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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 509 W E S T I N D I E S & B E R M U D A Kites were seen n. of Cooper's Town, Abaco 22 Mar (JW, AH), and one was over Treasure Cay the next day (EB). A Swallow-tailed Kite was at various Bermuda locations 28 Feb–14 Mar (FDo). An imm. Broad-winged Hawk at Punta Vaca, Vieques, P.R. 25 Mar made a first spring and fourth record for the island (DG, LSi). A Red-tailed Hawk stayed for a while on Saint Kitts, observed from 8 Mar (LW) through 30 May (BM). Even rarer for the Lesser Antilles, another showed up on St. Lucia 18 Mar (SP). A pair of Spotted Rails was heard at Elim Pools, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica 16 Apr (RH, m.ob.). Single Purple Gallinules were at Emerald G.C. and Ruby G.C., Grand Bahama 19 Mar and 9 May (EG, m.ob.). At the Department of Agriculture Upper Pond, St. Croix, 10 Purple Gallinules were counted 4 Mar (LY). The first ever spring flock of Willets (9 birds) was seen at Shelly Bay, Bermuda 29 Apr (JM). Also in Bermuda, an unprecedented fallout of Lesser Yellowlegs included a record 60 birds at various locations 30 Apr (AD, PW et al.). An Upland Sandpiper was seen at Mathewtown, Great Inagua 4 May (MM, PMc, NM, LF, RB, ph.). A female Ruff was a great find at the chicken farm, Freeport, Grand Bahama 27-28 Apr (EG, ph. DM); another was at Spittal Pond, Bermuda 17 May (AD). A high count of 76 Dunlins at Green Turtle Cay, Abaco 1 Apr was remarkable (EB, J&KK, E&MR). Least Sandpipers numbered 425 at Laguna Playa Grande 22 Apr (DGe), setting a new spring high count for Vieques. Some notable shorebirds showed up in the Lesser Antilles this spring: a Long-billed Dowitcher at Congo Road private impoundment, Barbados 18 May (JWe); a Red Knot at Port Louis swamp, Guadeloupe 30 May (AL, FD, ED); a Ruff at different sites around Barbados 9-21 May (JWe, JMo); and a White-rumped Sandpiper in Anguilla 9 May (JC). A Reeve was at Harrold and Wilson Ponds N.P. 1 May (PD). Single Pomarine Jaegers were seen off North Abaco 27 Mar (MK, RK) and Great Guana Cay, Abaco 28 May (EB). A Bonaparte's Gull was at West End, Grand Bahama 9 Apr (ph. EG, m.ob.). A Herring Gull was noted at Parottee Pond, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica 19 Apr (NS, EA); another was at Golden Groves Private Impoundment, Barbados 30 May (JMo). An Iceland Gull was last seen at Dockyard, Bermuda 11 Mar (AD). Seven Lesser Black- backed Gulls stopped at Saint Martin 12 Apr (BVE). There were 20 reports of Lesser Black- backed Gulls from the Bahamas this spring, with a high count of 12 from Cooper's Town, Abaco 18 Feb (EB). Great Black-backed Gulls were scarce; seven reports of single birds from Paradise Island, New Providence, Grand Bahama, Green Turtle Cay, and Castaway Cay, Abaco probably involved 5 total birds. Two Lesser Black-backed Gulls were at Monumento Natural Bahía de las Calderas, Salinas de Bani, Peravia, Dominican Republic 19 Mar (TJ, IM). Forty-two Least Terns were counted at Discovery Beach, Grand Bahama 14 May (EG). From 22 Apr–28 May, Least Terns, a species of conservation concern on the Puerto Rico Bank, started nesting on Laguna Playa Grande salt flats, Vieques, Puerto Rico. On 22 Apr, 23 terns were present and reached a high count of 76 with 25 nests 14 May. Forty Roseate Terns were seen in the Sea of Abaco between Treasure Cay and Whale Cay 16 May (EB). The Common Tern population in Bermuda remains critically low. Three pairs successfully raised a total of 7 young. A further two female- female pairs both laid infertile six-egg clutch - es (DBW). A Common Tern was reported at Parottee Pond, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica 14 Mar (EA, TR, JWr). The seawatches from Pointe des Châteaux and Désirade Island, Guadeloupe produced 15 Arctic Terns 19 Apr–23 May (FD, AL, AC, LP, LM, JeW). Single Forster's Terns, uncommon in the Bahamas, were seen at West End, Grand Bahama 30 Apr (EG CT) and near Treasure Cay, Abaco 1 & 13 Feb (EB, D&JL, P&CD). Sixty Sandwich Terns were observed from the ferry between North and South Bimini 17 Apr (EG). A Black Tern was care - fully studied 14 Mar at Parottee Pond, Jamaica (EA, TR, JWr). DOVES THROUGH MUNIA White-winged Doves are now well estab- lished in the n. Lesser Antilles; a flock of 30+ at Pointe des Châteaux, Guadeloupe 26 May (FD) was the top count for the Region. A Key West Quail-Dove was at Orange Creek, Cat Island 5 Apr (AH). Five Bridled Quail- Doves were heard calling on Mount Pirata, Vieques, P.R. 8 Mar (DG, P&DD). A White- fronted Quail-Dove was noted at Rabo de Gato, Independencia, Dominican Republic 11 Mar (IM). Yellow-billed Cuckoos were re - ported from Gilpin Point, Abaco 15 May (SG), Shannon Pond, Freeport, Grand Bahama 26 May (EG, JR), and Crossing Rocks, Abaco 30 May (RP). The Bird Club of New Providence found 17 Smooth-billed Anis on Mayaguana 20-23 Mar, whereas none were seen there dur - ing a visit in Mar 2006. A Barn Owl was at Sunken Blue Hole, Abaco 22 Apr (EB, MR), and 2 were heard calling at Coral Harbour, New Providence 5-8 May (CW). A single Ashy-faced Owl was reported at Childcare Hill, Les Cayes, Haïti 21 Mar (SC). It is not known whether Burrowing Owls still nest on New Providence, so one seen along Coral Harbour Rd. at the e. end of Lynden Pindling Airport 8 Apr (PtM, JL) was noteworthy. A Short-eared Owl was at Barranca, La Romana, Dominican Republic 9 Mar (JS). The earliest reported Antillean Nighthawk in the Bahamas was at Coral Harbour 19 Apr (CW); the first of the season at Grand Cayman was at George Town 28 Apr (AS). A Greater Antillean Nightjar was seen around town in w. Port-au-Prince, Haïti 26 Mar (JFr). A Chuck- will's-widow was seen feeding at Barahona, Dominican Republic 18 Mar (IM). Three White-collared Swifts were seen at Petionville, Haïti 8 Mar (BW). Ten White-collared Swifts were seen with 2 Black Swifts near Tet Simon Sud, Haïti 16 Apr (SC). Seven Black Swifts were reported on Autopista Duarte at km 58, San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic 10 May (SB). A Chimney Swift was seen at Malportes Pond, Grand Cayman 29 Apr (PD). Four Ruby-throated Hummingbirds together on Wreck Rd. 28 Apr–1 May (DBW) made a Bermuda record count. Gates reported a Ruby-throated Hummingbird at Garden of the Groves, Grand Bahama 8 Apr, and one visited Bracey's feeder in Treasure Cay, Abaco 11 Apr. American Kestrels, both light and dark morphs, were abundant on Mayaguana 20-23 Mar (ph. BCNP). There were seven re - ports of Peregrine Falcons in the Bahamas this spring, from Abaco, Grand Bahama, and San Salvador (m.ob.). The earliest reports of Gray Kingbird from the Bahamas were one heard at Coral Harbour, New Providence 7 Mar (CW) and 3 seen on Crooked and Acklins Islands during six days around 21 Mar (MB). Single White-eyed Vireos were reported from the citrus farm near Treasure Cay, Abaco 1 Mar (EB) and Gates's garden in Freeport 19 Mar (EG). A Black- whiskered Vireo at Ferry Point Park 9 May (NM) was the first for Bermuda since 1999. A Cliff Swallow at Treasure Cay 29 Apr was un - expected (EB). A group of 18 Bank Swallows was seen at Morne à l'Eau 21 May and made the latest date on record for Guadeloupe; this group was accompanied by a Cave Swallow, for which the most recent observation was in 2009 (AL). A Cliff Swallow at Christ Church, Barbados 3 Apr was noteworthy (JMo). Three Bahama Swallows returned to Arawak Cay, their only nesting site on New Providence, 12 Mar (PD). The derelict boat in which they nested in previous years had been moved, and the swallows did not accept nest boxes placed nearby. They were last seen at Arawak Cay 28 Mar (PD) and may no longer breed on New Providence. A Veery at Seymour's Pond, Bermuda 3-7 May (RBr) provided good views for many observers. Another was at Angel Fish Point, Abaco 2 May (EB). A Hermit Thrush haunted The Retreat, Nassau 23-25 Mar (TW, BH, EC). An American Robin was at Robert's

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