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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 495 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A San Bernardino Mountains 26-27 Jun (BML). A singing male Chestnut-sided Warbler was at Ridgecrest, Kern 7 Jun (RAB). An Audubon's Warbler was at Barstow, San Bernardino on the odd date of 12 Jul (AC). Very late Townsend's Warblers were in the Prado Basin, Riverside 11 Jun (JEP) and at G.H.P. 12 Jun (HLJ). A Canada Warbler, casual in spring, was at Point Loma, San Diego 4 Jun (RN), following 2 others there in late May. An exceptional mid-summer Gambel's White-crowned Sparrow was at Goleta 31 Jul– 1 Aug (DLe); one singing near Julian 15 Jun (MW) was not identified to subspecies, and a late migrant oriantha was at G.H.P. 12 Jun (GW). Two Golden-crowned Sparrows, each with only one functional eye, remained at San Luis Obispo 9-20 Jun (MDS). Hepatic Tanagers were found at three regular sites of occurrence e. of the Big Bear Valley in the San Bernardino Mountains 14-26 Jun; a male and female on the Blue Ridge near Big Pines in the San Ga - briel Mountains, Los Angeles 20 Jun (JEP) were away from known breeding areas. Summer Tanagers well away from breeding sites were at La Jolla, San Diego 11-12 Jun (EP), Goleta 14 Jun (BHa), Santa Barbara Island 17 Jun (DPe), and Santa Barbara 20 Jul–2 Aug (DMC). A Northern Cardinal at Carlsbad, San Diego 23 Jun (SuB) was judged to be an escapee (as are all birds w. of the e. border of the Region and away from the few small naturalized coastal populations). Rose-breasted Grosbeaks put in a good showing, with 17 in the coastal regions 1 Jun–17 Jul and another 5 on the deserts 2 Jun–21 Jul; a Rose-breasted Grosbeak x Black- headed Grosbeak hybrid was at Santa Barbara 13 Jul (DR). A few Indigo Buntings were found through the period, with nesting documented at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, San Bernardi - no 21 Jun–30 Jul (female feeding a fledgling on the last date; CAM, ChH). A Bobolink was near Bishop 27-29 Jun (JKS, JEB). A male and a female Orchard Ori - ole were on San Clemente Island 24 Jul (BSS). Two male Scott's Orioles in San Timoteo Can - yon 11 Jun (RMcK) were well onto the coastal slope of San Bernardino. A Baltimore Oriole at Lake Murray, San Diego remained from 13 May through 20 Jun (MM, JRM, CKS), and an - other was at Goleta 27 Jul (M&DT). A pair of Lesser Goldfinches with at least one juv. near El Centro from May through 14 Jun (KZK) in - dicated local nesting. Two Evening Grosbeaks at Green Valley Lake Campground in the San Bernardino Mountains 7 Jun (LC) remained from a minor winter irruption. Corrigendum: The Zone-tailed Hawk report- ed in the Mojave Natural Scenic Area 20 May (North American Birds 68: 427) was in fact in breeding season with below-average produc- tivity on San Clemente Island; the breeding population is about 44 pairs (JTS). A Yellow- throated Vireo was in the Tijuana River Val - ley, San Diego 12-30 Jun (MSa, MA) and again (or another?) nearby on 6 Jul (JR); another at San Elijo Lagoon, San Diego 10 Aug–21 Sep probably summered locally (StB). A Red-eyed Vireo, presumed to be a female as it was not singing and was sitting on a nest 3-12 Jul, was at Huntington Beach, Orange 23 Jun–19 Jul (DC); others were on Point Loma 3 Jun (TG) and at G.H.P. 12 Jun (KR). Black-billed Mag - pies have greatly declined and retracted their range in the Owens Valley over the past 10+ years, so a count of 35 e. of Big Pine, Inyo 1 Jul (DPH, TH) was noteworthy. A Yellow-billed Magpie at Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo 27 Jun (KLP) was on the immediate coast away from known breeding areas. Given the wholesale declines of breeding Horned Larks in coastal areas of the Region, it was encouraging that a pair was feeding young at Bolsa Chica 7 Jun (CW). An early dispersal of Pygmy Nuthatches into the lowlands brought birds to Point Dume, Los Angeles 18 Jul (JFG) and P.P. 27 Jul (JSF). A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher at Huntington Central Park in Huntington Beach 12 Jul was unseasonable, being the first ever found at that supremely well-covered site between late May and mid-Aug (DRW, TEW). Unexpected in midsummer in the coastal low - lands, a Townsend's Solitaire was at University City, San Diego 20 Jun (CHe). An Ovenbird was photographed from a boat 22 km n. of Santa Barbara Island 17 Jun (DPe); one at G.H.P. 6 Jun (TEW) was the last of 3 at that site in the late spring. A singing Black-and- white Warbler was at Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles 17 Jun (DSC), and another was in Mo - rongo Valley, San Bernardino 21 Jun (JMcA). A juv. Lucy's Warbler at Mountain Springs in the Argus Mountains, Inyo 24 Jun (DL) was a va - grant at that locality. Casual in the Region, a Mourning Warbler was at Montaña de Oro S.P., San Luis Obispo 5 Jun (JSR, JCC). A MacGilli - vray's Warbler at Eaton Canyon, Pasadena, Los Angeles 1 Jul (TEW) was early for the lowlands. The only Hooded Warbler during the period was at Huntington Beach 25 Jun–23 Jul (BED). A modest late spring movement of American Redstarts continued into the period, with 3 birds on the coast 5-8 Jun and 4 more on the deserts 6-12 Jun. A male Cape May Warbler was photographed on Santa Barbara Island 16 Jun (CD). Five Northern Parulas were on the coast 1 Jun–20 Jul, 3 were on the n. deserts 6 Jun–12 Jul, and one was in the mountains of San Diego near Julian 15 Jun (MW). Straggling Magnolia Warblers were near El Monte, Los An - geles 10 Jun (JI) and at Arrastre Creek in the w. of the mountains, with one on San Clemente Island 17 Jun (BSS) and the other at Quartz Hill, Los Angeles 15-16 Jul (BS). No more than 4 Yellow-billed Cuckoos at S.F.K.R.P. was most disappointing (RAB), as this was once the stronghold for this species in California, but at least 9 were known present at the Palo Verde Ecological Reserve near Blythe in Jun and Jul; one at P.P. 1-6 Jul (JSF) was a lost migrant. As many as 7 Common Nighthawks were report - ed from three locations in the San Bernardino Mountains (Arrastre Creek, Seven Oaks Dam, and Baldwin Lake) 31 May–24 Jun (SR; RP)— the only area in s. California outside Inyo where this species breeds. A Common Night - hawk over Vista 22 Jun (TB) made only the fifth record for San Diego. A singing Mexican Whip-poor-will at Green Canyon in the San Bernardino Mountains 29 May–14 Jun (JCS) was the only one known in California this year. Up to 3 Black Swifts at Monkeyface Falls in the San Bernardino Mountains in Jun (WD) were at what may now be the only active nesting location in the mountains of s. California. A Williamson's Sapsucker in Onion Valley w. of Independence, Inyo 26 Jul (CMcC) provides one of only a few summer records for this area. A Black Phoebe at 3950 m elevation at Flower Lake, Inyo 16 Jul (CMcC) undoubt - edly established a high-elevation record for the Region. Vermilion Flycatcher is now thinly scattered through much of the Region as a scarce and irregular breeder, as suggested by a pair with 2 young at Neenach, Los Angeles 7 Jun with ads. through 8 Aug (DSC), a pair with young at Glendora, Los Angeles again this summer (RF), a female and 2 juvs. at Foun - tain Valley, Orange 9 Jun (CW), and a pair that fledged 2 young at Lakeview G.C. in the Impe - rial Valley during the period (GMcC). At least 8 Brown-crested Flycatchers, representing up to four pairs, were in the Borrego Valley and adjacent areas of Anza-Borrego S.P. through the period (KC, NC, RT, GG), and 1-2 were at S.F.K.R.P. 12 Jun–11 Jul (RAB). An unseason - able Tropical Kingbird at Goleta 1 Jul (NAL) provided only the second summer record for Santa Barbara and one of the few for the Re - gion. Eastern Kingbirds at Malibu, Los Angeles 15 Jun (DSC) and Santa Cruz Island 15 Jun (CHa) were in the typical late spring vagrant window for this species. A returning female Scissor-tailed Flycatcher that continued from 1 May through at least 29 Jun at Santa Pau - la, Ventura (AJS) made another unsuccessful breeding attempt (with a Western Kingbird); another was at Del Mar, San Diego 22 Jul (JBr). SHRIKES THROUGH FINCHES Loggerhead Shrikes of the endemic subspecies mearnsi experienced their second consecutive

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