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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 502 M E X I C O pairs of Worthen's Sparrows were on territories near Tanque de Emergencia, Coah. 29 Jun, with fledglings seen there 6 Jul; and a flock of 20-30 imms. was seen at La Hedionda, Coah. 6 Jul (MDC). A Western Tanager was at El Chamizal, Chih. 16 Jul (IMC). A singing male Dickcissel on the road to 18 de Marzo, N.L. 28 Jun (AG ph.) was very early for a migrant. Contributors (area compiler in boldface): Mi- chael D. Carmody, Javier Cruz Nieto, Abram Fleishman, Alfredo García, Jim Joseph, Ismael Moreno Contreras, Francisco Valdés Peres - gasga, René Valdes. CENTRAL MEXICO A Snow Goose was at Presa La Vega, Jal. 12 Jun (GH). A male American Wigeon was at Pantano Santa Alejandrina near Minati - tlán, Ver. 11 Jun–2 Jul (JRN ph., MG). Eight American White Pelicans at Parque Ecológico Xochimilco 11 Jun (MAAG) were summering there, as were 3 Snowy Egrets 25 Jun (AS). Late migrants were 2 imm. Mississippi Kites in Parque el Haya, Xalapa, Ver. 5 Jun (ph. AM, ph. JM). A Short-tailed Hawk was at Bosque de Tlalpan, D.F. 19 Jul (RZ). The first record for D.F., a male Calliope Hummingbird was at Parque Ecológico de la Ciudad de México 26 Jul (ph. MAAG) and seen by many observers through 30 Aug. Two Rufous Hummingbirds at the same location 27 Jul (MAAG) were early. Two Least Grebes were at Parque Ecológico Xochimilco, D.F. 7 Jul (HC). Local inhabitants of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nay. picked up a live Pacific Loon on the beach 30 Jul (fide OA, ph.). An ad. Spotted Rail was at Presa La Vega, Teuchitlán, Jal. 6 Jun (ph. JAAR) A Greater Yel - lowlegs and a Caspian Tern were at Lago de Cuitzeo, Mich. 22 Jun (ph. PL). Early Sabine's Gulls included an ad. in Bahía de Banderas, Jal. 28 Jul (AM, JM) and 4 ads. w. of Bahía de Ban - deras 29 Jul (ph. AM, JM). A Belted Kingfisher was reported 27 Jun at Unidad de Servicios Bibliotecarios y de Infor - mación, Xalapa, Ver. (GCC, JAL). Up to 2 Per- egrine Falcons were at Xola and Patricio Sanz, D.F. 3-17 Jun (MPV, HGdS). A White-winged Dove was at Facultad de Estudios Superiores Zaragoa 29 Jun (AP). Two Northern Rough- winged Swallows were at Reserva Ecológica del Pedregal de San Ángel, sección Sur-Oriente, D.F. 20 Jun (GHO). A very late Northern Pa - rula was at Estación de Biología Tropical Los Tuxtlas 10 Jun (RC). An early (?) Dickcissel was at Pantano Santa Alejandrina 19 Jun (MG). Three Botteri's Sparrows were at San Gregorio Atlapulco 8 Jul (AG). A Streak-backed Oriole was photographed at Los Alisos, Calvillo, Ags. 20 Jun (DACM). Contributors (area compilers in boldface): Julio Alejandro Alvarez Ruíz, Oscar Aranda, Rafael Calderón, Daniel Alexander Carillo Martínez, Héctor Cayetano, Rosamond Coates, Gustavo Contreras Cuevas, Héctor Gómez de Silva, Manuel Grosselet, Arturo Gutiérrez, Gustavo Hernández Orta, Greg Homel, Pablo Lewis, José Alberto Lobato, Amy McAndrews, Jorge Montejo, Jonathan R. Nochebuena, Alán Palacios, Mónica Pérez Villafaña, Annamaría Savarino, Rubén Zamora. SOUTHERN MEXICO Three Blue-winged Teal at Reyes Etla, Oax. 3 Jun were summering there, as was a White- faced Ibis (JADRC). At least 11 Semipalmated Plovers were at Santa María Xadani, Oax. 16 Jul (EAM), and a Snowy Plover was at Restau - rante Villa Guadalupe just e. of Monjas, Oax. 20 Jul (PM, GW, ph. MaR, MR). Three Sabine's Gulls were reported off Huatulco, Oax. 17 Jul (SC). Eight Bridled Terns were seen offshore from Puerto Ángel, Oax. 18 Jul (ph. GAW), and a Brown Noddy was off Huatulco, Oax. 17 Jul (GAW, SC, MR, m.ob.). An imm. Poma - rine Jaeger and 200 Black Terns were between Puerto Ceiba, Paraíso, Tab. and West Pegasus, offshore oil platforms, on 4 Jul (ph. RCDM). Outstanding was Mexico's first report of Mountain Elaenia involved up to 9 individu - als in the area of Tapalapa, Chis. 10-12 Jul (ph. RH, m.ob.). It was subsequently learned that 2 specimens were collected in the same area in Aug 2013, two years earlier (see Hanna Z. R., M. F. Ortiz-Ramírez, C. A. Ríos-Muñoz, H. Cay - etano-Rosas, R. C. K. Bowie, and A. G. Navarro- Sigüenza. 2016. Phylogenetic and morphologic evidence confirm the presence of a new mon - tane cloud forest associated bird species in Mex- ico, the Mountain Elaenia [Elaenia frantzii; Aves: Passeriformes: Tyrannidae]. PeerJ 4:e1598). It is still unclear whether this species is a permanent resident or summer resident in Chiapas. Contributors (area compilers in boldface): Sheridan Coffey, Rich Hoyer, Rolando Chávez Díaz Mirón, Peggy Macres, Eric Antonio Mar - tínez, J. A. David Ramírez Cruz, Martin Reid, Michael L. P. Retter, Joren van Schie, Geoffrey A. Williamson. YUCATAN PENINSULA The Centro de Rehabilitación Infantil Teletón (CRIT) ponds located on the outskirts of Méri - da, Yuc. provided habit for 4 Fulvous Whis- tling-Ducks as late as 1 Jun (HL). An entirely new species for Yucatán, and only the second documented report for the Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico, was a juv. Sooty Shearwater in the water 17 km off San Felipe 9 Jun (ph. PAD). A Great Shearwater just 300 m offshore Four actively migrating Fork-tailed Flycatchers passed through Real de Salinas, Celestún, Yucatán 5 July 2015, an early date for migrants. Photograph by AC. At Xocén, this Streaked Flycatcher was seen 8 (here) and then again 11 August 2015, when two juveniles were with it. The species is rarely confirmed nesting in Yucatán. Photograph by Angel Castillo Cime. On Cozumel Island, a flock of Scaly-breasted Munias was found near Pueblo Fantasma, Quintana Roo 15 July 2015. Photograph by Arturo Catelan.

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