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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 514 H AWA I I A N I S L A N D S reported from shore at new locations. Individ- uals were seen at Mauna Kea Beach, South Ko- hala, Hawaii 10 Feb 2015 (CW), South Point (Ka Lae), Naalehu, Hawaii 23 Apr 2015 (BL), and Keahole Point 9 Dec 2015 (SK). A single Pomarine Jaeger was also seen from shore at Koloa, Kauai 14 Feb 2016 (RbM). Four were counted migrating from Holei Sea Arch 7 May 2015 (BL). Three Parasitic Jaegers were ob - served at sea off the Kona coast 17 Nov 2014 (C.R.C.); there are few previous substantiated records in the Region. A Long-tailed Jaeger was well described from Nawiliwili Light - house, Kauai 10 Apr 2015 (BL). This was the first from-shore record of this species from the Region. A first-cycle Bonaparte's Gull was seen at Kaunakakai W.T.P. 9-11 Nov 2015 (ADY), and probably the same individual was at Ohiapilo Wetland 2 Dec–28 Feb 2016 (ADY, ph. MWan), the sixth Molokai Island record. As is typical in spring, a Franklin's Gull was observed at Ohi - apilo Wetland 4 Apr 2015 (ADY), up to 4 were at Kealakehe W.T.P. 22 Apr–6 Jun 2015 (BL, LT, AV, KP, AB, m.ob.), and one was at Puukapu Reservoir, Waimea, Hawaii 2 Jul 2015 (R&RH, LT), was an unusual interior and high-eleva - tion record and the latest spring/summer re- cord in the Region. A Mew Gull was discovered at P.H.N.W.R.-Honouliuli 1 Jan 2015 (R&MG, KP, ph. MW, m.ob.), the second substantiated record in the Region and first record for the S.E.H.I. The previous Regional record was of a bird found dead at Kure Atoll, N.W.H.I. 22 Feb 1963. An occasional winter resident in the Region, Herring Gull was seen at Sand Island, Midway Atoll N.W.R. 4 Jan 2015 (B&BA). A Herring/Slaty-backed Gull was photographed at Kinikini Ditch, P.M.R.F., Mana, Kauai 15 Dec 2015 (EV); experts have not been able to de - during a survey at Koheo Wetland 29 Jul 2014 (ADY). A Gray-tailed Tattler was heard and seen at Kanaha Pond 28 Oct–28 Nov 2014 (LT, SG), and one was seen at Sand Island, Midway Atoll N.W.R. 1 Jan 2016 (ph. BT). A juv. Spot - ted Redshank was well described and photo- graphed at Kealakehe W.T.P. 3 Nov 2014–15 Feb 2015 (ph. JG, LT, JC, ph. EV, m.ob.), the first record from the Region. A Whimbrel (subspecies variegatus) was spotted at Laie, Oahu 23 Sep 2015 (PD, RM). Two Whimbrels (juv. and another banded individual) were at Kaunakakai, Molokai 26 Sep 2015 (ADY); this species has become a regular visitor at this lo - cation in recent years. A Stilt Sandpiper was observed feeding at Kealakehe W.T.P. 6-11 Sep 2014 (ph. LT, m.ob.), the first Hawaii Island record and the second substantiated record from the Region. A Red-necked Stint at Kealia Pond N.W.R. 28 Jul 2015 (ph. AW, ArW, AP, ph. MW) made the third Maui Island record. Single Bar-tailed Godwits were observed at Midway Atoll N.W.R. 4 Oct 2015 (KW, KM) and Kaunakakai, Molokai 20 Oct–2 Nov 2015 (ADY). Single Western Sandpipers were at Kealakehe W.T.P. 11 Nov 2014 (TP, LT, AW), at Kealia Pond N.W.R. 26 Nov 2014–18 Feb 2015 (LT, JZ, AMc, SG), at Kaunakakai W.T.P. 6 Dec 2014 (ADY), and at Kealakehe W.T.P. 1-10 Aug 2015 (SM, DL). Wilson's Snipe were at Kaunakakai Stream, Molokai 20 Dec 2014 (ADY; an unusual location), at the J.C.N.W.R.- Kii 27 Dec 2014 (RM, KP) and 5 Dec 2015–20 Feb 2016 (PM, KP, ph. SL, m.ob.), at Opaeula Pond, Makalawena Beach, Hawaii 26 Dec 2015 (LT, BA; one of very few reports from Hawaii Island), at Nuupia Ponds 20 Dec 2015 (RK), at Eastern Island, Midway Atoll N.W.R. 25 Jan 2016 (LH), and at Pulehu Road Ponds, Puu - nene, Maui 29 Jan 2016 (ph. CW). A Com- mon Snipe was photographed at Midway Atoll N.W.R. 3 Jun 2015 (ph. WiH), one of few con - firmed Regional records for this species and the first summer record. The earliest fall arrival for Red Phalarope came from Laysan Island, N.W.H.I. 26 Sep 2014 (DT). In 2015, single Red Phalaropes were reported onshore at Kanaha Pond (LT) and Waihee C.D.W.R. (MN) 18 Mar 2015 and at Kealia Pond N.W.R. 31 Mar 2015 (LT, SG). Singles were also reported from shore at Makapuu Point 2 Apr 2015 (PM) and at South Point (Ka Lae), Naalehu, Hawaii 23 Apr 2015 (BL). Until 2014, all skuas were recorded far off- shore during at-sea surveys or one-day boat outings. The first from-shore record of a South Polar Skua was well described and photo - graphed from Nakalele Blowhole 13 Oct 2014 (ph. MJI). The sixth at-sea Kauai record of a South Polar Skua was 12 Oct 2014 (C.R.C.). Recently (2015-2016), Pomarine Jaegers were 2015 (MP), at the J.C.N.W.R.-Kii 12 Jan 2016 (EV, RK), and (probably the same bird) near the P.H.N.W.R.-Honouliuli 14 Jan–26 Feb 2016 (U.S.F.W.S., m.ob.). An ad. male Northern Har - rier was observed flying over taro fields at Ha- nalei N.W.R., Hanalei, Kauai 3 Dec 2015 (KC), a regular visitor in the Region in recent years. Two Black-bellied Plovers were at South Point, Naalehu, Hawaii 31 Jan–3 Feb 2016 (LT, ph. SW); it is unusual to see more than one. A well-documented Common Ringed Plover was observed at Anini B.P., Princev - ille, Kauai 8-9 Sep 2014 (ph. JR, ph. TT, ph. MW, ph. EV), only the third confirmed record in the Region. A Killdeer was at Kaunakakai Stream and at Pahuauwai, Molokai 13 Dec 2014–12 Jan 2015 (ADY), and one was ob - served at Hansen Road Ponds, Puunene, Maui 15 Jan–5 Feb 2016 (RonM, ph. CW) and at Kealia Pond N.W.R. 14 Mar 2016 (NC). A Spotted Sandpiper was photographed along a Red Mangrove-lined stream at Kahana Bay 21 Apr 2015 (ph. CB), the sixteenth Oahu record and possibly the first spring record from the Region. A Solitary Sandpiper was observed at Kealia Pond N.W.R. 26 Aug 2014 (LT, ph. SG), the first record for Maui Island and only about the fifth record for the Region. A Ruff was seen This Solitary Sandpiper represented the fifth record in the Hawaiian Islands and first Maui County record. This juvenile was present in a small wetland surrounded by trees at Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge in Kihei, Maui on 26-28 (here 28) August 2014 during a monthly refuge bird survey. Photograph by Sonny Gamponia. This Stilt Sandpiper found at Kealakehe Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Island 6-11 (here x) September 2014 furnished the second substantiated record in the Hawaiian Islands. Photograph by Lance Tanino. This juvenile Spotted Redshank found at Kealakehe Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Island 3 (here 10) November 2014—15 February 2015 represented the first record for the Hawaiian Islands. Photograph by Eric VanderWerf.

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