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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 488 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A in late Jun are unusual. Therefore, observa- tions of Savannah Sparrows singing in grass- land habitats along the Pajaro River, Santa Cruz 17 Jun (NLv) and at the Sacramento N.W.R., Glenn 27 Jun (Sarah MacLean) are intriguing. A White-throated Sparrow at Petaluma, Sonoma 4 Jul (Sherri Oster) provided a rare late summer record. Other lingering Zonotrichia sparrows in - cluded a White-crowned Sparrow along the Pa- jaro River near the Santa Clara county line, San- ta Cruz 17 Jun (NLv) and a Golden-crowned Sparrow on San Bruno Mountain, San Mateo 23 Jun–2 Jul (Doug Allshouse). Summer Tanagers were at Acampo, San Joaquin 5 Jun (DGY et al.), at Ed Levin C.P., Santa Clara 22 Jun (WGB), and at Coyote Creek Field Station, Santa Clara 29 Jul (ph. Josh Scullen). A female Scarlet Tan - ager at Campbell Cove 1 Jun (ph. DN, PBC) provided Sonoma its first record. A stunning ad. male Scarlet Tanager was at Ardenwood Farm 19-21 Jun (Chingling Tien, ph. Bill Chen, ph. Bob Toleno, m.ob.), only the second of this spe - cies for Alameda. Fifteen Rose-breasted Gros- beaks and 5 Indigo Buntings produced totals for both species well below our averages (26 and 11, respectively). A Blue Grosbeak singing along Pescadero Creek, Santa Cruz 3 Jul (AMR) was very close to a known breeding location in Santa Clara, suggesting that this site may yet produce a first confirmed breeding record for Santa Cruz. The Tricolored Blackbirds found in spring along the Carson River, Alpine were still present 3 Jun (Nancy Overholtz); unfortunate - ly, we have no later reports and no confirmation that these birds bred. Cited observers (county subregional editors in boldface): Ken Able (Lassen), David P. Ar - senault, Alan D. Barron, Dave A. Bengston, Murray Berner (Napa), William G. Bousman (Santa Clara), Lucas Brug, Ken Burton, Rita Carratello, Peter B. Colasanti, Daryl Cold - ren (Humboldt and Del Norte), Chris Conard (Sacramento), Rudy C. Darling (Nevada), Jeff N. Davis (Madera), Malia DeFelice, Bruce E. Deuel (n. C.V. counties), Colin P. Dillingham (Plumas and Sierra), Cedric Duhalde, Leo J. Ed - son, Alan M. Eisner, Elias Elias, Rob Fowler (RbF; Humboldt and Del Norte), Dea Freid, Steve Gerow (Santa Cruz), David Hamilton, Steve C. Hampton, John H. Harris (Stanislaus), Garth Harwood, Floyd Hayes, Cliff Hawley, Debbie House, Lisa Hug, Eugene S. Hunn, John E. Hunter (Trinity), Richard G. Jeffers, Logan Kahle (Contra Costa and San Francisco), Robert J. Keiffer (Mendocino), Tony Kurz, Alexandra Lamb, Kimya L. Lambert, Sarah Lane, Robin L. C. Leong (Solano), Tom W. Leskiw, Gary S. Lester, Lauren P. Lester, Nick Levendosky, John Lewis, Jim Lomax, Michael J. Mammoser, Dan J. Maxwell (Marin), Chris Although this species was thought to have bred widely along the w. slope of the Sierra Nevada historically, there are no specific breeding re - cords for that county. THRASHERS THROUGH WARBLERS A Gray Catbird was mist-netted at Bolinas, Marin 16 Jun (Renee Cormier), and another was found singing 22 Jun just 16 km n. of Bo - linas at White House Pool, Marin (DvH), rais- ing the possibility that one bird was responsible for both observations. An out-of-range Sage Thrasher was at the Crescent City Airport, Del Norte 9 Jun (Sky Lloyd, ph. LuB). Our only Brown Thrasher was photographed at P.R.N.S. 7 Jun (Mark Butler, ph. Everett Clark). Three of our 4 Ovenbirds were on F.I. 6-21 Jun (Point Blue); the fourth was at P.R.N.S. 13 Jun (Alex Merritt, ph. Everett Clark, W. Durrel Kapan). Five Black-and-white Warblers, all in coastal or S.F. Bay counties, furnished a typical sea - sonal total. A Prothonotary Warbler at P.R.N.S. 11-19 Jun (DFr, ph. Mark Forney) was a good find. A Tennessee Warbler was banded on F.I. 7 Jun (Point Blue), and another was found singing at Campbell Cove, Sonoma 9 Jun (DN, DFr). Hooded Warblers were at P.R.N.S. 19 Jun (Mark Sawyer) and at H.R.S. 25 Jun (RJR). Eight American Redstarts included 2 inland birds, one at Oro Loma, Fresno 9 Jun (JSy) and another at Devils Postpile N.M. 19 Jul (ph. Bruce Aird; Madera's third). Eight of 12 North - ern Parulas were in Humboldt. A singing male parula provided Lake's second record at Co - rinthian Bay 16 Jun (JRW), and another singer supplied a notable mid-summer record for Yolo, at the Sacramento Bypass 29 Jun (SCH). Five Magnolia Warblers produced a total twice our summer average. A Blackburnian Warbler on F.I. 5 Jun (Point Blue) was our first in summer since 2009. Summer reports of Yellow Warblers on the C.V. floor seem to be increasing, so birds in good riparian habitat at the Sacramento Riv - er N.W.R., Pine Creek Unit, Butte 6 Jun (FrO et al.) and Capay Unit, Glenn 15 Jun (MMu) provided encouragement that this species may someday re-colonize this part if its historical range. Seven Chestnut-sided Warblers provided a good showing, as we average fewer than 5 per season. Blackpoll Warblers were at Ardenwood Farm, Alameda 23-24 Jun (Marty Morrow, ES, ph. m.ob.) and on F.I. 4-7 Jul (Point Blue), and our only Palm Warbler was at Campbell Cove, Sonoma 9 Jun (DN, DFr). SPARROWS THROUGH BLACKBIRDS Wintering Savannah Sparrows often linger into May and begin singing before they leave grassland habitats in the C.V. and other areas in our Region. Records of singing birds (away from the delta/coastal and high Sierra habitats) record is especially notable. Lewis's Woodpeckers are scarce anywhere along the immediate coast, where they some - times occur fall-spring. Therefore, one in Ten- nessee Valley, Marin 4 Jun (Jeff Kimball, Mark Forney) was completely unexpected. Following last winter's invasion, Acorn Woodpeckers per - sisted in S.F. through the period, with at least 4 in Lafayette Park plus 10 or more in Golden Gate Park, where nesting was confirmed 27 Jun (Dylan Hayes), providing the first breeding re - cord for S.F. A Nuttall's Woodpecker, evidently a post-breeding wanderer, at Doyle, Lassen 23 Jul (Denise Riddle), was in the e. part of the county, well outside areas of normal occurrence for this non-migratory species. Our only Least Flycatcher was along the Smith River, Del Norte 2-7 Jun (LuB, m.ob.). Likewise, our only Eastern Phoebe was in Del Norte, at the Crescent City Airport 1 Jun (LuB). Eastern Kingbirds were more plentiful, with 8 birds reported, including Stanislaus's first at Faith Ranch 14 Jul (ph. Gary Zahm) and two pairs at the traditional breeding site at Blue Lake, Lassen 22 Jul (ph. EE). Other singles were at P.R.N.S., Marin 8 Jun (Mark Forney), Point Saint George, Del Norte 9 Jun (ADB), and Pescadero Marsh, San Mateo 25 Jun (GrH). A White-eyed Vireo at Campbell Cove 7-8 Jun (ph. DN, v.r. ESH, m.ob.) furnished the first record for Sonoma. Continuing from spring, the Bell's Vireo w. of Corcoran, Kings lingered un - til 7 Jun (MSy); it was the only one reported. Our only Yellow-throated Vireo, a singing male, was found along Virginia Creek, Mono 17 Jun (KNN). Plumbeous Vireos included a remark - able 12 (six pairs on territory) in a small string- er of aspens in Wildrose Canyon, Mono 12 Jun (CMc) and a single bird outside of breeding range at Klamath Glen, Del Norte 14 Jun–29 Jul (LuB, KBu). Our only Philadelphia Vireo visited P.R.N.S., Marin 7 Jun (Everett Clark). Five Red- eyed Vireos included singles at Redwood N.P., Humboldt 5 Jun–30 Jul (GSL, LPL, ph., KBu, COg), P.R.N.S., Marin 7 Jun (Alex Merritt), Cache Creek 8 Jun (Yolo's fifth; Brent Campos), Klamath Glen, Del Norte 9-13 Jun (LuB, JCS), and Eureka, Humboldt 10 Jun (TWL). About 10 ad. Purple Martins associating with two occupied nest cavities at the Bonny Doon Ecological Reserve throughout the peri - od (AMR, GJS, Craig Fosdick et al.) established the first nesting record for Santa Cruz since 2001. Similarly, a string of sightings in Jul, in - cluding that of 2 ads. feeding 2 juvs. at Pillar Point Harbor 8 Jul (RSTh), indicated the first successful nesting in the San Mateo portion of the Santa Cruz Mountains in 20 years. Four Swainson's Thrushes singing along a 3-km stretch of Mono Creek ne. of Edison Lake, Fresno 3 Jul (JTz) suggested probable breeding.

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