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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 511 W E S T I N D I E S & B E R M U D A from East End Dairy 7-9 Jun (PW). Another Alpine Swift present at Salters, Barbados 13- 14 Jul (JMo, EM, JW) was remarkably the fifth record of the species for this island. A Northern Rough-winged Swallow was seen over the Sea of Abaco 31 Jul (EB). The sighting of a Bahama Swallow feeding over a ca - nal at Lyford Cay 29 Jun (EB) raises hopes that this endemic still nests on New Providence. A Fork-tailed Flycatcher furnished a fine record at the Petite Terre Nature Reserve, Guadeloupe 2 Jun (AL). A Pearly-eyed Thrasher remained at Treasure Cay, Abaco throughout the sum - mer (EB). Two Bahama Mockingbirds were observed in typical xeric habitat at Portland Cottage, Clarendon, Jamaica 22 Jul (Frantz Duzont, Anthony Levesque, Brandon Haye, Antoine Chabrolle, Greg Butcher). A Louisiana Waterthrush was noted at Laravine, Grande- Anse, Haïti 18 Jul (Sean Christensen), one of the earliest arrivals reported this season. Bracey and Hallett found a Scarlet Tanager at Treasure Cay 1 Jun (EB, BH). A Puerto Rican Spindalis at Playa La Chiva, Vieques 27 (SG) was apparently a first island record (fide DG). A White-throated Sparrow discovered at Ferry Point Park, Bermuda 18 Jun–16 Jul (MM) provided the first summer record. Shiny Cowbirds were reported from Great Inagua 4 Jun (RB, HN) and St. Augustine's Monastery, Nassau 13 Jun (BCNP). Observers: Niall Aitkin, Linda Barry-Cooper, Bird Club of New Providence (BCNP), Elwood Bracey, Simon Buckingham (SBu), Jolika Buckner, Sandra Buckner, Randolf Burrows, Paul Dean, Eric Delcroix, Andrew Dobson, Department of the Environment and Marine Affairs (DEMA), Andrew Farnsworth (AFa), Alison Fox (AFo), Dominic Garcia-Hall, Erika Gates, Daphne Gemmill, Lisa Greene, Susana Guerrero, Colin Ingraham, Vincent Lemoine, Anthony Levesque, Tarra Lindo, Jeremy Madeiros, Eddie Massiah, Miguel Mejias, John Moore (JMo), Duncan Mullis, Rodger Neilson, Henry Nixon, Steve Russell, Keith Salvesen, Crista Smith (CSm), Dan Smyth, Colin Speedie, John Thompson, Paul Watson, John Webster, David Wingate. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Robert L. Norton (Greater Antilles) 8960 NE Waldo Road, Gainesville, Florida 32609 ( Anthony White (Bahamas Archipelago) 970 Aurora Avenue A205, Boulder, Colorado 80302 ( Andrew Dobson (Bermuda) , Warwick Academy, 117 Middle Road, Warwick PG 01 Bermuda ( Anthony Levesque (Lesser Antilles), Roussel, 97129 Lamentin, Guadeloupe 12 Jul (SBu). Three White Ibis at Whitby, North Caicos 26 Jun (AFa) provided one of the few records of this species in Turks and Caicos. Black-necked Stilts were present at various Bermuda locations 6 Jun+, peaking at 5 on 7 Jul (AD). Four Semipalmated Plovers were at Big Bird Poultry Farm, Abaco 2 Jun (EB), 2 at Hawkes Nest Salina, Grand Turk 11 Jun (DEMA), and 6 at Green Turtle Cay 11 Jul (EB, DM, RN). Other migrant shorebirds were present in late Jul included 6 Piping Plovers at Discovery Beach, Grand Bahama 22 Jul (EG), a Solitary Sandpiper and 4 Lesser Yellowlegs at Harrold and Wilson Ponds, New Providence 15 Jul (PD), a Whimbel at Flamingo Pond, North Caicos 24 Jul (DGH), and 2 Sanderlings at Southwest Point, Great Inagua 18 Jul (RB). A Ruff was reported from Golden Pond, Barbados 26 Jun (JW), a species rarely ob - served at this time of year. At Safehaven, West Bay, Grand Cayman, several early shorebird ar - rivals 29 Jul included Black-bellied Plover (2), Semipalmated Plover (7), Spotted Sandpiper (1), Solitary Sandpiper (2), and Greater (2) and Lesser Yellowlegs (3); a Stilt Sandpiper was at Central Mangrove, North Side, and 14 Willets were at Grand Harbour, George Town. A Wilson's Phalarope was at Spittal Pond, Bermuda 21 Jul (NA). Two South Polar Skuas passed Cooper's Point, Bermuda 16 Jun (PW). An ad. dark- morph Parasitic Jaeger was noted from the SV Pelerin e. of Bond Cay, Berry Islands 14 Jun (CS), unusual for midsummer. Also unexpect - ed on this date, a Great Black-backed Gull was at Albatros Club Resort, San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic 12 Jun (Nick Horten). A Royal Tern was at Dockyard, Bermuda 25- 28 Jun (PW). An ad. Roseate Tern was in the Great Sound, Bermuda 25-30 Jun (PW). Unexpected were 2 Common Terns off the Berry Islands 1 Jul (DS) and a pair at Green Turtle Cay, Abaco 20 Jul (EB). DOVES THROUGH BLACKBIRDS Thirteen White-winged Doves were at Désirade Island, Guadeloupe 8 Jun (ED). Single Yellow- billed Cuckoos were at Gates's garden, Freeport, Grand Bahama 13 Jun (EG) and the citrus farm, Treasure Cay, Abaco 25 Jun (EB); 2 were at Blue Shark G.C., New Providence 19 Jun (PD). While building a nature trail in South Bimini, Gates observed two species new to the Bimini list: a Key West Quail-Dove 4 Jun and 13 Jul and a Cuban Emerald 13 Jul (EG). The Cuban Emerald was a well-de - scribed male and would be the first accepted record in the Bahamas away from its resident islands—Grand Bahama, Abaco, and Andros. Bermuda's first record of Alpine Swift came period at various Bermuda locations (AD). Two Northern Shovelers were carefully noted in the large raft of Ruddy Ducks at Laguna Saladilla, Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic 5 Jun (Stephen Brauning). Four Ring-necked Ducks were at Emerald G.C., Grand Bahama 1 Jul (LBC, EG). An imm. Hooded Mergan - ser discovered at Seymour's Pond 14 Jun (AD) relocated to Port Royal G.C. through 31 Jul+, providing the first summer record for Ber - muda. A high count of Ruddy Duck (49) at Montego Bay Sewage Ponds, Saint James, Ja - maica 12 Jun (Beny Wilson Altamiranda) may have been a drought-related concentration of resident birds. Bermuda Petrels had another successful breeding season, despite losing four or five pairs during hurricane Gonzalo in Oct 2014. The total number of active breeding pairs producing an egg was 110, up from 108 the previous year. The total number of confirmed fledging chicks was 53, down from last sea - son's record number of 59—the loss almost certainly caused by disruption and damage to nest burrows from Hurricane Gonzalo (JM). Three Cory's and 2 Great Shearwaters were 3-5 km off Great Guana Cay, Abaco 18 Jun (EB). In the last two weeks of Jun, almost 100 dead Great Shearwaters washed up on beaches of Abaco, Eleuthera, and Grand Bahama (KS, EG). In a similar event in 2007, the birds were emaciated juvs., a small part of a die-off ex - tending along most of the U. S. Atlantic coast. A juv. Brown Pelican came aboard the Bermuda-bound RV Atlantic Explorer at 31º 30' N, 64º 24' W 16 Jul and was almost certainly the same bird present at various Bermuda lo - cations 19-31 Jul+ (LG et al.). Smyth reported 64 Audubon's Shearwaters off the Berry Islands 1 Jul (DS). Three Wilson's Storm-Petrels were 16 km off Great Guana Cay 21 Jun (SR). A Glossy Ibis was present at Somerset Long Bay, Bermuda 1 Jun+ (AD). One thousand American Flamingos remained at Flamingo Pond, North Caicos through 27 Jul (DGH). The Bahamas' lone Anhinga remained around Reef G.C., Grand Bahama through the summer (EG). Black-crowned Night-Herons were once considered rare on Great Inagua, but this summer 4 were seen at Great Inagua N.P. 22 Jun (TL), 22 at the Lighthouse Pump Station Canal 28 Jun (RB), and 12 at the ca - nal 5 Jul (RB). A high count of 64 Roseate Spoonbills at Salt Pond Hill, Great Inagua 13 Jun (CI) was noteworthy, and one at Sunset Ridge, Treasure Cay, Abaco 26 Jun (AFo) was outside the species' normal range in the Bahamas. Up to 6 Glossy Ibis were reported repeatedly in residential areas in the e. end of Nassau 18-28 Jul (JT, JB, SB). Three Glossy Ibis paused at Saint Paul, Antigua and Barbuda

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