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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 494 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A the s. extreme of this species' range. A Marbled Murrelet off Arroyo Laguna, San Luis Obispo 15 Jul (KLP) and 2 off San Simeon, San Luis Obispo 26 Jul (GB) were near the s. extreme of this species' range. The first Craveri's Murrelets encountered this year were 20 off San Diego 14 Jun (PEL), but numbers reported after that date were few and far between. Three Ancient Murrelets at the Ventura Harbor 14 Jun (DS) were unexpected considering the date. GULLS THROUGH FLYCATCHERS An unprecedented 95-100 ad. Sabine's Gulls 8 km off Morro Bay 24 Jun (GPS) could have been failed breeders moving southward; fall migrants are not normally encountered in this Region until mid-Jul. A Laughing Gull, rare on the coast, was 24 km n. of Santa Barbara Island 17 Jun (DPe), and another was at La Jolla 21 Jul (MBM). Single Franklin's Gulls at C.L. 16 Jun (SLS), Goleta 22 Jun (TT), and at P.P. 21-23 Jun (SS) were probably lost spring migrants. A Herring Gull, rare in s. California in summer, at N.E.S.S. 11 Jul (HBK) was no doubt summer - ing locally. An ad. Bridled Tern at Bolsa Chica, Orange 23 Jun (TF-H) provides the fourth state record. An ad. Least Tern with a juv. at S.E.S.S. (Morton Bay) 16 Aug (KMD) suggests success - ful nesting locally; one at N.E.S.S. (Hayes Rd.) 11 Jun (HBK), and especially one near Desert Center, Riverside 17 Jul (CMcG), were unex - pected. Gull-billed Terns failed to fledge young at the Salton Sea (KCM), but most of the 33 nests at s. San Diego Bay managed to fledge young (RTP). Close to 200 pairs of Royal Terns and 24,000 pairs of Elegant Terns successfully nested at s. San Diego Bay (RTP). An Elegant Tern, rare inland, was at S.E.S.S. 5 Jul (GMcC). About 350 pairs of Black Skimmers nested at s. San Diego Bay (RTP), but none nested at the Salton Sea this year (KCM). Only 2 White-winged Doves were reported Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara 23 Jul (HPR) were well away from the known nesting sites in San Diego and Ventura. An ad. Glossy Ibis was with White-faced Ibis at S.E.S.S. (Salton Sea N.W.R. headquarters) 20 Jun (GMcC). A pair of Ospreys that fledged one chick at Big Bear Lake 19 Jul (ET) provides the first modern-day breeding record in San Bernardino. A first-summer Mississippi Kite remained at the South Coast Botanical Gardens on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Los Angeles 10-13 Jul (SW). An imm. Bald Eagle at S.E.S.S. 11 Jul (FT) provides the second Jul record for the Salton Sink, and a pair on San Clemente Island that fledged 2 young 2 Jul (NJD) provided the first confirmed nesting there since 1927. Two pairs of nesting Swainson's Hawks each fledged one young near Shandon, San Luis Obispo (JMo). For the second year, a pair of Zone-tailed Hawks was around the Mid-Hills Campground in the Mojave National Preserve, San Bernardi - no in Jun (RW), and an imm. was seen sporadi- cally at the Palo Verde Ecological Reserve near Blythe, Riverside 29 Jun–15 Jul (JT). Up to 3 vocal Black Rails were at the man- made Imperial Irrigation District Wetlands near Niland, Imperial 26 Jun–25 Jul (TABe, HBK). An American Golden-Plover at P.P. 17-22 Jun (JSF) and another at Santa Maria, Santa Bar - bara 18-22 Jun (WTF) were most unusual con- sidering the dates. The earliest of the fall Soli- tary Sandpipers was one at C.L. 16 Jul (SLS). A Wandering Tattler at La Jolla 22 Jun (JTS) was likely summering locally. The earliest Stilt Sandpiper this fall was one at S.E.S.S. (Unit 1) 10 Jul (GMcC); 3 on the Colorado River below Parker Dam, San Bernardino 16 Jul (LBH) and one at Lake Elsinore, Riverside 31 Jul (JS) were of note, as they were away from the Salton Sea. A Semipalmated Sandpiper at Goleta 4-6 Jun (NAL) was a late spring migrant; single south - bound ads. were at S.E.S.S. 1 & 5 Jul (GMcC) and at C.L. 6-10 Jul (SLS), and the earliest juvs. were single birds at C.L. 22 Jul (SLS) and Go - leta 24 Jul (MAH), 2 together at Los Osos, San Luis Obispo 25 Jul (KLP), one at Rosa - mond Lake on Edwards A.F.B. 27 Jul (JFS), and another on the Los Angeles River at Long Beach, Los Angeles 27-29 Jul (RB). Single South Polar Skuas off San Di - ego 14 Jun (DPo) and 30 km s. of Santa Cruz Island 12 Jul (TMcG) were some - what unexpected, as few are reported off s. California in summer. An excep - tionally large flock of 1200+ Common Murres, including ads. and young, was about 8 km off Morro Bay 23 Jun (GPS). Two Pigeon Guillemots at La Jolla 5 Jun (JTS) and one at the n. corner of San Clemente Island 13 Jun (JTS) were at and well inland, single imms. were at N.E.S.S. (North Shore) 6 Aug (RMcK) and Ramer Lake, Imperial 20 (GMcC) & 28 Jun (EH). A near-ad. or ad. Masked/Nazca Booby off Oceanside 17 Jul (JMcM) was too distant to determine bill color and other such details and so not iden - tified to species. To the n. of San Diego and Orange, single Brown Boobies were 5-6 km off Point Fermin, Los Angeles 21 Jun (DD), near Anacapa Island 27 Jul (GE), and near Santa Cruz Island 5 Jun (JBa), along with up to 15 on Santa Barbara Island 17 Jun–12 Jul (DPe). A Red-footed Booby at the sport fishing docks in San Diego Bay, San Diego 5-6 Jul (JMcD; *SDNHM) and another at the pier in Newport Beach, Orange 23 Jul (SE; *LACM) were both taken to wildlife rehabilitation facilities, where they survived for less than a week. Away from the Lower Colorado River Valley and the Salton Sink, where Neotropic Cormorants appear well established, one, possibly the same bird pres - ent at the V.C.G.P. 26-27 Mar, was on the coast at Ormond Beach, Ventura 5-14 Jun (BHe), whereas another at Prado Recreation Park 1 Jul (HBK) provides the first record for the coastal slope of San Bernardino. HERONS THROUGH MURRELETS A juv. American Bittern on the San Gabriel River at South El Monte 26 Jun (JEP) was note - worthy because this species is thought extir- pated as a breeder in Los Angeles. A Little Blue Heron, rare away from coastal San Diego, was at the Santa Ynez River mouth, Santa Barbara 6-8 Jun (TT). A pair of Reddish Egrets was nest- building at Sunset Beach Aquatic Marina, Or - ange in Jun (WM) but had abandoned the site by 4 Jul (TF-H); the only Reddish Egrets n. of Orange were single birds at Point Mugu, Ventu - ra 10-12 Jun (JBa), Carpinteria, Santa Barbara 18 Jun (PAG), and the Santa Ynez River mouth 9-21 Jul (LL). Single imm. Yellow-crowned Night-Herons at Bolsa Chica Ecological Re - serve, Orange 19 Jul–30 Aug (DMac), around Playa del Rey 31 May–18 Sep (MCL), and at This one-year old Mississippi Kite, photographed on 10 July 2015, remained at the South Coast Botanical Gardens on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Los Angeles County, California from its discov- ery that day through 13 July 2015. Photograph by Steve Wolfe. The only Glossy Ibis found in southern California in 2015 was this high- plumaged adult near the Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge Headquar- ters in Imperial County 20 June 2015. Photograph by Mathew Grube.

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