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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 500 M E X I C O Raúl Caballero Jiménez, Nicola Cendrón, Héc- tor Gómez de Silva, Manuel Grosselet, Jona- than Hiley, Greg Homel, Luis Iturriaga, Jonas Jonh, José Alberto Lobato, Amy McAndrews, José Angel Mesa, Jorge Montejo, Jonathan No - chebuena, Miguel Junior Orlaineta, Alán Pala- cios Vázquez, Joren van Schie. SOUTHERN MEXICO A new record for Chiapas, an imm. male Surf Scoter was discovered at the w. end of Laguna Cabeza del Toro (JH, ph. JM, ph. AM, m.ob.). Two Highland Guans were heard near the highest part of Sumidero Canyon N.P., Chis. 22 May (HGdS, MPV). More than 100 molt - ing Black-vented Shearwaters were 8 km off the Huatulco, Oax. coast 17 Mar (MDC). Four American White Pelicans at Santa María Xada - ni, Oax. 4 May were late (EAM, NS). A Double- toothed Kite and a Black Hawk-Eagle were on the Pluma Hidalgo road 16 Mar (MDC). A juv. Solitary Eagle was seen soaring and perched at Chiquihuite, Chis. 24 Mar (MDC). At least 50 migrating Swainson's Hawks were noted soaring above Monte Albán, Oax. 12 Mar (MDC). A pair of Double-striped Thick-knees with a chick were at Santa María Xadani, Oax. 19 Mar (MDC). A Spotted Sandpiper at Presa Gutiérrez, San Pablo Etla, Oax. 22 May was late (WS). Two Colima Pygmy-Owls were heard at Guien Gola, Oax. 7-8 Mar, at the e. edge of their range (SNGH). Eight Great Swallow- tailed Swifts were at the mirador above Ar - riaga, Chis. 20 Mar (MDC). A female Calliope Hummingbird was at San José del Pacífico, Oax. 15 Mar (MDC). A Yellow-bellied Sap - sucker at Laguna de las Ilusiones, Tab. 6 May represents a late date (RCDM). Slightly above normal elevation, a Collared Forest-Falcon was heard calling at the edge of El Triunfo camp, Chis. 3 & 13 Mar (AM, JM). A Peregrine Falcon was at San Cristóbal de las Casas 15 May (FA); there are very few summer records from Chiapas. A Paltry Tyrannulet was seen at very well along a stream at about 2100 m elevation along Hwy. 175 about km 4-5, s. of San Miquel Suchixtepec, Oax. 16 Mar (MDC). At 1600 m elevation, an Ochre bellied Flycatcher at Lagu - nas de Montebello, Chis. 26 Mar was somewhat high (MDC). An Olive-sided Flycatcher was at Unión Juárez, Chis. 25 Mar (MDC). A Great Crested Flycatcher at Laguna de las Ilusiones 1 May was late (ph. RCDM). A Piratic Flycatch - er was heard at km 201, n. of Oaxaca, Oax. 13 Mar (SNGH, EAM). A White-winged Becard was reported from Río Tzendales, Chis. 19 Mar (AMO). At least 5 Mangrove Vireos were at Puerto Chiapas 20 & 22 Mar (MDC). Three Rufous-browed Peppershrikes were heard on the Chanal road, Chis. 23 May (HGdS). One and 3 Violet-green Swallows were seen at the coastal lowlands near Puerto Arista, Chis. 7 & 8 Mar (SNGH). A Ruby-crowned Kinglet was at El Triunfo camp 3, 12-14, & 23-26 Mar (ph. AM, JM). A Highland Thrush was heard at Tzontehuitz, Chis. 23 May (HGdS), where 3-4 were seen 1 Mar (SNGH, AM). A female Golden-winged Warbler was at Sumidero Canyon N.P. 5 Mar (SNGH). A late Canada Warbler was at Laguna de las Ilusio - nes 19 May (RCDM). A male Blackburnian Warbler was noted at km 3-4 above Restauran - te El Mirador near the Pluma Hidalgo turnoff, Oax. 16 Mar (JP, MDC). A Pink-headed War - bler was at low elevation between Chiquihuite and Unión Juárez, Chis. 23 Mar (MDC). A Ves - per Sparrow at La Presita near Teotitlán del Val- le, Oax. 5 May was late at the s. end of its range (EAM, NS). A male Slate-blue Seedeater was photographed at Pluma Hidalgo 19 Mar (ph. JR), one of very few records for Oaxaca. Gi - ant Cowbird seemed to irrupt into cen. and s. Chiapas this season, with one male displaying to 2 females near Puerto Arista 8 Mar (SNGH) and one male seen just n. of Jaltenango 21 Mar (AM, JM, m.ob.). Fifty Brown-headed Cow - birds were at La Gloria near Arriaga, Chis. 6 Mar (SNGH ph., m.ob.). A Bobolink near La Ventosa, Oax. 30 Apr (JM, AM) represents a first state record. At least 20 Black-capped Siskins (streaked form) were along the road to Chanal 23 May (ph. HGdS, ph. MPV). A Bar- winged Oriole was below Chiquihuite 24 Mar (MDC). Contributors (area compilers in boldface): Gerardo Aguilar, Miguel Angel Aguilar Gómez, Francesca Albini, Michael D. Carmody, Ro - lando Chávez Díaz Mirón, Héctor Gómez de Silva, Steve N. G. Howell, James Huntington, Alberto Martínez, Eric Antonio Martínez, Amy McAndrews, Alán Monroy Ojeda, Jorge Mon - tejo, Mónica Pérez Villafaña, Jim Peterson, Jim Regali, William Stecher, Noah Strycker. YUCATAN PENINSULA A total of 22,893 migrating Blue-winged Teal was counted at Paamul, Q. Roo during the last 2 hours of each of 45 days between 2 Mar and 23 Apr (ph. FB, WB). A late Red-breasted Mer - ganser was seen resting at Isla Blanca, Q. Roo 24 May (CA, ph. JF), and another was at Río Lagartos, Yuc. 30 May (ph. WC). There were three reports of migrating Swallow-tailed Kites this spring, including one flying along the Río Lagartos-Tizimín, Yuc. hwy. 27 Mar (ph. EC); 6 flying northward over the same hwy. 3 Apr (ph. EC); and 2 flying westward at Sisal, Yuc. and circling at 150 m 31 May (ph. AB). An ad. Mississippi Kite over Xócen, Yuc. 9 Apr made (RC, AC, RO) only the second confirmed report of the species for the state. An unusual sight was that of a young Collared Forest-Falcon swooping down on a Bare-throated Tiger-Heron at Peten Tuchá, Ría Lagartos 30 Apr (AD). Another inter - esting occurrence was that of a pair of Peregrine Falcons photographed as the male provided a Blue-winged Teal corpse to the female at Paam - ul, while calling to its mate. After the transfer, the female flew southward with the prey in its talons, the male following closely (ph. FB, WB). A rare Würdemann's Heron, a cross between Great Blue and Great White morphs/subspecies, was found at Río Lagartos 24 Mar (ph. AR). A third report of Great Black-backed Gull came

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