North American Birds

VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 520 P I C TO R I A L H I G H L I G H TS 1 • This adult male Scarlet Tanager seen in Graham County, North Carolina 26 April 2015 showed yellow (or very pale orange) rather than scarlet body plumage. Photograph by Simon R. B. Thompson. 2 • A rarity in the Ottawa, Ontario area in spring 2015 was this attractive Yellow- crowned Night-Heron at Huntley 23 May–8 (here 3) June. Photograph by Brian L. Morin. 3 • Photographed on the last day of its exceptionally early 5-7 April 2015 stay at Dairy Mart Pond in San Diego County's Tijuana River Valley, this young Mississippi Kite still retained juvenile plumage, a plumage believed molted on the winter grounds and thus a plumage unexpected on a spring migrant. Photograph by Thomas A. Blackman. 4 • This smartly plumaged adult male Smith's Longspur attracted many birders during its one-day stay on 1 May 2015 at Allen's Meadow Park in Wilton, Connecticut. Photograph by Frank Mantlik. 5 • The first seen on Bermuda since 1907, this West Indian Whistling- Duck was first spotted 27 June 2015 and then made the rounds of the island, here 3 July at Cloverdale Pond. Photograph by Andrew Dobson. 6 • This male Slate-throated Redstart was discovered along Soldier Trail in the Santa Catalina Mountains 19-21 (here 21) March 2015, establishing about a twelfth Arizona record and the northernmost in the state. Photograph by J. Smith. 7 • Although Green Violetear is a nearly annual visitor to Texas, the discovery of one always attracts attention. This individual made a brief appearance at Inks Lake State Park, Burnet County 4 June 2015. Photograph by Teresa Keck. 1 3 4 5 6 7 2

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