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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 487 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A W.T.P. (George Folsom) and Woodland W.T.P. (ph. Keith Bailey), both on 17 Jul, provided fourth records for Madera and Yolo, respec - tively. Individuals at Pajaro Dunes, Santa Cruz 5 Jul (Aaron Gabbe) and 28 Jul (Jonathan Var - gas) may have been southbound migrants from S.F. Bay colonies. Seventeen Black Terns on 19 Jul provided a good count at Thermalito After - bay, Butte (FrO, ClH, JRow), where the species occurs as a regular migrant, whereas singles at H.R.S. 20 Jun (RJR), Sunnyvale W.T.P., Santa Clara 20 Jul (Vivek & Leena Khanzode), and Franks Tract, Contra Costa 28 Jul (†ES) were in areas of less frequent occurrence. Single ad. Arctic Terns at H.R.S. 7 Jun (RJR) and Redwood Shores, San Mateo 6 Jul (RSTh) were rare inside S.F. Bay, particularly in summer, and may have represented the same individual. More than 30 pairs of Forster's Terns nested at Woodward Reservoir, Stanislaus this summer (JHH et al.); this species is a scarce breeder in the San Joa - quin Valley and had not nested at Woodward Reservoir since 1999. Elegant Terns invaded coastal areas in large numbers for the second consecutive summer, beginning in late Jun; by late Jul, thousands were present, especially in Monterey Bay, with large numbers (including many juvs.) foraging on anchovies in inshore waters (DR, m.ob.). DOVES THROUGH THRUSHES Two Band-tailed Pigeons at Oroville, Butte 30 Jun (Carol Anderson) were unexpected at that location and presumably lingered from the fall-spring incursion. Providing the first record for the greater Sacramento Valley, a Common Ground-Dove was discovered at Elk Creek, Glenn 4 Jul (ph. Sarah MacLean). Two Yellow- billed Cuckoos included Del Norte's first along the Smith River 3-4 Jun (TKz, Casey Ryan, ph. LuB, ADB) and the third for Arcata Marsh, Humboldt 27-31 Jul (AxL, m.ob.). Short-eared Owls have been found in Mono during the nesting season on a few occasions over the past several decades, suggesting probable breeding. However, 2 fledglings at Mono Lake C.P. 19 Jul (LHg) provided the first confirmed breeding record since 1933. A total of eight Black Swift nests at Burney Falls, Shasta 20 Jul (EE) was not unusual for this traditional nesting location. What was un - usual, however, was that seven nests were vis- ible in one scope view! Each nest contained a large nestling, one of which was being brooded by an adult. White-throated Swifts are scarce in Sierra, so one well-described bird over Sierra City 28 Jun (†RC) was noteworthy. Del Norte's first Broad-billed Hummingbird (p.a.) visited a Darlingtonia bog at Smith River R.A. 27 Jun (†Casey Ryan, ADB). As most of our records of vagrant hummingbirds come from feeders, this known breeding areas were two courting pairs of snipe along Bentley Rd., Stanislaus 22 Jun (HMR) and a single bird along Dairy Rd., Yuba 27 Jun (ph. Marge & Don Thornton). JAEGERS THROUGH TERNS Good counts of 22 Pomarine and 30 Para- sitic Jaegers harassed gulls and terns off Pajaro Dunes, Santa Cruz 27 Jul (AMR, NLv). Sabine's Gulls (about 95% ads.) staged an unprecedent - ed nearshore incursion in Monterey Bay 18 Jul+, with high counts of 1575 at Pajaro Dunes, Santa Cruz 27 Jul (AMR, NLv) and 1870 in a 1.75-hour count from Point Pinos, Monterey 28 Jul (BLS, DR, RC). Although water tempera - tures were high (typically associated with low food supplies) throughout Monterey Bay in Jul, prey species such as Northern Anchovy were concentrated inshore, resulting in these record congregations. Rarer gulls included a first-cycle Little near Stratford, Kings 22 Jun–12 Jul (ph. MSy), a second-cycle Laughing at Bodega Har - bor, Sonoma 22-23 Jul (Kirsten Lindquist), and a first-cycle Glaucous at Crescent City Harbor, Del Norte 23 Jun (ADB). Eight Franklin's Gulls scattered among five counties represented a typical summer showing for recent years. Mew Gulls are rare in summer, so singles at Alviso, Santa Clara 13 Jul (WGB, MJM) and at Lake Merced, S.F. throughout the period (m.ob.) were noteworthy. Although Western Gull records in the C.V. have increased in recent years, most such occurrences have been in winter, so a first- summer bird at El Rico, Kings 7 Jun (ph. MSy) was unexpected. The number of breeding West - ern Gulls at F.I. was 30% lower than last year, reaching the lowest breeding population in 45 years of monitoring (Point Blue). Chick survival was low early due to starvation and intraspe - cific predation but improved in Jul. California Gulls once again attempted breeding at F.I., but none were successful, primarily owing to nest destruction by loafing sea lions (Point Blue). Foraging Least Terns from colonies at Huich- ica Creek, Napa and the Montezuma Wetlands, Solano were observed in a number of bayside areas in those two counties. Ninety at Huichica Creek colonies 15 Jul (MBe) provided a high count for that location. Least Terns nested again at the Sacramento W.T.P., Sacramento, with a pair first detected 5 Jul and 2 chicks hatching at the end of the month (CCo, KLL, Steve Scott et al.). This species nested here 2008-2012, made a brief appearance in 2013, and was absent last year. Extralimital Least Terns were reported more widely than ever before. One at the Chi - co W.T.P., Butte 10 Jun–16 Jul (MRg, JLw, ph. Matt Forster) was likely one of last summer's birds returning. A Least Tern at Crowley Lake 14 Jun (DHo, Chris Allen) provided Mono with its third record, whereas singles at the Madera Slough and at Alviso Marina C.P., Santa Clara, with a high count of 4 detected 4 Jul (SCR). Common Gallinules bred successfully again in Mendocino, with at least 2 young detected at Ukiah 20 Jun (SJS). Young from the first county breeding attempt at the same location in 2012 were thought to have perished when the pond was cleared of all wetland vegetation. A Sandhill Crane was seen again at the Smith River bottoms 2 Jul (Maureen Kevany-Jahn), and another was heard at Tolowa Dunes S.P. 15 Jul (both Del Norte; TKz). SHOREBIRDS The nesting American Avocets at the Ukiah W.T.P., Mendocino hatched 3 young 3 Jun and remained through 16 Jul (ph. SJS, m.ob.). Notable S.F. Bay Black Oystercatchers contin - ued from spring with 2 at Benicia, Solano 7 Jul (FrO, LPt), up to 6 (including 2 young) at Ballena Bay, Alameda (RJR, m.ob.), and Santa Clara's fourth at Alviso through 22 Jun (Bill Pelletier). An alternate-plumaged American Golden-Plover was found at Arcata Bay, Hum - boldt 27 Jun–14 Jul (ph., †TMcK, EE, ph. RbF, m.ob.). Two other alternate-plumaged golden- plovers there 6 Jul (EE, TMcK) were not identi - fied to species. Wandering Long-billed Curlews ended up in unusual locations. One at Clear Lake 3 Jul (ph. FHa) was only the sixth for Lake, up to 2 at Boca Reservoir 12-13 Jul (ph. SRs, DRs, m.ob.) provided a rare record for Nevada, and singles made it to F.I. 3 & 14-15 Jul (Point Blue). A Ruddy Turnstone at Clear Lake S.P. 30 Jul (JRW) provided only the second record for Lake, following the first at the same location 14 years earlier. Another far inland near Corcoran, Kings surprisingly lingered 13 Jun–18 Jul (ph. MSy). Reports of white-necked molting ad. male Ruffs retaining long white chest plumes at the Davis Wetlands, Yolo 29 Jun (†LJE, †John Robinson) and near Corcoran, Kings 11 Jul+ (ph. MSy) probably involved the same bird. Santa Clara's fourth Curlew Sandpiper was a basic-plumaged bird at Alviso 5 Jul (†MJM). The Region's fifteenth Little Stint, and second for Kings, remained near Corcoran 11-19 Jul (ph. MSy). Among 26+ Semipalmated Sand - pipers 30 Jun+ was the third or fourth for Napa, at American Canyon Wetlands 24 Jul (MBe, ph. Ken Skolnik, m.ob.). Early returning Wilson's Snipe included a bird at Zmudowski S.B., Monterey 19 Jul (ph. Michael Rieser), up to 2 birds at Mountain View 28 Jul+ (earliest fall arrival for Santa Clara by three days; ph. Bob Bolles et al.), one at the Yolo Bypass W.A., Yolo 28 Jul (ph., fide eBird), one at the Ukiah W.T.P., Mendocino 30 Jul (DAB, ph. SJS), and one at the Madera W.T.P., Madera 31 Jul (ph. GaW, Rick Saxton). Also notable away from

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