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341 V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 P E L A G I C B I R D S F R O M C R U I S E S H I P S A LO N G T H E PA C I F I C C O A S T G. Ainley, K. D. Amey, L. T. Ballance, K. T. Briggs, R. G. Ford, G. L. Hunt Jr, C. Keiper, J. W. Mason, K. H. Morgan, R. L. Pitman, and T. Tynan. 2005. At-sea distribution, abundance and habitat affinities of Xantus's Murrelets. Marine Ornithology 33: 89-104. Kenyon, J. K., K. H. Morgan, M. D. Bentley, L. A. McFarlane Tranquilla, and K. E. Moore. 2009. Atlas of Pelagic Seabirds off the West Coast of Canada and Adjacent Areas. Techni - cal Report Series No. 499. Canadian Wild- life Service, Pacific and Yukon Region, Brit- ish Columbia. Lehman, P. E. 1994. The Birds of Santa Bar - bara County, California. Vertebrate Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara. Revision at: lehmanbosbc. Lewis, T. L., D. H. Ward, J. S. Sedinger, A. Reed, and D. V. Derksen. 2013. Brant (Branta bernicla), in: The Birds of North America (P. G. Rodewald, ed.). 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Acknowledgments The impetus to first take cruise ships for pe- lagic birding off the West Coast of the United States and Canada was provided by Jeff Gil - ligan and Owen Schmidt. I am especially indebted to the assistance provided by Tom Crabtree, Michael Harrison, Judy Meredith, Ryan Merrill, Ken Morgan, Owen Schmidt, Sharon and Mike Toochin, and Jay Withgott. Additionally, helpful comments on earlier drafts of the manuscript were provided by Jon Boone, Michael Force, Peter Ginsburg, Todd Hass, Nick Lethaby, Tony Leukering, Derek Lovitch, Peter Pyle, Kurt Radamaker, Bruce Rideout, Don Roberson, Brad Schram, and David Vander Pluym. Cruise data and photographs were gener - ously supplied by Matt Bartels, Louis Bevier, Norman Budnitz, Tom Crabtree, Devich Far - botnik, Jeff Gilligan, Michael Harrison, Todd Hass, David Irons, Tim Janzen, Alvaro Jara - millo, Curtis Marantz, Guy McCaskie, Judy Meredith, Ryan Merrill, Martin Meyers, Steve Mlodinow, Ken Morgan, Joseph Morlan, Pe - ter Pyle, Bruce Rideout, Tim Rodenkirk, Skip Russell, Owen Schmidt, Ryan Shaw, David Sonneborn, Brian Sullivan, Rick Taylor, Sha - ron and Mike Toochin, Brad Waggoner, and Jay Withgott. A special thanks to the contrib - utors and especially to the regional editors of the journal North American Birds, a critically important source of information for many distributional papers. Also many thanks to the observers who supplied cruise-ship eBird data, which also played a critical role. Offshore county boundary calculations and coastal maps were provided by Kurt Ra - damaker. Cruise-track maps were by Michael Harrison. References Ainley, D. G. 1976. The occurrence of seabirds in the coastal region of California. Western Birds 7: 33-68. Bailey, S. F., P. Pyle, and L. B. Spear. 1989. Dark Pterodroma petrels in the North Pa - cific: Identification, status, and North American occurrence. American Birds 43: 400-415. Beck, R. H. 1910. Water birds in the vicinity of Point Pinos, California. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 3: 57-72. Briggs, K. T., W. B. Tyler, D. E. Lewis, and D. R. Carlson. 1987. Bird communities at sea

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