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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 375 M I D D L E AT L A N T I C dum, Harford 28 Mar (MH); 2 at 7-Up, Anne Arundel 11 Apr (TMD); 2 at Fort Smallwood, Anne Arundel 11 Apr (SR et al.); one at Cen - tennial Lake, Howard 12 Apr (JH); one at Fort Washington N.P., Prince George's 12 Apr (MR); up to 3 at Hart-Miller Island, Baltimore 13 Apr–6 May (JH et al.); one at Hog Island Rd., Caroline 26 Apr (TF and EG); and one at Deep Creek Lake, Garrett 2 May (ML). In contrast, Virginia saw only two reports of Little Gulls, both singles, including one at Belmont Bay, Prince William 28 Mar (LC) and one at Dyke Marsh, Fairfax 12-16 Apr (RY). Two Thayer's Gulls, both singles, were found at two different landfills in Maryland: one at the Cecil County Landfill 19 Mar (SM) and one at the Salisbury Landfill, Wicomico 24 Mar–2 Apr (DH). An Ice - land Gull was found during a big day at Skim- mer Island, Worcester 8 May (BH et al.). Quite rare in summer, a Glaucous Gull was found at Masonville Cove, Baltimore 25 Jun (TC). TERNS THROUGH GROSBEAKS There were six reports of Gull-billed Terns in Maryland this season, all in Worcester 22 Jul+ (m.ob.). A single Roseate Tern was seen forag - ing among Common Terns at the C.B.B.T. 14 May during a heavy northeaster (ESB); there were three reports from Chinc., including 3 birds on 29 May (GS), one 3 Jun (AC), and one 25 Jun (BHo); Chinc. also hosted a rare onshore Arctic Tern 12 Jul (acc. FF et al.). Still rare in Maryland, with no known breeding areas, a Eurasian Collared-Dove was at Figgs Landing Rd., Worcester 15 Apr (MB). Three Snowy Owls lingered from the winter season: one at Ross Rd., Calvert 10 Mar (SY); one at Deal Island W.M.A., Somerset , MD 11 Mar (TO); and one at Hart-Miller Island, Baltimore 16 Mar (JH). The only Long-eared Owl reported in Virginia was in Culpeper 5 Mar (TMD). Rare on Maryland's Piedmont, single Chuck-will's-widows were record. Birders at the Fort Smallwood Hawk - watch, Anne Arundel also totaled 14 Mississippi Kites 5 May–8 Jun (SR et al.); a total of 9 others were found in six Maryland counties (m.ob.). A northbound imm. Northern Goshawk over the James River was as an unexpected spring migrant for the College Creek Hawkwatch, James City, VA 4 Apr (BTa, BW). Rough-legged Hawks were found in 13 Maryland counties (m.ob.), a remarkably high number for early spring. No observations of Black Rail were re - ported in Virginia in spring or summer 2015, further suggesting the continued decline of the species as a breeder in the state. Most often observed as singles in the state, groups of 12 Sandhill Cranes flying over Black Hill Regional Park, Montgomery, MD 17 Mar (SB) and 8 flying over Baker Park, Frederick, MD 24 Mar (DW) were notable. Weekly visits to Craney Island, Portsmouth, VA recorded a spring high count of 31 American Avocets on 4 Apr (m.ob.) and the summer high count of 119 on 23 Jul (LS et al.). Also at Craney, at least 11 pairs of Black-necked Stilts were documented breeding; 70 birds, including ads. and young, were tallied there 30 Jul (LS et al.). Maryland's first Snowy Plover, an ad. male, was found at Hart-Miller Island, Baltimore 4-8 May (JCu, JH, RFR, m.ob.). The Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries' annual survey docu - mented 34 pairs of Wilson's Plovers and 245 pairs of Piping Plovers breeding in the state (RB). Maryland's first in many years, a Wilson's Plover at Assateague Island N.S., Worcester 23 Jul (MB) was remarkable. A Red-necked Phala - rope at Violette's Lock, Montgomery, MD 26-31 (DCz) was notable for both its location and for its behavior of flycatching aquatic insects. An impressive total of 2316 migrating Whimbrels were tallied at Box Tree Marsh, Northampton, VA 24 May (BWa et al.). Representing one of the higher state counts, 405 Marbled Godwits were at Willis Wharf, Northampton 20 Mar (HTA). A Marbled Godwit photo - graphed at Burkes Garden, Tazewell, VA 23 Apr (CD) marked the third record for the Mountains and Valleys region. Some 370 Red Knots on Metompkin Island, Ac - comack 16 May (EO) and 371 at Chinc. 30 Jul (JB, CMo) were the high counts for this federally threatened species during northbound and southbound migration; no aerial surveys were conducted in 2015. Black-headed Gulls on the Susque - hanna, Cecil/Harford, MD were reported on six different days between 17-29 Mar (m.ob.). Maryland Little Gull sightings were up this season, with reports of up to 3 at Port Deposit, Cecil/Harford 21 Mar–5 Apr (TC, m.ob.); up to 3 at Back River, Baltimore 28 Mar–30 Apr (BC); 9 at Lapi - different locations 11 Apr–5 Jul (m.ob.). Nota- ble for being seen away from se. Virginia, a sin- gle Anhinga was in Fluvanna 22-23 May (CT). Nineteen American White Pelicans at Hog Island, Surry, VA 31 Mar represented a good count away from the coast (BW, BTa). An as - tounding 145 American White Pelicans were at Blackwater N.W.R., Dorchester, MD 7 Apr (PB); other notable reports include 4 at Jake Creek Park, Anne Arundel, MD (Joanne Howl); 9 at North Beach, Calvert, MD 18 Apr (SS); and one in the Fort Armistead area, Anne Arundel/Balti - more, MD 6 May (EL, m.ob.). Spawning fish on the Susquehanna River, Harford, MD 25 May attracted a high count of 200 Great Blue Herons (DJG). A single Cattle Egret at Ipswich Place, Albermarle, VA 27 Jun (JP) was an unlikely find, given this species' apparent decline in the Re - gion, particularly away from the coast. White- faced Ibis at Chinc. are almost expected now in the spring and summer: one found 5 Apr (JB, CMo et al.) continued sporadically until 3 Jul (DLa, CO). Two White-faced Ibis were found in Worcester: one at Public Landing 3 May (BB, MB) and one at Truitts Landing 18 May (CM). RAPTORS THROUGH GULLS A White-tailed Kite at a private farm in Fau- quier, VA 1-20 Jun was observed carrying nest- ing material into an adjacent property, but a nest was never located (acc. AJ); this is the fourth record for Virginia and the first in that state's Piedmont region. Swallow-tailed Kites were reported from three Coastal Plain loca - tions in Virginia: one at Princess Anne W.M.A., Virginia Beach 18 Apr (JS); one at Kiptopeke S.P., Northampton 22 Apr (C&LB); and 2 at Pungo Ferry Bridge, Virginia Beach 15 May (PD). In Maryland, a Swallow-tailed Kite flew over the Fort Smallwood Hawkwatch, Anne Arundel 5 May (SR et al.); and another was seen from a Harford private residence the fol - lowing day (SH), where it made a first county Very rare away from the coastal plain, this Marbled Godwit was discovered by Clancey Deel at Burke's Garden, Tazewell County, Virginia 23 April 2015. The Mountains and Valleys physiographic province has just one other record, from 1984. Photograph by Clancey Deel. This Northern Shrike was a rare spring find in Frederick County, Maryland 6-9 (here 6) April 2015. Photograph by Michael Welch.

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