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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 480 O R E G O N & WA S H I N G TO N San Juan 19 Jun (B. McGarry), and one near Stanwood, Snohomish 20-26 Jun (T. Mansfield). Although migrant and territorial Leasts are found annually on Oregon's eastside, westside reports remain few. A territorial bird was sing - ing at F.R.R. 11 (JS) & 19 Jun (L. Ferrenburg). A Black Phoebe at Magnuson Park, King 11- 12 Jul (ph. D. Melamed, S. Ramos) was this summer's only w. Washington detection away from the two known nesting locales in Wash - ington. Single Ash-throated Flycatchers at Tu- alatin N.W.R. 9 Jun (S. Runnels) and S.I. 25 Jun (WG) were n. and w. of this species' known breeding range. Western Washington's migrant Eastern Kingbirds included a rare coastal bird near Clallam Bay, Clallam 4 Jun (E. Guzman); this species is a rare migrant and local nester on the westside. Wandering Clark's Nutcrackers are rare for the lowlands of w. Washington, so 4 at Bel - levue, King 5 Jun (R. Rowlett) and Wahkiakum's first at Grays River Divide 17 Jun–15 Jul (ph. A. Emlen, K. Austin) were noteworthy. Way - ward w. Washington single White-breasted Nuthatches were at Scatter Creek, Thurston 7 Jun (C. Byers) and near Diablo, Whatcom 27 Jun (R. Theriault); the source population for these strays is uncertain. Rock Wrens were con - spicuous away from known haunts this season. Singles were on Oregon's outer coast at the Co - lumbia River mouth 2 Jun (MP) and Yaquina Head, Lincoln 9 Jun (HH). Detections from five locations in the Olympic Mountains, Clallam 6 Jun–7 Jul was astounding, as there are only a few prior breeding season records from the Olympics. During the 1980s, single Veeries were occasionally found along the Skagit River w. of Newhalem, Whatcom, which led to Terry Wahl's discovery of a summering pair there in 1992. Subsequently, Veeries returned to this location every summer through 2013. Despite repeated searches during the summers of 2014 and 2015 (RM, RK), none were detected here, perhaps signaling the end of Veeries breeding at this site; this was the only known nesting outpost on the Region's westside. Until about a decade ago, Gray Catbirds were extremely rare w. of the Cascades, but they are now being recorded annually, including a coastal nesting pair at Newport in 2014. Four more westside reports this season included singles at three locations in the P.T. 6-22 Jun and another on the Oregon coast at the N.S.C.B. 23 Jun (JM). This season's Brown Thrasher was at Malheur 13 Jun (AH). A Sage Thrasher at Ridgefield 13 Jun (ph. S. Morey) marked the fifth consecu - tive summer with a report from w. Washington, where this species was formerly considered less than annual. Eight Northern Mocking - birds (4 westside and 4 eastside) were noted this summer. A female McCown's Longspur at Okanogan 4 Jun (v.r. R. Glick) was Washington's thirteenth since 1974; this species was extirpated as a breeder from Washington in the 1930s. On 26 Jul, a cuckoo was heard calling in the Columbia River bottomlands of n. Portland (AF), where this species was once a common breeder; al - though the local nesting pop- ulation winked out roughly a half-century ago, cuckoos are still detected in this area every few years. A Black-chinned Hum - mingbird e. of Brookings 14 Jun (DM) was highly unusual, as this species is a rare any - where w. of the Cascades and rarer still along the outer coast. An Anna's Hummingbird x Rufous Hummingbird hybrid inhabited Mer - cer Island, King 8 Jun–4 Jul (ph. J. Glant); there are fewer than five documented records for this cross in Washington. Single Costa's Humming - birds at Silverton, Marion 11 Jun (J. Thomas) and near Port Orford, Curry 27 Jun (J. Rogers) were on Oregon's westside; although detections are annual or nearly so in cen. Oregon, there are fewer than 20 records w. of the Cascades. An American Three-toed Woodpecker was ob - served at a nest site at Dose Meadows, Jefferson 28 Jun (M. Holmgren), and another was near Marmot Pass, Jefferson 30 Jun (M. Holmgren). Although this species is assumed to be a low- density resident in the Olympic Mountains, documented nestings are few. A Black-backed Woodpecker graced Government Meadows, King 3 Jul (E. Houston, J. Gunn, S. Ramos); it has been assumed that this species occurs high on the w. slope of Washington's Cascades, but records are still few. Similarly, 2 Black-backed Woodpeckers were w. of the Cascade crest at Larch Mountain, Multnomah 24 Jun (TA), and another was there on 29 Jun (J. Sanford). A Crested Caracara inhabiting Skykomish, King 11 Jun–12 Jul (RM, m.ob.) was Washington's fourth and the Region's eighth. A Prairie Falcon was at Paradise, Mount Rainier, Pierce 23 Jun (D. Hayden), providing an exceptional high- elevation record for Jun; a fair number migrate along the w. crest of the Cascades, but detec - tions typically start in late Jul. PASSERINES A returning Eastern Wood-Pewee inhabited Lind Coulee, Grant 31 Jul+ (MY, L. Williams) for the third straight year; this bird has provid - ed Washington's only record. Least Flycatch- ers, now annual in w. Washington, included 2 continuing at Skagit W.M.A., Skagit through 16 Jun (D. Schurman), one at San Juan Island, monds, Snohomish 17 Jun (ph. J. Sweeney); this species has appeared in Washington in each of the past five summers. Franklin's Gulls showed well in e. Washington this sum - mer, with 75+ noted 1-7 Jun, including a maximum of 43 at W.W.R.D. 1 Jun (M&MLD). Nine westside Franklin's 8 Jun–29 Jul was about triple the seasonal average; one at Edmonds, Snohomish 29 Jul (J. Sweeney) was the only report from w. Washington. A Mew Gull at F.R.R. 1 Jul (JS) pro - vided a rare inland summer record for Oregon: summer records from that state, which are few, come almost exclusively from coastal estuaries. A remarkably out-of-season Glaucous Gull at Westport, Grays Harbor 31 Jul (ph. RM) was only the fifth during summer for Washing - ton; most of this season's records involve birds barely lingering into early Jun. A Black Tern was at Ridgefield 3 Jun (RH, R. Windemuth); all of w. Washington's known breeding records (2001, 2002, 2008, 2013) have come from this refuge. Three late Common Terns were on the eastside, with one at Potholes Reservoir, Grant 2 Jun (ph. JI) and 2 at Eloika Lake, Spokane 2 Jun (TL); this species is rare anywhere in the Region after May. Two Arctic Terns on Dunge - ness Spit, Clallam 4 Jun (BB) were near the site of their last known nesting in the Region; a pair actively guarding a nest in Jun 2010 represents the Region's most recent breeding activity. Af - ter nesting at F.R.R. in 2014, up to 5 Forster's Terns were there again 10 Jun–1 Jul (S. Hill, JS), but no nests were observed. Two Forster's at Agate Lake, Jackson 8 Jun (H. Sands) and 3 at S.I. 27 Jun (T. McNamara) were also notewor - thy, as this species is a barely annual summer stray on the westside. A single Elegant Tern at Coos Bay 19 Jul (TR) made the only report of the season; it would be another month before numbers of post-breeders showed up in the Region. On 2 Jun, 2 Band-tailed Pigeons were at "P Ranch" at the s. end of Malheur, and another was at the refuge headquarters 56 km to the north (TB); this species is a rare stray to se. Oregon. Oregon's fourth Common Ground- Dove was on a private sheep ranch near Cape Blanco 7-9 Jun (T. J. Wahl, ph. S. Kornfeld); in - credibly, this is the third record for this proper- ty, with previous occurrences in Aug 2006 and Sep 2012. A White-winged Dove at Scappoose, Columbia 10-13 Jun (H. Horvat) was about the thirtieth for Oregon but just the fifth for sum - mer; most of the Region's records span Aug– Oct. A Yellow-billed Cuckoo near Winthrop, Birding efforts from cruise ships continue to expand our understanding of seasonal- ity of various deep water pelagic species off the Pacific Northwest. This Cook's Pe- trel, photographed nearly 300 kilometers off Curry County on 12 July 2015, was one of three found in Oregon waters that day. Photograph by Owen Schmidt.

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