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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 513 H AWA I I A N I S L A N D S counts from shore in the Region. A Brewster's Brown Booby was seen perched on a maricul - ture buoy at Keahole Point 16 Mar 2015 (LT). In fall 2015–winter 2016, 18 White-faced Ibis were observed on four islands. In recent years, this species has become an annual winter resi - dent. Eight were at Ohiapilo Pond 18 Dec 2015 (ph. MWan, ADY); possibly the same flock was seen later at Pouhala Wetland as a flock of 7 on 16 Jan 2016 (MK) and at nearby P.H.N.W.R.- Honouliuli 6 Feb 2016 (KP). Another flock of 4 was observed at P.H.N.W.R.-Honouliuli 16 Oct 2015 (PD, RM). A single ibis was present. at Keanae Peninsula, Maui 15 Jan 2016 (MS). RAPTORS THROUGH ALCIDS Ospreys were seen at Koheo Wetland 16 Jan A Buller's Shearwater was observed from Cape Kumukahi 12 Jun 2014 (LT, CG, DM), a first record from shore of Hawaii Island. Four were seen at Keokea B.P. 24 Oct 2014 (LT) and from Makapuu Point 18 May 2015 (PM, LT). Two observed from Nakalele Blowhole 1 Apr 2015 (LT) were first from shore records from Maui Island. One of the most numerous sea - bird migrants (spring and fall) passing through the Region is Sooty Shearwater, but there are very few high counts recorded from shore. Some 3223 Sooty Shearwaters were observed migrating past Keokea B.P. 19 Oct 2014 (LT, CB) during a 3.5-hour seawatch, a new high count island record that was broken with 3903 Sooty Shearwaters at the same location 30 Sep 2015 (LT, CB). At least 520 were counted from Makapuu Point 28 Mar 2015, a new high count from Oahu Island in the spring (PM). The highest spring Hawaii Island count record is of 2200 shearwaters seen from Holei Sea Arch 28 Mar 2015 (BL, WE). A new high count record from shore in the Region, 21 Christmas Shear - waters were observed headed southeastward past Keokea B.P. 9 Aug 2015 (LT). Five Leach's Storm-Petrels were observed migrating north - ward past Keahole Point 7 Jul 2014 (LT), a new high count island record from shore; a single bird at sea off the Kona coast furnished pos - sibly a late record 30 Nov 2014 (ph. C.R.C.). Counts of 27 and 42 Masked Boobies from Makapuu Point 14 Jun 2014 (LT) and 17 Jan 2016 (LT), respectively, represent new high Juan Fernandez Petrels were seen at sea off Ha- leiwa, Oahu 24 Sep 2014 (MW) and from Ka Iwi Channel (between Oahu and Molokai) 23 Oct 2014 (MW). One was well described mi - grating past Makapuu Point 12 Oct 2014 (PM), a first record from shore in the Region. In 2015, a total of 30 Juan Fernandez Petrels were all observed from Hawaii Island, 18 of these ob - served from shore migrating southeastward past Keokea B.P. 9 Aug–1 Oct (LT, CB), new from- shore records for Hawaii Island. Others were seen off the Kona coast 19 Sep 2015 (ph. BN, BA, LT, AW, TP, m.ob.), 17 Oct 2015 (LT), and 12 Nov 2015 (AW). Two were observed far to the s. of Hawaii Island 5 Oct 2015 (ph. NM). A Black-winged Petrel was observed from shore flying past Keokea B.P. 30 Oct 2014, and 9 were seen 28-29 Apr 2015 and 4 on 9 Aug 2015 from the same location (LT); these are the first records of this species from shore in the Region. A high count of 54 unidentified Cookilaria petrels was logged at Keokea B.P. 28-29 Oct 2014, an un - derbirded seawatch hotspot in the Region dur- ing migration. Many of these were likely Cook's Petrels, of which 6 were identified moving past this location 30 Oct–5 Nov 2014 (LT), one on 28 Apr 2015 (LT), and 9 on 9-14 Aug 2015 (LT, CB), the first records of this species from shore in the Region. Two Stejneger's Petrels were ob - served at sea off the Kona coast 24 Nov 2014, the latest fall records for the S.E.H.I. (C.R.C.). A high count of 30 Bulwer's Petrels came from Keahole Point 20 Jun 2014 (LT). White-faced Ibis have become regular winter visitors to Hawaii in the past several years. This flock of eight was observed at Ohiapilo Pond, Molokai on 18 December 2015. Photograph by Mike Wanger. One of very few records for the Hawaiian Islands, this Common Ringed Plover found at Anini Beach at Princeville, Kauai 8-9 (here 8) September 2014 was well studied and photographed. Photograph by John Riggins.

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