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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 508 C E N T R A L A M E R I C A (Honduras), Leester Vasquez, Herman Ven- egas, Venicio Wilson, Jafeth Zablah. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– H. Lee Jones, 58 Far West Street, Punta Gorda, Belize ( John van Dort, Las Quebraditas, Santa Ana, Francisco Morazán, Honduras ( Oliver Komar, Zamorano University, Department of Environment and Development, Km 35, Carretera a Danlí, Francisco Morazán, Honduras ( billa (Panama), Olivia Diaz, Kevin Easley, Car- los Echeverría, Angel Fong, Carlos Funes, Rob- ert Gallardo, Oliver Gereda, Kees Groenendijk, Jorge Herrera, Lee Jones (Belize), Rolando Jor - dan (RJo), Roselvy Juárez (El Salvador), How- ard Laidlaw, Esdraz Lopez, Adalberto B. Lucas, Rafael Luck, Darien Montañez (Panama), Luis Noack, Max Noack, Michael O'Brien, Mario Ocaña, Maynor Ovando (MOv), Cristina Riehl, Mario Trejo, Alfredo Valle, John van Dort be established on the mainland in n. Belize. Contributors (country coordinators in bold - face): Jeniffer Abrego, Domiciano Alveo, George Angehr (Panama), Alf Auerbach, Dorothy Beveridge, Kelvin Bodden, Melvin Bonilla, Mark Bonta (MaB), John Paul Cahill (Guatemala), Edwin Calderón (EdC), Euclides Campos, Emmanuel Chan (EmC), Liliana Chavarría-Duriaux (Nicaragua), Jan Axel Cu - West Indies & Bermuda low water on Lake Rosa. Bermuda's second confirmed Black-capped Petrel was photographed at Challenger Banks 22 Mar (CSt). Bracey saw 2 Black- capped Petrels, 4 Great Shearwaters, and 50 Audubon's Shearwaters 19 Mar and 5 Cory's Shearwaters, 3 Great Shearwaters, 7 Audubon's Shearwaters, and a Wilson's Storm- Petrel 28 May from sport-fishing boats e. of Abaco. As every year, dozens of seawatches from Pointe des Châteaux and Désirade Island, Guadeloupe were productive. All the regular species of jaegers, shearwaters, and storm-pe - trels were observed, with 15 South Polar Skuas counted 9-25 May (AL, FD, AC, LM, JeW). White-tailed Tropicbirds were already fly - ing around Conception Island N.P., Bahamas 8 Mar (J&AG). In the U. S. Virgin Islands, a high count of 9 White-tailed Tropicbirds was noted along the s. coast of St. Croix 7 May (ALa). Single Masked Boobies 16 & 19 Mar and a Northern Gannet 19 Mar were report - ed in Turks and Caicos waters from a cruise ship (RM, GJ). Over 100 Brown Boobies were nesting on Booby Rocks, Mayaguana 21 Mar (BCNP). Northern Gannet has not been re - corded during spring in Bermuda, but one lin- gered in the Great Sound until 13 May (WF). The lone Anhinga in the Bahamas was seen throughout the period at Reef G.C., Grand Bahama (EG, m.ob.). The Anhinga found in May 2014 in Barbados stayed for a year there and was last observed 23 May at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary (JWe). Nineteen white-morph Reddish Egrets were found on Mayaguana 20-23 Mar (BCNP). Eight Glossy Ibis were noted at Lago Enriquillo, Dominican Republic 18 Apr (JBr). A Roseate Spoonbill was at Maillis Pond, Adelaide, New Providence 12 May (PM, CW, GS), one was at Calabash Bay, North Andros 13 May (CW, GS), and 3 were in the Marls nw. of Cooper's Town, Abaco 31 May (EB). Twenty-five spoonbills were around the dykes at Morton Salt Ponds, Great Inagua 25 Apr (LG). Two Swallow-tailed Bermuda, so a flock of 7 seen at various lo - cations 21 Mar–9 Apr (PW, AD) was excep- tional. A Canada Goose present since Nov 2015 remained at Treasure Cay G.C., Abaco through the spring (EB, m.ob.); another was found on the Providenciales G.C. 3 May, af - ter four days of strong northwesterly winds (ph. COS). This is the first report of a Canada Goose from Turks and Caicos in over 20 years. An Egyptian Goose was on w. Grand Bahama 7-14 May (ph. LBC, EG); no local source for this bird could be found, raising the question whether it should be considered a vagrant from the Florida population. Two male Wood Ducks were present throughout the summer period at various Bermuda lo - cations (AD). Two Gadwalls were at Robert's Nursery, Treasure Cay, Abaco 1 Mar (EB), and 2 at Bootle Bay 9 Apr were the first for Grand Bahama (EG, m.ob., ph.). A male Eurasian Wigeon was photographed at Laguna de Oviedo, Pedernales, Dominican Republic 1 Mar (IM). A visit to Laguna Puerto Diablo, Vieques, Puerto Rico 11 Mar (DG) produced 25 American Wigeons, 5 Northern Shovelers, 6 White-cheeked Pintails, 15 Ruddy Ducks, and 12 Blue-winged Teal, all down in num - bers from the previous month. The wintering Redhead at Port Royal G.C., Bermuda was last seen 22 Mar (AD). Two Lesser Scaup were re - ported at the Black River's Lower Morass, Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica 29 Mar (EA, TR, JWr). Three Double-crested Cormorants were noted at Meagre Pond, Grand Cayman 1 Mar (PD). A Common Loon was well observed in the Great Sound, Bermuda 20 Mar (WF). Over 1000 American Flamingos were at Flamingo Pond, North Caicos 27 May (TT). The wardens at Great Inagua N.P., Bahamas reported that large numbers of American Flamingos were present this spring but the birds did not breed (HN, RB, fide LG); the wardens checked the interior of Lake Rosa and found no evidence of nest - ing or of abandoned nesting sites. The absence of nesting this year is probably attributable to Robert L. Norton (GREATER ANTILLES) Anthony White (BAHAMAS, TURKS AND CAICOS) Andrew Dobson (BERMUDA) Anthony Levesque (LESSER ANTILLES) –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SPRING –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– A severe drought in late spring affected Puerto Rico in particular, which had to impose water restrictions, but a rainy early spring at Vieques had produced high water levels, thus fewer shorebirds than in past years. Island firsts in the Bahamas in - clude Gadwall and Egyptian Goose for Grand Bahama and a Pearly-eyed Thrasher for Abaco. A Ruff was a rare find on Grand Bahama. WATERFOWL THROUGH TERNS Eleven West Indian Whistling-Ducks were counted 26 Feb (IM) at Jardín Botánico, Dominican Republic, the reliable spot in the capital city. A lone Black-bellied Whistling- Duck was at Reef G.C., Grand Bahama 1 May (EG), and 6 were at Maillis Farm, Adelaide, New Providence 13 May (PM). There are few records of blue-morph Snow Geese in

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