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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 510 W E S T I N D I E S & B E R M U D A Nursery 23 Mar (RS). Visiting birders dis- covered a Pearly-eyed Thrasher at Treasure Cay, Abaco 21 Mar (EGr, JG, EB); it stayed through the spring. This is the first report for Abaco and one of a few from the Northern Bahamas. A Gray Catbird was reported at Zapoten, Pedernales, Dominican Republic 10 Apr (AVN). St. Croix's second record of Gray Catbird was noted 11 Mar at Estate William (LY). Eight Ovenbirds on Staniel Cay, Exumas 2 May was a notable count (BP). Seven American Pipits at Bermuda airport 1-7 Apr (AD) made the first ever spring record. A Blue-winged Warbler was at Robert's Nursery, Treasure Cay 26 Feb (EGr). A Blue- winged Warbler appeared at Lamentin, Guadeloupe 17 Mar (AC). A Golden-winged Warbler seen at Port-au-Prince, Haïti 16 Mar (JFr) was an unexpected delight. An Orange- crowned Warbler was at Gerace Research Center, San Salvador 1 Mar (NA). A Worm- eating Warbler, a rare migrant, was at the base of Mount Pirata, Vieques 6 Mar (DG, LSi), the tenth island record. Single Nashville Warblers were at Jake Jones Rd., San Salvador 2 Mar (NA), Little Lake, San Salvador 16 Mar (GL, VL), and The Retreat, Nassau 17 Mar (MB, JB). A well-described Connecticut Warbler was seen at Font Hill Nature Preserve, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica 3 May (BC). A research team spent three weeks on Abaco looking for Kirtland's Warblers and only found 4, all on 14 Mar along the Hole-in-the-Wall Rd., s. of the pine forest; they also found the 4 warblers the next day (EB, K&SS, BB). The same team found 47 Kirtland's on Cat Island 5-11 Apr (DE, JW, AH). Single Kirtland's Warblers were seen at Gerace Research Center, San Salvador 13 Mar (GL) and cen. Eleuthera 31 Mar (JA). Chretien reported a fallout of Blackburnian Warblers on Great Stirrup Cay 22 Apr, a very rainy day (GC, fide CW); a single Blackburnian was at Freeport 2 May (MC). A Chestnut-sided Warbler was at Mathewtown, Great Inagua 7 May, and a Bay-breasted Warbler was there 7-8 May (RB, HC, TB, CB, TL, LF, LS, MM). A male Blackpoll Warbler was seen at Morgan's Point, Bermuda 3 May (AD). Two Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were seen feeding on Gumbo Limbo at Désirade Island, Guadeloupe 20 Mar (AL, FD). Two Grasshopper Sparrows were seen at Martins Hill, Manchester, Jamaica 16 Apr (RH); 2 were at Rio Soco, El Seybo, Dominican Republic 9 May (KW). Scarlet Tanagers noted during the northbound migration included singles at Antigua 12 Apr (DS, JP), Désirade Island, Guadeloupe 17 Apr (AL), Hangman Hill, Barbados Apr 21 (JMo), Bridgetown, Barbados 6 May (JMo), Mathewtown, Great Inagua 27- 28 Apr (NM VM), Freeport, Grand Bahama 1 May (EG), Little Stirrup Cay, Berry Islands 8 May (E&JF), and Estate Longford 5 Apr (LGa, CG), plus 2 at Petit-Bourg, Guadeloupe 21 Apr (AL). Nine Indigo Buntings were seen 1 Apr at Oxford Road, St. Croix (LY). In Guadeloupe, the first wintering record of Indigo Bunting was proved with 2-3 banded birds from last fall being observed regularly during the win - ter and the spring at Désirade Island (AL, FD, ED). Three were also reported from Saint Kitts 13 Apr (PHu, JRB). Bobolinks made a good showing on Grand Bahama, with high counts of 80 on 30 Apr (CT DM) and 72 on 1 May (EG). A Brown- headed Cowbird was at Treasure Cay, Abaco 8 Mar; Shiny Cowbirds were reported from Grand Bahama, Andros, and New Providence. A Tawny-shouldered Blackbird was seen and photographed at George Town, Grand Cayman 10 Mar (DSw), again 15-27 Mar (RR, PD, MV), and again 9 May (SM, CR-S); this is another report in Grand Cayman of a Cuban endemic. Single Baltimore Orioles were at Treasure Cay, Abaco (CWe) and Mathewtown, Great Inagua, both on 4 May (LF, RB, NM). A Dickcissel was noted feeding with grassquits at North Side, Grand Cayman 2 May (PD). A Scaly-breasted Munia (formerly Nutmeg Mannikin) was seen on Banks Rd., Eleuthera 28 Mar (JA); this spe - cies is resident on Hispaniola and Puerto Rico and has been reported from Turks and Caicos and Great Inagua in the past. Observers (subregional editors in bold - face type): Jamie Adams, Elizabeth Ames, Nancy Andersen, Linda Barry-Cooper (LBC), Bird Club of New Providence (BCNP), John Bolte, Michael Bolte, Bill Bowen, Elwood Bracey, Stephen Brauning, Richard Brewer (FDo(RBr), Jorge Brocca (JBr), Randolph Burrows, Tara Burrows, Celeste Burrows, Eric Carey, Harriet Cartwright, Martha Cartwright, Jacqueline Cestero, Antoine Chabrolle, Glen Chretien, Sean Christiansen , Boo Curry, Peter Davey, Frantz Delcroix, Eric Delcroix, Andrew Dobson, Fiona Dobson (FDoO), Paul & Christine Doiron, Priscilla & Dale Doucette, David Ewert, Leah Ferguson, Josh Friers (JFr), Wendy Frith, Erica & Jeff Fossmo, Lynn Gape, Christina Gasperi, Luca Gasperi (LGa), Erika Gates, Eric Gauger, Jane Gauger, Daphne Gemmill, Joe & Angela Gheradi, Percival Hanley, Ashley Hannah, Rich Hoyer, Bobby Hughes, Pamela Hunt (PHu), Tom Johnson, Gerald Judge, Matt Kappler, Rachele Kappler, Jim & Kirstin Kushlan, Antonia Lance (ALa), Vicki La Sala, Greg Lawrence, Anthony Levesque, Tarra Lindo, Derek & Jeanette Lovitch, Joseph Lynch, Richard MacDonald, Jeremy Madeiros, Brian Magnier, Stuart Mailer, Pericles Maillis (PM), Peter Maillis (PtM), Laurent Malglaive, Muriel McIntosh, Preston McIntosh (PMc), Julian Moore (JMo), Ivan Mota, Neal Morris (NMo), Nicole Moultrie, Vivian Moultrie, Duncan Mullis, Henry Nixon, Conor O'Sullivan (COS), Reg Patterson, Lionel Petit, Stan Phippen, Junior Prosper, Bruce Purdy, Emily and Michael Ringer, Ray Robles, Jajean Rose-Burney, Christine Rose- Smyth, Julie Ryan, Thomas Ryan, Keith & Sally Salvesen, Gina Sheridan, Ludis Seymour, Lisa Sinnigen (LSi), David Smethurst, Crista Smith, Richard Soffer, Anne Stafford, Camilla Stringer (CSt), Noah Strycker, John Sullivan, Denny Swaby (DSw), Thomas Tinsley, Chris Tuchel, Marianne Vahey, Binkie Van es, Alan Van Norman, Lisa Sinnigen Kate Wallace, Carolyn Wardle, Paul Watson, John Webster (JWe), Ben West, Chris West (CWe), Jérôme Wey (JeW), Tony White, Libby Willson, David Wingate (DBW), Jay Wright (JWr), Joe Wunderle, Lisa Yntema. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– A lthough it was a quiet summer in the Bahamas with no severe storm, a se - vere and crippling drought considered to be the worst since 2010 according to the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture held the entire re - gion of 1.5 million residents hostage from the Greater Antilles in the northwest to St. Lucia in the southeast. The comparison to a similar drought five years ago compels one to consid - er cyclic El Niño phenomena exacerbated by global warming. Avian highlights of the season for Bermuda included the first record of Alpine Swift, a West Indian Whistling-Duck (last record - ed in 1907), and the first seasonal records of Hooded Merganser and White-throated Sparrow. Records of Alpine Swift came from Bermda and Barbados. Two species, Key West Quail-Dove and Cuban Emerald, were add - ed to the Biminis' list. The A.O.U. accepted Inagua Woodstar as a full species, thereby in - creasing the number of recognized endemic species in the Region. WATERFOWL THROUGH TERNS Bermuda's second record of West Indian Whistling-Duck was discovered at Tobacco Bay 27 Jun (CSm) and appeared at various locations through Jul 31+. The only previous record was from 1907. A continuing Fulvous Whistling-Duck remained at Pointe Allègre, Guadeloupe throughout the spring and was last observed 3 Jun (AL). Two male Wood Ducks were present throughout the summer

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