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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 515 H AWA I I A N I S L A N D S Hawaii 23 Jan 2016 (AW) in the same area were new high island counts and indicate the species may become established on this island. Contributors: Jody Allair, Yothin Anusri, Brad Argue, Bob & Betinna Arrigoni, Alex Bartolo, Casey Bassett, Patrick Blake, James Bruch, Cheshta Buckley, Tim Burr, Jean Campbell, Nancy Carter, Cascadia Research Collective, Kayleigh Chalkowski, William Clark, Emily Cook, Megan Dalton, Reggie David, Arleone Dibben-Young, Gret Dicey, Peter Donaldson, Darren Dowell, Meg Duhr-Shultz, Sumner Erdman, Richard Fischer, Ross and Melissa Gallardy, Sonny Gamponia, Jeremy Gatten, Andre Golumbeski, George Golumbeski, Cindy Granholm, Robin & Roberta Hall, Luke Halpin, Gerri Hayward, Neil Hayward, Barbara Heindl, Wieteke Holthuijzen (WiH), Wesley Homoya, Ian Hunter, Marshall J. Iliff, Greg Joder, Stephen Kacir, Martha Kawasaki, Robby Kohley, Ben Lagasse, Satoko Lincoln, Dan Lindsay, Kris Lockard, Robin Maercklein (RbM), Noam Markus, Ron Martin (RonM), Peter Mathisen, Ken Matsuguma, Richard May, Dale McBeath, Amy McHugh, Steven Mlodi - now, Bob Nims, Mike Nishimoto, Matt Page, Michael Pang, Kurt Pohlman, Doug & Donna Pomeroy, Amanda Powell, Thane Pratt, John and Linda Prentice/Gindler, Kimberley Ramos, Heather Riggins, John Riggins, Mike Sefton, Ross Silcock, Peter Stahl, Forest and Kim Starr, David Tafoya, Thomas Tamura, Lance Tanino, Chris Thomas, Turtle Bay Resort, Kathy Tush - aus, Stephen Tyndel, Breck Tyler, U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Eric VanderWerf, Anna Vige - land, Michael Walther, Alex Wang, Art Wang (ArW), Mike Wanger (MWan), Chris Warlow, Kendall Watkins, Laura Wilson, Jay Withgott, Sherman Wing, Jeff Zuckerman. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Lance Tanino, Manu Conservation, 64-1005 Kaula Waha Place, Kamuela, Hawaii 96743 ( Feb 2015 (PD, LT, PM, KP, MW, AV); there has been a wintering Caspian Tern at this location for 10+ consecutive years. A Black Tern was seen at Kealakehe W.T.P. 16 Dec 2014–11 Mar 2015 (JW, LT, m.ob.), possibly a different or same individual was observed at the same lo - cation 29 Aug–early Dec 2015, the fourth/fifth Hawaii Island records. Black Terns were also observed at Ohiapilo Wetland and Kaunaka - kai W.T.P. 31 Oct–5 Dec 2015 (ADY), and a first-year individual was at J.C.N.W.R.-Kii 23 Nov–5 Dec 2015 (JL, m.ob.). A Common Tern was observed at Kanaha Pond 8 Dec 2015–24 Feb 2016 (MN, ph. PS, ph. RF, TB, m.ob.). An Arctic Tern was seen migrating past Holei Sea Arch 28 Mar 2015 (BL). A Horned Puffin was found alive and in "extremely emaciated" con - dition (died overnight) at Midway Atoll N.W.R. 2 Mar 2015 (GJ, ph. MD); this is the thirty- second documented record of this species from this location. KINGFISHER THROUGH MUNIAS A juv. female Belted Kingfisher was observed at Lokowaka Pond, Hilo, Hawaii 28 Nov 2015–15 Feb 2016 (ph. BA, m.ob.). Mul - tiple Peregrine Falcon sightings came from the four largest islands and Midway Atoll be - tween fall 2014 and winter 2016. With their inter-island movements, it is difficult to esti - mate the number of individuals. Records came from Makapuu Beach overlook, Oahu 17 Jan 2016 (LT), Midway Atoll N.W.R. 25 Oct 2015 (KW, KM), Pepeekeo Point, Hawaii 19 Dec 2015 (LT), along the Saddle Rd. area (between Mauna Kea Access Rd. and Puu Oo trailhead), Hawaii 12 Mar–4 Apr 2015 (JA, AW, AP), at Midway Atoll N.W.R. 24 Dec 2014 (BT, LH), downtown Honolulu, Oahu 14 Oct 2015 (JC, m.ob.), Kilohana Vista, Alakai Swamp Trail, Kokee S.P., Kauai 9 Apr 2015 (PB), Pihea Trail and Alakai Swamp Trail junction, Kokee S.P., Kauai 30 Nov 2015 (J&LPG), and Chain of Craters Rd., Hawaii Volcanoes N.P. 25 Nov 2015 (AG, GG). Four Mourning Doves were observed dur - ing a Kahoolawe Island C.B.C. 17 Dec 2014 (EC, LT, F&KS, JB), a new high island count; 2 were seen at Kipu Ranch, Lihue, Kauai 30 Jul 2015 (RS), representing the fourth island re - cord. The male Great-tailed Grackle continues at Ala Moana Regional Park, Honolulu, Oahu 10 Feb–1 Oct 2015 (PD, RM, m.ob.). A Bram - bling was observed at Midway Atoll N.W.R. 30 Oct 2015 (MD), the second record for the Re - gion and first island record. Two Chestnut Mu- nias were found foraging on roadside grasses at Pepeekeo 15 Mar 2015 (SW), the first photo - graphic record for Hawaii Island. High counts of 13 at Sugar Mill Rd., Pepeekeo, Hawaii 16 Dec 2015 (TP) and 17 at Cane Rd., Pepeekeo, termine the species, with most leaning toward Herring Gull. Interestingly, this observation in - cluded a total of four gull species at the same location: Laughing, Ring-billed, Herring/Slaty- backed, and Glaucous-winged Gull. A Slaty- backed Gull was observed at Midway Atoll N.W.R. 27 Jan 2015 (WH, MD), where regular in winter. First-winter Glaucous-winged Gulls were found at Mana, Kauai 15 Dec 2015 (EV), Ohiapilo Wetland 20 Feb–15 Mar 2015 (MWg; one of very few reports from this island), and Lanai Lookout, Hawaii Kai, Oahu 9 Jan 2016 (KM, RM)—and later probably the same indi - vidual at P.H.N.W.R.-Waiawa fall 2014–27 Feb 2015 (EV). A Glaucous Gull was observed at Lanai Lookout, Hawaii Kai, Oahu 13 Feb–11 Mar 2015 (SL, m.ob.), the ninth substantiated record from the S.E.H.I. Two Sooty Terns were heard at night vocal - izing overhead at 780 m elevation in Waimea, Hawaii 8 Dec 2014, and one was heard at the same location 2 Sep 2015 (LT). Under both circumstances, the weather conditions were overcast/foggy and no wind. A Blue-gray Noddy was seen at Lehua Islet, Niihau 24 Oct 2015 (EV, RK), the first report from this area in many years. A pair of Least Terns was reported at Kealakehe W.T.P. 1 Jul–15 Aug 2014, and copulation was observed 7 Jul 2014 there (LT). Two pairs were known to have nested at Koha - naiki, n. of Kailua-Kona. An ad. was observed foraging and capturing small fish at Kohanaiki B.P., Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 26 Jul 2014 and tak - ing them back to its nest at a nearby private golf course housing development with gravel substrate (LT). Three fledglings were seen with 4 ads. at Kealakehe W.T.P. 15 Aug 2014 (LT). Also in 2014, 3 Least Terns were observed at P.H.N.W.R.-Honouliuli 15-23 Jul 2014 (MW, LT, KP) and 3 (2 ads. and 1 juv.) were seen at Sand Island, Midway Atoll 10 Aug 2014 (U.S.F.W.S.). In 2015, up to 4 Least Terns were at Kealakehe W.T.P. 23 Apr–18 Jul (LT, AW, AB, DD, TP), with a high count of 7 (new high count for the Region) on 1 Aug 2015 (LT), and 4 were seen 4 Dec 2015 (LT, BA) at the same location, a relatively late date for this species. Also in 2015, a Least Tern was seen at Kealia Pond N.W.R. 10 Jul 2015 (CT), a pair was at P.H.N.W.R.-Honouliuli 17 Jul–7 Aug 2015 (KP, AV, ST, PM, RM), and 3 were at Opaeula Pond, Makalawena Beach, Hawaii 9 Oct 2015 (LT)— possibly the same terns that moved northward along the coast from Kealakehe W.T.P., a dis - tance of 17.6 km. A Caspian Tern was observed close to shore in a mixed species foraging flock (600+ Wedge-tailed Shearwaters and a Great Frigatebird) at Keahole Point 4 Jul 2014 (LT, WH), the first summer record for the Region. The annual Caspian Tern returned for another winter residency at Nuupia Ponds 20 Dec–18 This Mew Gull at Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge (Hon- ouliuli Unit), Waipio, Oahu on 1 January 2015 marks only the second substantiated record for the Hawaiian Islands and first record in the Southwestern Hawaiian Islands. Photograph by Michael Walther.

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