert F. Ring - ler, Chris Risley, Mark Rositol, Les Roslund, Jill Ruderman, Frank Schaff, Jason Schatti, Lee Schuster, Trevor Sleight, Gary Smith, Jason Strickland (JSt), Peter Strup, Sherman Suter, Brian Taber (BTa), Carl Tanous, Brenda Tekin (BTe), Jerry and Jane Thornhill, Barry Truitt, Rebecca Walawender, David Wallace, Bryan Watts (BWa), Michael Welch, Jim Wilkinson, Arlene Williams, Bill Williams, David Youker, Rob Young, Stu Young, Charles Ziegenfus. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Arun Bose, P. O. Box 8807, Richmond, Virginia 23225 ( Ellison Orcutt, 1712 W. Laburnum Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23227 ( Robert Ostrowski, 136 Grant Street, Bangor, Maine 04401 ( records committee: single birds at The College of William & Mary, Williamsburg 13 May (TS et al.) and Monticello Park, Alexandria 17 May (EE, TA). Virginia's first Smith's Longspur found in Feb at Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport, Augusta was last reported 12 Mar (CJ). During spring migration in Maryland, the number of Blue-winged Warbler x Golden- winged Warbler hybrid reports (three) out - numbered the reports of Golden-winged (one) (fide RO). Much more commonly detected in fall, single Orange-crowned Warblers at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Prince George's, MD 24 Apr (ML) and at The Elms Environmental Education Center, St. Mary's 25 Apr (ML) were notable. A tough species to find away from breeding sites, at least 9 Cerulean Warblers were found in two Maryland counties and Washington D.C. (m.ob.). Single Nelson's Sparrows were good finds at Dent Rd., Anne Arundel 28 Apr (FJ) and at Swan Creek, Anne Arundel 2-5 Jun (TC). A Lark Sparrow at a pri - vate residence in Virginia Beach 14 & 27 Mar is an uncommon spring record. The influx of Western Tanagers in Virginia that began in the winter carried over into the spring, with singles at feeders in Settler's Mill, James City 1-21 Mar (BW, AW); New Kent 5-12 Mar (LB); Chesa - peake 12 Mar (KK); Gloucester 19 Apr (GH, RH); and Stuarts Draft, Augusta 3-5 May (BTe). A singing Yellow-headed Blackbird was a surprise at Selby's Landing, Prince George's, MD 8 May (JL). Virginia's only Brewer's Black - bird of the season was at Muse Rd., Westmo- reland 8 Mar (FA). A few Common Redpolls were detected in Maryland at the beginning of the spring season, including one at a Carroll found at Halbert Hook Rd., Montgomery, MD 8 May (TB) and at Soldiers Delight N.E.A., Balti - more 28 May (DL). Two Yellow-bellied Flycatchers, one at Bat - tery Kimble Park, Washington D.C. 14 May (DG) and one at a private residence, Harford 22 May (MH), were uncommon finds in spring migration. Representing possible breeding re - cords, Virginia birders found singing Alder Flycatchers in Augusta, Grayson, Highland, and Page in Jun and Jul (m.ob.). Two reports of Scissor-tailed Flycatcher in Virginia marked the fifth consecutive year this species has been reported in the state; singles were at Back Bay, Virginia Beach 18 May (MLi) and at Smith Mountain Lake, Franklin 20 Jun (PS). Now exceedingly rare on Virginia's Coastal Plain, with just four reports in the twenty-first century thus far, a Loggerhead Shrike first found in May 2014 was back at Burwells Bay Rd., Isle of Wight 15 May–5 Jun (TCu). In Mary - land, a Northern Shrike found at Shriver Rd., Frederick 6-9 Apr (MW) was a nice surprise so late. Seldom detected in spring, single Phila - delphia Vireos were reported at Blairs Valley, Washington, MD 23 May (JG); at Hanging Rock Rd., Washington, MD 23 May (JG); and at Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C. 24 May (GGo). Rare on Maryland's Western Shore n. of Cal - vert , Brown-headed Nuthatches were at Fort Smallwood, Anne Arundel 10 May (SR et al.) and at Selby's Landing, Prince George's (ML), the latter a county first. Bicknell's Thrushes are rarely detected in Maryland, making the one at Big Water Farm, Queen Anne's 21 May (DI) notable. In Virginia, neither of two reports of Bicknell's Thrushes was accepted by the state's An increasingly frequent visitor to mid-Atlantic states, this Western Tanager came to a feeder in New Kent County, Virginia 4-6 (here 6) March 2015; Virginia had at least four other reports this spring season. Photograph by Lynda Blair.

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