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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 485 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A latest lingering White-throated Sparrow was at Marina, Monterey until 22 May (SRv). Also continuing from winter were 4 Harris's Spar - rows, one each at Red Bluff, Tehama 18 Mar (MSw), Salmon Creek, Sonoma 10 Apr (LHg), Modesto, Stanislaus 21 Apr (Tom & Anne Myers), and Arcata, Humboldt 30 Apr (GAB). Our winter Rustic Bunting in S.F. continued through 31 Mar (m.ob.). Eleven Summer Tanagers included a remark- able 3 at Oasis Ranch, Mono 22-23 May (PJM, ADeM, CMc). Twenty-two Rose-breasted Gros - beaks provided a good showing, as we average fewer than 14. A Blue Grosbeak was at Spen - ceville W.A. 10 May (ECB, RCD, John Lace), the same location that hosted Nevada's first last year. Indigo Buntings were present in typi - cal numbers (8 vs. an average of 7), but there was nothing average about an ad. male Painted Bunting at Bridgeport, Mono 20 May (ph. Tim Taylor, Ryan Spaulding). Tricolored Blackbirds are in significant long-term decline in the state, so it was encouraging to receive reports of new or re-colonized breeding locations. Up to 30 Tricoloreds along the Carson River 3-21 May (TEa, LKh, m.ob.) provided Alpine's first docu - mented record, a new colony was found 28 Mar near Fall River, Shasta (B&CY, KAb, DMr), and nesting was confirmed at a site in Potter Val - ley, Mendocino 8 May (GEC), where the birds have been absent for about 10 years. Orchard Orioles were at the Presdio, S.F. 16 Apr (HuC, LKh, BFi), on F.I. 17-18 May (Point Blue), and at Belmont, San Mateo 31 May+ (RSTh, LBt). An unexpected Hooded Oriole at s. Lake Tahoe, El Dorado 7-10 Apr (Bob Sweatt, MMy) provided a first for the Lake Tahoe Basin (El Dorado, Placer, and Nevada). Baltimore Orioles included a bird continuing from winter at San Mateo, San Ma - teo through 6 Mar (Merry Haverman), a male at Capitola, Santa Cruz 8 Apr (Judy Donaldson), and a male and female in different locations in Bodega Bay, Sonoma 26-29 May (RAR, DN, m.ob.). An oriole at Westgate Landing C.P., San Joaquin 15-31 May (Pat & Dave Croft, DGY, JLD, m.ob.) showed clear signs of being a Bal - timore x Bullock's hybrid. A Scott's Oriole was at Paradise, Mono 4-18 Apr (DHo). The Bram - bling found in winter in Arcata, Humboldt con- tinued through 12 Mar (Cindy Kuttner). A Cas- sin's Finch visited a feeder in S.F. 20 Apr (PSar). Cited observers (county subregional editors in boldface): Ken Able (Lassen), Alan D. Barron, Leonie Batkin, Murray Berner (Napa), Wil - liam G. Bousman (Santa Clara), Tim D. Bray, Lucas Brug, Ryan D. Burnett, Scott Carey, Rita Carratello, George E. Chaniot, Josiah Clark, Peter B. Colasanti, Daryl Coldren (Humboldt and Del Norte), Chris Conard (Sacramento), Hugh Cotter, Rudy C. Darling (Nevada), were in coastal or Bay Area counties. The ex - ception was along McGee Creek, Mono 18 May (CMc). A Prothonotary Warbler at Bodega Bay, Sonoma 30 May (Mike Heffernon) and 3 Ten - nessee Warblers at Point Reyes, Marin 29-31 May (Everett Clark, LKh, m.ob.) all arrived just in time to provide late spring records. The Lu - cy's Warbler at Bodega Bay, Sonoma 9-14 Mar (DeH, RAR, m.ob.) provided our first spring record since 2009. A Kentucky Warbler at Point Reyes, Marin 28 May sang a bit and even posed briefly for a photograph (ph. DSg). Our only Hooded Warbler was on F.I. 14-16 May (Point Blue). A male American Redstart in Phi - lo, Mendocino 1 Mar–19Apr (TDB, m.ob.) sang throughout his visit. Our other redstart was a female in a Pacific Grove, Monterey backyard 25-29 May (ph. RC, ph. DR, m.ob.). We aver - age more than seven Northern Parula reports in spring and have received no fewer than two for at least the past 25 springs. Therefore, our lone parula at Point Reyes, Marin 30 May (Mary Ann & Mark Butler, Roger Harshaw) marked a season low for the Region. Magnolia Warblers were in Cottonwood Canyon, Mono 24 May (Meg Andrews) and at Pacific Grove, Monterey 27 May (ph. RC, ph. MiR). Three Chestnut-sided Warblers provided our best spring total for this species in more than 25 years, with males at Mendocino Highlands S.P., Mendocino 25 May (M. Gertz), at Willow Glen, Santa Clara 26 May (Brooke Miller; first spring Santa Clara record), and on F.I. 31 May (Point Blue). We tallied 16 Palm Warblers, twice our average, and this included one Yellow Palm Warbler on F.I. 25 Apr (Point Blue). A singing Yellow-throated Warbler in Bodega Bay 27 May (v.r. DN) furnished a first for Sonoma. SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES Two of the season's 3 Clay-colored Spar- rows were in Mono, one at South Tufa 1 May (†George Chisman) and another at Bridgeport 22 May (KNN, JLD), with a third bird on F.I. 18 Apr (Point Blue). Black-chinned Sparrows are sparsely distributed and irregular breeders in the Region. This spring they continued for the fourth year near Loma Prieta in both Santa Clara and Santa Cruz, with singing birds arriv - ing by 4 Apr (JGa, AMR, m.ob.). In contrast, they have apparently not bred on Mount Diab - lo, Contra Costa for several years, and this year's only Black-chinned Sparrow reported there 19 Apr did not remain (LKh, EPi, Jeff Hoppes). Eleven singing Black-chinned Sparrows were along Bear Mountain Rd. in Henry Coe S.P., Santa Clara 16 May (MMR). Two Black-throat - ed Sparrows were at n. Lake Tahoe, Placer 30 Apr–2 May (ScD). A Nelson's Sparrow contin - ued from winter through 20 Mar at Arrowhead Marsh, Alameda (Mark Rauzon). The season's Not only are there no previous records of this hybrid for North America, there are no records of these Old World parent species either. Two Least Bell's Vireos were reported: one singing w. of Corcoran, Kings 9-31 May (ph. MSy, ph. m.ob.) and another at Belmont, San Mateo 14 May (RSTh). A total of 25 Warbling Vireos at Pacheco S.P. 9 May (MMR, PDu) represented the largest pulse of migrants of that species ever reported from one location in Merced. Red-eyed Vireo is less than annual in spring, so the total of 4 this spring was remarkable. Singles were at Golden Gate Park, S.F. 9 May (ASH), Putah Creek, Yolo 18 May (AEn), Point Reyes N.S., Marin 28 May (DSg), and Tunitas Creek Rd., San Mateo 29 May (RSTh). The invasion of Steller's Jays on the C.V. floor that began last fall continued into May in the n. C.V. with numerous reports from Sutter, Yuba, Butte, Glenn, and Tehama (fide BED). Golden- crowned Kinglets nested at the Strybing Arbo - retum in Golden Gate Park during the period (m.ob.), apparently for the second consecutive year, representing the first confirmed breeding records for S.F. Six Townsend's Solitaires were found outside areas of residency during the pe - riod, with one in Tehama, 2 in Napa, one in S.F., one in San Mateo, and one in Contra Costa. Small numbers of residual Varied Thrush from the massive fall-winter invasion lingered in the C.V. and along the coast through spring, with some in Monterey even hanging on into Jun (fide DR). THRASHERS THROUGH WARBLERS Our only Gray Catbird report was of a briefly glimpsed bird during a late snowstorm near McGee Creek, Mono 15 May (ADeM). Six out- of-range Sage Thrashers included 4 along the coast, one in the C.V., and one at n. Lake Tahoe, Placer. Lapland Longspurs were at Ferndale bottoms, Humboldt 1 Mar (AxL), on F.I. 12 May (Point Blue), and at Lake Tolowa, Del Norte 22 May (LBr). Two Chestnut-collared Longspurs continued from winter on Bear River Ridge, Humboldt through 4 Apr (TKz, m.ob.). An Ovenbird at Charleston Road marsh, Santa Clara was a winter bird that barely continued into spring 1 Mar (AV). Ovenbirds were also in Cottonwood Canyon, Mono 23-26 May (PJM, m.ob.) and on F.I. 24 May+ (Point Blue). A to - tal of 6 Northern Waterthrushes was more than double our average and included a singing bird likely returning for its third spring near Lake Almanor, Plumas 9 May (RDB, CPD). Blue- winged Warblers are reported in our Region at a rate of about one every five years, so the male that landed on a boat 3 km off Moss Landing, Monterey 24 May (Kate Spencer, ph. Don Bac - chus) was a very good find. All but one of our 9 Black-and-white Warblers (twice our average)

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