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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 357 nard, Kings, NS 6 Apr (Jake Walker, m.ob.). Also rare in Nova Scotia in the spring, 2 Ross's Geese were at Mavillette P.P., Digby, NS 3-11 Apr (Karel Allard, m.ob.). A Garganey at Lun - drigan's Marsh, St. John's, NL 7-9 May (ph. BM, m.ob.) provided the province with its fifth record of that species. A scarce migrant in spring to Nova Scotia, 3 Redheads were at Grand Desert Marsh, Halifax Regional Mu - nicipality (hereafter, H.R.M.) 9 May (Bob & Wendy MacDonald). Three King Eiders in Nova Scotia included singles at the Salt - marsh Trail, H.R.M. 24-26 Apr (ph. Andy de Champlain, m.ob.), Tiverton, Digby, NS 24 Mar (Jake Walker), and Louisdale, Richmond, NS 31 Mar (ph. Karen Burke). Three male Kings were among Common Eiders n. of Cape Miquelon, Miquelon Island, S.P.M. 3 May (Frédéric Disnard). Very rare in spring, a male Ruddy Duck was at the Borden S.T.P., Prince, PE 22 May (Greg & Sandra Feetham). Com - mon Loons were observed in unprecedented numbers around S.P.M., with 227 individuals reported 21 Apr from St. Pierre Island (Laurent Jackman); these dwindled to a few individuals by 19 May (fide RE). Out of place and rare for the season, a Pied-billed Grebe was in the har - bor at St. Pierre, S.P.M. 1 & 11 Mar (Laurent Jackman, PB). Egrets made a significant incursion into the Region this season (Table 1). Among the more significant reports was a Great Egret 23 May near the village of Miquelon, Miquelon Is - land (RE, Danielle Lebollocq), a rare migrant to S.P.M. A Little Egret at Cape Sable Island was present 14-16 May and provided the twentieth record for Nova Scotia (Rachel Hoo - genbos, Johnny Nickerson, ph. m.ob.). Another at Re - news, NL 23-26 May was the eleventh for Newfoundland (ph. BM, m.ob.). Little Blue Heron is a rare but annual visitor to the Region; one was at Chance Harbour, St. John, NB 16-24 Apr (Richard Blac - quiere, m.ob.) and another at St. George's Marsh, St. John, NB 23-26 May (Nev Garrity, Richard Blacquiere, m.ob.). A Tricolored Heron was located 22 May at Pinkney's Point, Yarmouth, NS (ph. Ervin Olsen et al.); another established a first record for Prince Edward Island 27 May in the saltwater marshes near Covehead with - in Prince Edward Island N.P., Queens (Kathleen MacAulay et al.). David Seeler –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SPRING –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– W inter-like conditions extended throughout a significant portion of the spring season. With total snowfall amounts of 6 meters falling on Prince Edward Island during the winter and ear - ly spring, snow lingered on the ground until mid-May in that province. Similarly, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick had below-average temperatures with unusually high amounts of snow on the ground as early migrants began to arrive in the Region. Newfoundland and St. Pierre et Miquelon were spared the majority of this weather trend. Rare and unusual mi - grants were reported throughout the Region, with first records of White-faced Ibis in Nova Scotia, Tricolored Heron in Prince Edward Is - land, and American Oystercatcher in St. Pierre et Miquelon. WATERFOWL THROUGH SHOREBIRDS Considered quite rare for the season, a Great- er White-fronted Goose was present at Ca- Atlantic Provinces & St. Pierre et Miquelon This White-faced Ibis was found by Peggy Scanlon 3 May 2015 and identified later that day by Eric Mills, who noticed it in the photograph among Glossy Ibis. Photograph by Peggy Scanlan. Adding to nineteen previous records of the species in Nova Scotia, this Little Egret was present on Cape Sable Island 14-16 (here 15) May 2015. Photograph by Alix d'Entremont. Table 1. Reports of Great, Little, and Snowy Egrets in the Atlantic Provinces, Spring 2015. Species Dates Location Great Egret 3-6 Apr St. John's, NL Great Egret 7-23 Apr Overton, NS Great Egret 7-18 May Castalia Marsh, Grand Manan Island, NB Great Egret 15-16 May White Head Island, NB Great Egret 23 May Miquelon, S.P.M. Great Egret 27 May+ Cormierville, NB Little Egret 14-16 May Cape Sable Island, NS Little Egret 23-26 May Renews, NL Snowy Egret 11 Apr Blanche Peninsula, NS Snowy Egret 20 Apr Cape Sable Island, NS Snowy Egret 6 May Red Head Marsh, NB Snowy Egret 13 May Fox River, NS Snowy Egret 14-23 May Biscay Bay, NL Snowy Egret 15-30 May Overton, NS Discovered in Prince Edwards Island National Park at Brack- ley 27 May 2015, this Tricolored Heron did not linger but provided the province with its first record of the species. Photograph by Kathleen MacAulay.

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