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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 512 Hawaiian Islands Lance Tanino –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– H ighlights in the Hawaiian Islands from summer 2014 through winter 2015– 2016 included a Red-breasted Mer - ganser, the third substantiated record of Tahiti Petrel, the third confirmed record of Common Ringed Plover, the fifth record of Solitary Sand - piper, the first record of Spotted Redshank, the second substantiated record of Stilt Sandpiper, the first summer record of Common Snipe, the second substantiated record of Mew Gull, and the second record of Brambling. Rarities and other noteworthy observations in the Hawai - ian Islands included Snow Geese, Pied-billed Grebes, Juan Fernandez Petrels, several big Sooty Shearwater days, a flock of White-faced Ibis, nesting Least Terns, multiple Black Terns, and a Belted Kingfisher. Abbreviations: Cape Kumukahi (at Kapoho, Hawaii Island); Waihee C.D.W.R. (Coastal Dunes and Wetlands Refuge, Waihee, Maui Island); Holei Sea Arch (Hawaii Volcanoes N.P., Hawaii Island); J.C.N.W.R.-Kii (James Campbell N.W.R., Kii Unit, Kahuku, Oahu Is - land); Kanaha Pond (State Wildlife Sanctuary, Kahului, Maui Island); Kaunakakai W.T.P. (on Molokai Island); Kealakehe W.T.P. (at Kailua- Kona, Hawaii Island); Kealia Pond N.W.R. (at Kihei, Maui Island); Keokea B.P. (at Niulii, Hawaii Island); Keahole Point (Kalaoa, Hawaii Island); Kilauea Point (Kilauea, Kauai Island); Koheo Wetland (at Kaunakakai, Molokai Is - land); Kona coast (of Hawaii Island); Makapuu Point (Waimanalo, Oahu Island); Midway Atoll N.W.R. (Northwestern Hawaiian Islands); Na - kalele Blowhole (at Poelua Bay, Maui Island); N.W.H.I. (Northwestern Hawaiian Islands); Nuupia Ponds (W.M.A., Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Oahu Island); Ohiapilo Pond (on Molokai Island); P.H.N.W.R.-Honouliuli (Pearl Harbor N.W.R.-Honouliuli Unit, Waipio, Oahu Island); P.H.N.W.R.-Waiawa (Pearl Harbor N.W.R.-Waiawa Unit, Waipahu, Oahu Island); P.M.R.F. (Pacific Missle Range Facility); Pouha - la Wetland (Waipahu, Oahu Island); S.E.H.I. (Southeastern Hawaiian Islands). WATERFOWL THROUGH IBISES A single ad. Greater White-fronted Geese was observed at Hansen Road Ponds, Puunene, Maui 28 Oct 2014–16 Feb 2015 (LT, SG, m.ob.) and with Hawaiian Geese at Waikoloa Village G.C., Hawaii late Nov 2014–summer 2015 (ph. KL, RD). This is the first record of oversummering. A total of 6 or possibly 7 Snow Geese, an unusually high number, was observed in fall 2015 on three islands. The first observation of the season was an ad. flying over the bayfront area of downtown Hilo, Hawaii 4 Oct 2015 (TP). Two juvs. were reported by Turtle Bay Resort employees at Kahuku, Oahu 27 Oct 2015–14 Feb 2016 (T.B.R., m.ob.). An - other 2 juvs. were observed at the s. end of the state at Whittington B.P., Naalehu, Hawaii 8 Nov 2015–21 Feb 2016 (LW, ph. SW, ph. BA, m.ob.). Single juvs.were seen at Kaunakakai, Molokai 12 Nov 2015 (ADY, MK) and at Kapo - lei G.C., Oahu 25 Nov 2015–3 Jan 2016 (KT, m.ob.). A Brant was observed 30 Nov 2014–30 Apr 2015 with a pair of Cackling Geese at James Campbell N.W.R. (EV, RM, KP, m.ob.), and another was at Kanaha Pond 27 Dec 2015– 25 Feb 2016 (D&DP, m.ob.). Cackling and other wintering geese in the islands are usually observed as singles and rarely in small flocks, so the aforementioned 2 at James Campbell N.W.R. 20 Mar 2014–30 Apr 2015 made an uncommon sight (RK, KR, JA, m.ob.). A single Cackling was on the high-elevation slopes of Haleakala at Ulupalakua, Maui 13 Jan 2015 with a flock of 8 Hawaiian Geese, far from any wetland area (SE). A Cinnamon Teal was seen at Kualapuu W.T.P., Molokai 2 Dec 2015 (ADY), the fourth record for The Friendly Is - land, the most recent record being from 2008. Three Tufted Ducks were seen at Kaelepulu Pond, Kailua, Oahu 23 Nov 2014–10 Jan 2015 (AV, SL, m.ob.). A Red-breasted Merganser was photographed on Spit Island, Midway Atoll N.W.R. 2 Apr 2015 (MDS, ph. F&KS), the first substantiated record from the N.W.H.I. A Pied-billed Grebe was at Wailoa River S.R.A. (Waiakea Pond), Hilo, Hawaii 10 Oct 2015–19 Feb 2016 (ph. BA, m.ob.) repre - sents a new early record for the Region by two months, previously 14 Dec 1974 on Kauai Is - land. The next earliest record was of a second Pied-billed Grebe that joined the first at the same location 8 Dec 2015 (ph. GD, m.ob.). Laysan Albatross sightings from Hawaii Island included one at MacKenzie S.P. 28 Jun 2014 (KW) and a pair at Keokea B.P. 28-29 Apr 2015 (LT). A Black-footed Albatross was seen at Kae - na Point N.A.R., Mokuleia, Oahu 12 Jul 2014, a late observation (AMa). In recent years, more Black-footed Albatross sightings in the S.E.H.I. have come from Kauai and Oahu. In addition, one was collected on Molokai 29 Dec 2014 (ADY), 2 were observed sitting on the water possibly foraging on a whale carcass at Kanou - nou Point overlook, Kapalua, Maui 1 Apr 2015 (LT), and one was observed at Keokea B.P. 28 Apr 2015 during an afternoon seawatch (LT). In recent years, Kermadec Petrels have regu- larly been observed at Kilauea Point N.W.R., where they returned in 2014–2015. Two (light and dark morphs) were observed 1 Jun–31 Jul 2014 (TT, EV, JR, HR, WC, NH, GH) and one 2 Apr–16 Aug 2015 (MP, IH, BL, m.ob.). They are suspected of possibly breeding there. A Ta - hiti Petrel seen off the Kona coast 14 Nov 2014 (ph. C.R.C.) represents the first photographic record and only third substantiated record in the Region. The other substantiated records were from 240 km se. of Hawaii 5 Nov 1984 and 9 km w. of Midway Atoll N.W.R. 23 May 1999. A Murphy's Petrel was observed in flight and heard vocalizing from the ground at Sand Island, Midway Atoll N.W.R.17 Aug 2014 (ph. RK, BH, MD); it returned to the same location 15 Sep–6 Oct 2015 (YA, MD). Another single was photographed 20 km e. of Hawaii Island 13 Oct 2014 (NM). A melanistic Mottled Petrel was off Kauai 8 Oct 2014 (C.R.C.). Mottled Petrels are not unusual in the Region during migration periods, but it has been about 30 years since they were observed from shore in the Hawaiian Islands (Laie Point and Kahuku, Oahu, 27 Oct 1985). Four were seen during a seawatch from Keokea B.P. 14-30 Oct 2014 (LT)—the second record from shore in the Region. In 2014, single This Red-breasted Merganser found resting on the shoreline of Spit Island, Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge 2 April 2015 provided the first substantiated record for the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Photograph by Forest and Kim Starr.

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