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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 492 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A at G.H.P. and California City 4 Apr–9 May. A Pine Siskin at San Marcos Pass 29 May (MAH) was record late for Santa Barbara away from the highest mountains. Higher-than-usual numbers of Lawrence's Goldfinches were on the e. Kern deserts, with good breeding suc - cess noted at G.H.P. (KHL). The latest Evening Grosbeaks in the lowlands were at least 2 at G.H.P. 2-28 May (TEW, LLA, K&BK); one at Thousand Oaks, Ventura 10-12 March (SLo) was the only one reported in the coastal low - lands. The "odd escapee of the season" award goes to a Hooded Siskin, Spinus magellanicus, well described from Gardena, Los Angeles 10 May (JT). Cited observers (County coordinators in boldface): Paulette Ache, Bernardo Alps, Ryan Andrews, Tyson Baker, Larry R. Ballard, Joel Barrett (JBa), Richard Barth, Jon J. Beck - nell, David Bell, Thomas A. Benson, Vern Bernhart, Mark J. Billings, John Birsner (JBi), Steve Brad, Jeff M. Bray, Julie Bryson (JBr), Philip Carnehl, Jay C. Carroll, Yen Chao, Mark Chappell, Nancy Christenson, Petra and Jack Clayton (P&JC), Dave Clendenon, Alex Cof - fey, Jonathan Coffin (JCof), Hal Cohen, David M. Compton (Santa Barbara), Daniel S. Coo - per, Joe Coppock (JCop), Tom M. Edell (San Luis Obispo), Jon S. Feenstra, Jon L. Fisher, Peter A. Gaede, Kimball L. Garrett (Los An - geles), J. and R. Gorham (J&RG), John Green (JGre), George Griffith, Jessica Griffiths (JGri), Rick Grove, Matthew Grube, Catherine Ham - ilton, Kevin Hamm, Marlin D. Harms, Lauren B. Harter, Tom & Jo Heindel (Inyo), Kelli Heindel-Levinson (Kern), Mark A. Holmgren, Eric Hough, Debbie J. House, Chris and Rosie Howard (C&RH), Jim Howard, Andrew Howe, Mike Huang (MiH), W. Terry Hunefeld, Mark Hunter (MaH), John Ivanov, Tim Johnson, Eric G. Kallen, Aaron Keller, Howard B. King, 22 Apr–3 May (SM), and at Seal Beach 18-19 May (RScha). A Sooty Fox Sparrow at Montaña de Oro S.P. 15-16 May (JCC) was considered very late for San Luis Obispo. Swamp Sparrows at Carpinteria, Santa Barbara 5 Mar (PAG) and San Timoteo Canyon, San Bernardino 29 Mar–10 Apr (MG) were likely wintering lo - cally, but a spring migrant was at G.H.P. 21 Apr (SLS). The latest White-throated Sparrow was at Scotty's Castle in Death Valley N.P. 22 May (DVanP). A Harris's Sparrow at San Pedro 18 Mar–30 Apr (PC) had not been seen earlier in the winter; possibly the one at F.C.R. 19 Apr (KMW) and certainly the one at Zzyzx, San Bernardino 9 May (BO'C) were spring migrants. Some 19 Summer Tanagers on the coastal slope during the period represented a mix of wintering birds and spring wanderers; on the deserts, at least 5 migrants in May in Los An - geles and Inyo were away from the few known breeding sites in those counties. A Western Tanager at Nipomo 28 Mar (MLS) was re - cord early for San Luis Obispo; single birds on 3 Apr at Seven Oaks, San Bernardino (SR) and at Anza-Borrego Desert S.P. (JMcK) were also quite early. Ten Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were found on the coastal slope and islands 16 Apr–16 Jun, with 12 more in the deserts and mountains 4-28 May. A Blue Grosbeak near El Centro 17 Mar–1 Apr was exception - ally early and had likely wintered in the vicin- ity (KZK). At least 19 Indigo Buntings were scattered through the Region 16 Apr–3 Jun. A female Painted Bunting frequented a feeder at La Cañada Flintridge, Los Angeles 24 Mar–4 Apr (MaH), and a male was at Primm Valley 6 May (BM); a male at a feeder at Tierrasanta, San Diego 31 Mar–10 Apr was possibly an es - capee (BZl). The only Dickcissel reported was at Baker, San Bernardino 21 May (MJS). True to form, the only Bobolinks were very late in the season, with one at P.P. 23 May (WM), 2 at Baker 25 May (MWo), and another on San Island 31 May–1 Jun (DW). Encourag - ing were colonies of up to 2000 pairs of Tri- colored Blackbirds at Holiday Lake, Los Angeles and 1000 pairs nearby at Quail Lake in Apr/ May (JSF). A male Common Grackle, still only casual in the Region, was at Big Pine, Inyo 24- 27 Apr (T&JH). Orchard Orioles at West Los Angeles 22 Mar–23 Apr (BP) and Coronado, San Diego 16 Mar (PEL) were probably winter - ing locally, and a spring migrant was at Point Loma 18 May (GN). Ten Baltimore Orioles on the coast and islands 26 Mar–4 Jun included a mix of winterers and spring migrants; in the interior, one was at Brawley 3 May (JB) and 5 more were on the n. deserts 13-24 May. A Purple Finch in the s. San Joaquin Valley at Kern N.W.R. 1 May (SDS) was out of place. Four Cassin's Finches were on the Kern desert Parulas were found along the coast and islands 18 May–2 Jun; 9 more were on the deserts, including a very early bird at Borrego Springs 3 Apr (WTH) that may have wintered locally and 8 others 22 May–9 Jun. Magnolia Warblers were on Santa Barbara Island 29 May (JH), San Clemente Island 29 May (JTS) and another 30 May (LIW), near El Monte, Los Angeles 10 Jun (JI), and at G.H.P. 24-28 May (AJS, JTS). Bay- breasted Warbler is casual and typically quite late in spring; one was at California City 3 Jun (K&BK). A male Blackburnian Warbler at Long Beach, Los Angeles 4-8 Apr (RB) may have wintered locally, and a migrant was at Big Mo - rongo Canyon Preserve, San Bernardino 23 May (MC). A Chestnut-sided Warbler at Del Mar, San Diego 7-14 Mar (SES, RG) must have win - tered locally; others were at Point Loma 30-31 May (GN) and California City 3 Jun (K&BK). A Yellow Warbler in Arroyo Grande 23 Mar was the earliest ever to arrive in San Luis Obispo by four days (DGS). Casual in spring, a male Black-throated Blue Warbler was at Scotty's Castle in Death Valley N.P. 22 May (MJS). It's difficult to know how many of the 8 Palm Warblers found in coastal Los Angeles during Apr were spring migrants or wintering birds that had not been detected earlier; 3 probable spring migrants were in coastal San Diego 25 Apr–31 May; in the interior, one was at Niland 25 Apr (GMcC), singles were at G.H.P. 29 Apr (DeW) and 9 May (KHL), one was in the s. San Joaquin Valley at Wheeler Ridge, Kern 9 May (AC), and one was at Lancaster 7 May (DB). A Pine Warbler at Newport Beach, Orange 16- 21 Mar (JMB) had clearly wintered locally. A Yellow-throated Warbler, casual in spring, was near El Monte 24 May (JLF). Casual anywhere in the Region in spring, a Prairie Warbler at N.E.S.S. 7 May (RMcK) was the first in spring for the Salton Sink. The Grace's Warbler at Greenwood Cemetery in San Diego 15-18 Mar (NC, BT) was present for its third winter but had not been seen earlier in the season. Very rare in spring, Canada Warblers were at Santa Barbara Island 29 May (JH) and Point Loma 26 May (SLy). The earliest Yellow-breasted Chat of the spring was in the Sorrento Valley, San Diego 28 Mar (SB). A singing Cassin's Sparrow at Castaic 26-31 May (BED) was the twentieth for the Region and the fourth to be found in spring in Los An - geles. Migrant Clay-colored Sparrows included 2 at Redlands, San Bernardino 18 Apr (with one remaining until 20 Apr; MG), 2 in coastal Los Angeles 2-11 May, and one at P.P. 11 May (JBi). A Black-throated Sparrow at Leucadia, San Diego 15 Mar (PGN) was at a coastal locality. Six Lark Buntings were found on the deserts 27 Mar–18 Apr, with coastal slope birds near Ramona, San Diego 30 Mar (JMcM), at Castaic One of four found in southern California in May 2015, this Yellow-throated Vireo was photographed on the first day of its 30-31 May 2015 stay at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Point Loma, San Diego County. Photograph by Gary Nunn

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