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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 374 Region are few, and ads. in breeding plumage are almost unknown here. At the same site, the long-returning Pacific Loon was last reported 15 Mar (AD et al.). There were a few notable Red-throated Loon reports in Maryland, in - cluding 2 in Garrett: one at Broadford Lake 8 Apr (JBC), another at Deep Creek Lake 11 Apr (ML), plus two reports in Prince George's, in - cluding a group of 5 at Fort Washington N.P. 3-7 Mar (MR, m.ob.), and an amazing count of 9 at National Colonial Farm 5 Apr (ML). It was another good season to observe Red- necked Grebes in Maryland, with reports com - ing from 16 different counties (m.ob.). Single Eared Grebes at Chinc. 29 Mar (SD) and South Holston Lake, Washington 4 Apr (J&JT) made Virginia's only records this season. A Western Grebe with a raft of Ruddy Ducks at Suggetts Point, Richmond, VA 7 Apr (ph. LA) was excep - tional for the Rappahannock River. Seventy-seven Razorbills, 5 Common Murres, 10 Atlantic Puffins, 7 Dovekies, 7 Northern Fulmars, and 4 Black-legged Kitti - wakes were the highlights from a pelagic trip originating from Ocean City, Worcester, MD 1 Mar (MLH et al.). A Razorbill at Chinc. 13 Mar represented Virginia's only alcid report of the season (JB, CMo). Sooty Shearwater was the only shearwater species found alive in Virginia this season: 2 were off Smith Island, Northamp - ton 29 Apr (Barry Truitt); 3 were at Chinc. 14 May (CR); and a single was at the same location 24 May (JB, CMo). A dead Great Shearwater was found at Metompkin Island, Accomack 26 Jul (EO, BO). Maryland's fifth, and this loca - tion's fourth, a Neotropic Cormorant was found at Violette's Lock, Montgomery 9 May+ (MO, m.ob.). Southeastern Virginia continues to see a steady increase in Anhinga reports; an impressive 18 were tallied this season at eight Trumpeter Swan from last season at Silver Lake, Rockingham, VA was last reported 13 Mar (GG et al.); and the pair at New Market, Shenandoah, VA were last observed 29 Mar (GM, DM). At a new location for this spe - cies, 2 were at Swoope, Augusta, VA 2-28 Mar (GM, EGa, m.ob.). Five Trumpeter Swans continued from the winter season at various Mary - land locations (m.ob.); a report of 3, probably the same birds that were reported at Patuxent Wildlife Re - search Center, were at Lake Elkhorn, Howard 19 May (AH), a first county record. A Tundra Swan was at Swan Cove, Chinc. through 31 Jul (m.ob.). Scattered reports of Eurasian Wigeon continued in Mar and Apr along the Virginia coast, but a male at Lake Campbell, Rocking - ham 1 Apr (CZ et al., m.ob.) was particularly noteworthy for being in the Mountains and Valleys region; 11 were found at seven differ - ent Maryland counties 8 Mar–22 Apr (m.ob.). First reported 11 Dec 2014 (DY et al.), a Eur - asian Teal was last seen at Craney Island, Ports- mouth, VA 2 May (JSt et al., m.ob.). An impres- sive 530 Redheads were tallied in a mile-long raft near Violette's Lock, Montgomery, MD 14 Mar (DCz). In Fairfax, VA, one Redhead 9 Jun (KJ, CK) and a few Lesser Scaup 2 May–27 Jul were notable for their late dates. Also late, a male Ring-necked Duck was at a shopping center retention pond 15 & 29 Jun in Chester - field, VA (EO). A Ring-necked Duck x Lesser Scaup hybrid was found at Point Lookout S.P., St. Mary's, MD 8 Mar (ML). Five Common Ei - ders were tallied at the C.B.B.T. 1 Mar (Wil- liamsburg Bird Club); another at Back Bay, Vir- ginia Beach 25 Jun and 24 Jul was unusual for the summer (RW). The Harlequin Duck at the Cumberland Terminus, Allegany, MD lingered from the previous season until its departure on 8 Mar (ML, m.ob.). A Harlequin Duck in Accomack 18 Jun marked one of few summer records for Virginia (JHo). Notable high counts of 4725 Surf Scoters and 1060 Long-tailed Ducks were tallied at Ferry Neck, Talbot, MD 28-29 Mar (HTA). A drake Bufflehead at Dyke Marsh, Fairfax 1 Jun (SS) was the latest of the season. Following the cold winter, 12 White- winged Scoters were recorded in seven inland localities in Virginia's Piedmont and Mountains and Valleys region 4 Mar–8 Apr (m.ob.), again, refugees from the Great Lakes. For the third consecutive year, the frequency of Northern Bobwhite reports in Maryland remained far below what it was in 2011 and 2012 (fide RO). A single Red-throated Loon at John H. Kerr Reservoir, Mecklenburg, VA 21 Jun and 25 Jul made a notable summer record (AD et al.); verified summer records of this species in the Arun Bose Ellison Orcutt Robert Ostrowski –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SPRING + SUMMER –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– A colder-than-average March in the Re- gion gave way to a warmer spring and early summer than normal. May was particularly warm; Virginia and Maryland ex - perienced average temperatures that deviated from the twentieth-century average by more than 4º and 5º F, respectively. Very little rain accompanied May's hot temperatures, leaving things very dry around the Region; however, this would not last long, as Maryland received precipitation in June that exceeded the average by nearly six inches, while Virginia got nearly three inches above the norm. This season's highlights include a Western Grebe, White- tailed Kite, and Scissor-tailed Flycatchers in Virginia and a Neotropic Cormorant, American White Pelicans, Snowy Plover, and Wilson's Plover in Maryland. In addition to our many individual contributors, we thank Jo Solem for her assistance in compiling and interpreting this season's records. Abbreviations: C.B.B.T. (Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Northampton), Chinc. (Chin - coteague N.W.R, Accomack). WATERFOWL THROUGH IBISES A Black-bellied Whistling-Duck photographed at Upshur Neck, Accomack, VA 19 May was the season's only report (PC). In Virginia, 8 sepa - rate Greater White-fronted Geese were record- ed across five localities (m.ob.), the latest being a single bird in Louisa 14-20 Mar (AR). Rare in Washington, D.C., 2 Greater White-fronted Geese were found on the National Mall 2 Mar; likely the same individuals were relocated at Hains Point 8-10 Mar (SB, m.ob.). Seven Ross's Geese continued at three Virginia localities; the latest bird was in Accomack 22 Mar (HTA). The Middle Atlantic This Neotropic Cormorant (right) was discovered at Violette's Lock, Montgomery County, Maryland 9 May (here) through 23 August 2015. It provided the fifth accepted record for Maryland. Photograph by Mike Ostrowski.

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