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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 359 AT L A N T I C P R O V I N C E S & S T. P I E R R E E T M I Q U E LO N included singles at Middle Ohio, Shelburne, NS 22 Apr (ph. Kim Walker), at Argyle, Yar - mouth, NS 23 Apr (Brian Mackenzie, ph. Ron- nie d'Entremont, AdE), along Shearwater Flyer trail, H.R.M., NS 8 May (Kate Steele et al.), at Port-la-Joye, Fort Amherst, Prince Edward Is - land N.P., Queens, PE 15 May+ (ph. Kathleen MacAulay; second spring record for the prov - ince), and along Whistle Rd., Grand Manan Island, NB 15 May (Jim Wilson et al.). A male Indigo Bunting was present 11-13 May e. of Miquelon, S.P.M. (Laurent Jackman, Frédéric Disnard), and possibly the same individual was later observed visiting feeders 21-21 May at St. Pierre (PB). Considered rare migrants in Nova Scotia, 2 Blue Grosbeaks were reported during the season: a female at a feeder in Shelburne 25 Apr (ph. Maureen Locke) and a male at Church Point, Digby 17-20 May (ph. Lovaine Moore). Bobolinks bred on St. Pierre et Miquelon in the past, but more recently the species has been uncommon there, so a female was noteworthy at St. Pierre 27 May+ (Patrick Hacala, Laurent Jackman, PB). A male Yellow-headed Black - bird along Castle Frederick Rd., Hants, NS 26 May (Jo Bishop) was a rare find for spring. Locally very rare and late, 2 Hoary Redpolls were observed 1 Mar–8 Apr at St. Pierre (Pat - rick Hacala, ph. Joël Detcheverry). Contributors: Patrick Boez (St. Pierre et Miquelon), David Christie (New Bruns - wick), Alix d'Entremont (Nova Scotia), Roger Etcheberry (St. Pierre et Miquelon), Bruce Mactavish (Newfoundland and Labrador), Ian McLaren (Nova Scotia). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– David Seeler, 28 Irwin Drive, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1E 1S2 ( Québec Pierre Bannon Olivier Barden Normand David Samuel Denault –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SPRING –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– A fter one of our coldest Februaries on re- cord, cold temperatures continued into March throughout the province, with mean temperatures near 3º C below normal. Total precipitation (rain and water equivalent of snow) was generally below normal. April was much more acceptable, with temperatures and precipitation near normal. May was even warmer, with temperatures reaching about 3º C above normal in the south, while precipitation remai - ned normal. Spring rarities included Cinnamon Teal, White-faced Ibis, European Golden-Plover, Fork-tailed Flycatcher, and Painted Bunting. WATERFOWL THROUGH ALCIDS A Pink-footed Goose was nicely photographed at Berthierville 12 Apr (C. Deschênes). A rare first-year dark-morph Ross's Goose was also photographed at Saint-Barthélemy 13 Apr (SL, PB). A Barnacle Goose appeared at Saint- Barthélemy 19 Apr (G. Cossette, L. Turcotte), while 2 birds caused a sensation at Brigham 21-28 Apr (ph., JP. Santerre, m.ob.). Now seen annually in Abitibi, 3 Trumpeter Swans stopped at Lac Lemoyne (Val d'Or) 19 Apr+ (RL et al.), one at Lac Renault (Arntfield) 21 Apr (L. Farrell), and one at Lac Guéguen, near Val d'Or 21 Apr (G. Langevin). Two Tun - dra Swans were seen briefly at Saint-Jean-sur- Richelieu 9 Mar (G. Riel). A concentration of 4 male Eurasian Wigeons at Baie-du-Febvre 18 Apr was surprising (D. Gagné et al.). A male Cinnamon Teal photographed at Lac Duparquet 28 May was an excellent find (R. Deschênes, F. Charron). There are only about a dozen records for the species in the prov - ince. The imm. male Harlequin Duck present at Parc-Nature de l'Île de la Visitation (Mon - tréal) last winter continued through at least the end of the period (m.ob.). A Wild Turkey present at Saint-Clé - ment (Lower St. Lawrence) 28 Apr was e. of the species' known range (LM. Caron). A Pacific Loon in full breeding plumage provided a rare sighting for Les Bergeronnes 18 May (ph. D. Turgeon et al.). An American White Pelican turned up at Roquemaure 3 May (M. Mainville). A Tricolored Heron appeared at Longue Rive 12 May (Y. Fabe), while single Cattle Egrets were found at Béarn 18 Apr (J. Fréchette) and at Baie-du-Febvre 4 May (D. Bergeron, AM. Pelletier). The total count of 34 Glossy Ibis seen at 15 different sites in the province was remarkable. The largest groups included 7 at Rivière-Madeleine (Gaspésie) 4 May (R. & G. Blanchette) and 8 at Saint-Paul-de-l'île-aux- Noix 13 May (R. & G. Boulet). A White-faced Ibis was a highlight at Cap Tourmente 12-13 May (ph. F. Cauchon, P. Dechêne et al.), the fourth record for the Region. Single Black Vul - tures were detected at Thetford Mines 30 Mar (D. McCutcheon), Bic 18 Apr (J. Roy-Drain - ville et al.), Cacouna 3 May (GP, M. Therriault, A. Pelletier), and again at Bic 18 May (GP). The most unexpected event of the sea- son was the appearance of an ad. European Golden-Plover in breeding plumage at Pointe de Moisie 27-28 May (ph. B. Duchesne et al.), the first confirmed record for the Region. Two birds reported in summer 1988 were well described by several observers but not pho - tographed. A Willet was noteworthy at Hope- town (Gaspésie) 29 May (J. & A. Charette). A Whimbrel at Notre-Dame-du-Portage 19 Apr provided a record-early date for the Region (S. Lavoie), while singles at Lac Osisko (Rouyn- Noranda) 28 May (LI) and at Val d'Or 31 May Previously reported in Québec only as single individuals, these two Barnacle Geese were photographed together at Brigham on 25 April 2015. Photograph by Jacques Hénault.

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