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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 358 AT L A N T I C P R O V I N C E S & S T. P I E R R E E T M I Q U E LO N Island (PB), but was no nesting activity was observed. The flight call of an Upland Sandpiper re - corded 7 May at Amherst, NS (John Kearney) was likely that of a migrant, as the species nests on Price Edward Island. One ob - served 17 May at St. Pierre (ph. PB, Laurent Jackman, Patrick Hacala) was the first noted there since summer 2013. A Black- tailed Godwit was recorded 29 Apr–2 May at Deer Lake, NL (ph. John Leonard, Richard Thomas, Tina Leonard et al.), and a Marbled Godwit was at Castalia Marsh, Grand Manan Island, NB DATE (Ron Steeves et al.). A female Ruff first discovered 25 May lingered until 29 May at Third Pond Delta, Goulds, NL (Brendan Kelly, Ken Knowles, BM et al.). Another located 25 May at Bouctouche, Kent, NB also lingered un - til 29 May (Louise-Émile Cormier, ph. Stuart Tingley, Gilles Bourque). GULLS THROUGH FINCHES A Lesser Black-backed Gull observed 28 Mar– 1 Apr in St. Pierre, S.P.M. was a rare spring visi - tor to the French Islands (PB, Patrick Hacala). The colony of Black-legged Kittiwakes on the cape of Miquelon Island appeared to continue to dwindle, with none observed there during the spring (fide PB). Four Laughing Gulls, un - common in spring, were reported in Nova Sco- tia: one 12 km off Pubnico Point, Yarmouth 15 Apr (ph. Ellis d'Entremont), one in Yarmouth Harbour, 16-17 Apr (ph. Ervin Olsen, Alix d'Entremont), one at Dominion Beach, Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Cape Breton 25 May (Monique Vassalle), and one 20 km sw. of Cape Sable Island 27 May (ph. Aldric d'Eon). A Caspian Tern, a rare visitor to S.P.M., was locat - ed 13 May at Mirande Lake, Miquelon Island (RE). Roseate Terns started returning to their nesting colony on North Brother Island, Yar - mouth, NS 5 May (Dominic Cormier, Isabeau Pratte), and by the end of the nesting season 38 nests were counted (Ted d'Eon). Chimney Swift is occasionally observed on S.P.M., where one was reported 13 May at St. Pierre (Patrick Hacala). On 30 May, a single Chimney Swift was reported at North Cape, Prince, PE (Kath - leen MacAulay). A female Ruby-throated Hum- mingbird was discovered 31 May at feeders in St. Pierre (PB, Patrick Hacala). A rare resi - dent of St. Pierre et Miquelon, a Black-backed Woodpecker was observed 16 May on Mique - lon Island (Frédéric Disnard). The Eurasian Kestrel discovered 26 Dec at Hartlen Point, H.R.M., NS (ph. Kyle Shay) lingered at that location until 20 Mar, when it was taken by a Rough-legged Hawk (fide David A rare but regular visitor to New Brunswick, a Glossy Ibis was at Salmon Beach, Bathurst, Gloucester 1 May+ (Hanson Miller), and an - other was at McGowan's Corner, Sunbury NB 1 May (Gilles Belliveau). Exciting for Nova Scotia was the discovery of a White-faced Ibis at Waterside P.P., Pictou, NS 3-6 May (ph. Peggy Scanlan, Eric Mills), a provincial first. A Red-shouldered Hawk at Pleasant Lake, Yar - mouth, NS 24 Mar (ph. Ronnie d'Entremont) was likely the same bird that was present at the that location during the previous season. Sandhill Cranes are rare in New Brunswick but are appearing more frequently there. One was observed at Tracy, Sunbury 29-30 Apr (Arielle DeMerchant) and 2 at Black Rock, Gloucester 4 May (Hanson Miller, Roger Dumaresq). American Oystercatcher has been breeding on The Hawk, Cape Sable Island, Shelburne, NS since 1997; this season, the first returned 5 Apr (Laurel Amirault), and 3 were seen in courtship or territorial behavior 13 Apr (Avery Bartels, Jake Walker, Rick Whitman). An American Oystercatcher provided S.P.M. with its first record in the sw. corner of Grand Barachois, Miquelon Island 9-12 May (ph. RE, Yann Orsiny, m.ob.). It reappeared in the gully of the Grand Barachois 29 (Frédéric Disnard) & 31 May (Thierry Disnard). Two Semipal - mated Sandpipers appeared in late May n. of the village of Miquelon, Miquelon Island; the species has bred on S.P.M. in the past, but nesting pairs have become rare (fide PB). Piping Plover has also nested on S.P.M. in the past, but breeding records are now uncommon (fide PB). Two were reported 10 May on the Isthmus of Miquelon Island, S.P.M. (Laurent Jackman), and one was discovered 19 May on the s. gully of the Grand Barachois, Miquelon This Clay-colored Sparrow provided Prince Edward Island with its second record for spring when it landed 18 May 2015 in Prince Edward Island Na- tional Park at Greenwich. Photograph by Kathleen MacAulay. Currie). A Warbling Vireo pro- vided Nova Scotia with a very rare spring record when dis - covered 12 May at New Mines, Kings (Avery Bartels, Phil Tay - lor). Also quite rare to Nova Scotia in spring, a Northern Rough-winged Swallow was reported 19 Apr feeding with other migrant swallows over Meadow Brook Stream, Liver - pool, Queens (Eric Mills). The Fieldfare at East Apple River, Cumberland first noted 31 Jan remained through 13 Apr (ph. Kathleen Spicer, m.ob.), a first documented spring record for Nova Sco - tia. Townsend's Solitaire is a rare wanderer to Nova Scotia; one visited feeders at Sand Lake, Cape Breton 6 Mar through mid-Apr (ph. Al - lan & Cathy Murrant). A Carolina Wren was discovered 29 May along Castle Frederick Rd., Falmouth, Kings, NS (Rob Woods). A Yellow-throated Warbler, a rare visitor to New Brunswick, was observed 4 May at Cam - pobello Island (ph. Susan Cline); another was observed 8 & 10 May at Mary's Point, Albert (David Christie). In Nova Scotia, one was at Hartlen Point, H.R.M., NS 15 May (David Cur - rie, ph. Bruce Stevens, Jim Edsall), the prov- ince's eleventh spring record. A Prairie Warbler was out of place along Bear's Den Rd., Southern Head, Grand Manan Island, Charlotte, NB 16 May (Fred & Lynne Dube et al.). A Summer Tanager was rare 17 May at St. Pierre (Patrick Hacala); another was in Nova Scotia at Bear Point, Shelburne 21-25 May; and one at Portu - gal Cove South 30 May+ (ph. Dave Shepard) made the fifth spring record for Newfoundland. Considered accidental to Prince Edward Island in spring, a Clay-colored Sparrow ob - served at Greenwich, Prince Edward Island N.P., Kings 18 May (ph. Kathleen MacAulay) provided just the second report of the spe - cies in spring for the province. One located 28 May at Caraquet, Gloucester, NB (Rosita Benoit, Donald & Dora Pelherin) lingered into June. A small flight of Field Sparrows this season This locally rare adult Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was at Woodward's Cove on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick 19 May 2015. Photograph by Jim Wilson. A Field Sparrow discovered 15 May 2015 at Fort Amherst, Prince Edward Island National Park lingered through the spring 2015 season, providing the province with its second record of the species in spring. Photograph by Kathleen MacAulay.

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