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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 478 O R E G O N & WA S H I N G TO N typically come during May. A Baltimore Oriole at Melrose, Douglas 27 May (MH) was a rare spring stray for the westside; most of the Re - gion's records of northbound birds come from Harney, where this species is annual May–Jun. The wintering Brambling at Issaquah, King continued through 9 Mar (D. Pope, F. Pope); Washington has 19 records spanning late-Oct– mid-Apr. Pine Grosbeaks made an exceptional showing in the cen. Oregon Cascades, which were made more accessible due to record poor snow pack. Flocks of varying sizes enlivened the Santiam Pass, Linn trailhead for the Pacific Crest Trail throughout most of Mar (m.ob.), with a high count of 62 on 4 Mar (WDR). A small flock was farther s. at Gold Lake, Lane 7 Mar (TM). Most surprising was a single Pine Grosbeak at Portland's Mount Tabor Park 28 Mar (J. Scott, TMc). Rare in lowland w. Wash - ington, a Cassin's Finch was at Lyman, Skagit 10 Apr (GB). Lesser Goldfinches continue to expand across the state, with northerly singles at Monroe, Snohomish 26 Apr (S. Pink) and P.N.P. 26 May (ph. BW) in w. Washington and 2 continuing at Cashmere, Chelan through 28 Mar (D. Sutherlund) in e. Washington. Initialed observers (subregional editors in boldface): Bob Archer, Gary Bletsch, Tim Blount, Bob Boekelheide, Wilson Cady, Jim Danzenbaker, Shawneen Finnegan, Bob Flores, Denny Grandstrand, Randy Hill, Mi - chael Hobbs, Jon Isacoff, Tim Janzen, Stuart Johnston, Randy Knapp, Russ Koppendrayer (RKo), Bruce LaBar, Fanter Lane, Paul E. Lehman (offshore cruises), Terry Little, Tom McNamara, Ryan Merrill (Washington), Tom Mickel, Scott Mills, Russ Namitz, Harry Nehls (Oregon)Tim O'Brien, W. Douglas Robinson, Tim Rodenkirk (Coos/Curry), Stefan Schlick, Ryan Shaw, Bill Shelmerdine, Andy Stepniews - ki, Bill Tweit, Dan Waggoner, Charlie Wright, Matt Yawney, Karen Zook. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he summer of 2015 was hot, smoky, and dry. In a typical year, June feels more like an extension of spring, with mean temperatures in the low sixties and many days with measurable rainfall. Portland's weather statistics for June were astounding. In a city that averages about 11 days from May through September with temperatures of 90º F or high - er, Portlandians sweltered through nine days in the nineties during June alone, three more than the monthly record. The mean tempera - ture there was 70.3º F, nearly 7º F above the (P. Kline), Toledo, Lincoln 26 Mar (C. Philo), and Nisqually 18 Apr (C. Warlow); the latter was the latest ever for w. Washington, where about 10 prior records have come Feb–Mar. Wayward Grasshopper Sparrows included a territorial male near Banks, Washington 3 May+ (SS) and another at Port Angeles 15 May (ph. S. Gremel); Grasshopper Sparrows breed in the s. half of the W.V. but are rarely found farther n. on the westside. Wintering Swamp Sparrows are generally gone from the Region's westside by mid-Mar, thus one still at Ankeny 3 Apr (DI) was of note. Only 6 Harris's Sparrows were noted during the season, but 5 lingered into May, with the latest at Silver Lake, Lake 23 May (L. Johnson). The latest Golden-crowned Sparrow was at Glennwood, Klickitat 31 May (S. Gracewski); most Golden-crowneds depart by mid-May. A Golden-crowned Sparrow x White-crowned Sparrow hybrid was again de - tected, this time at Seattle 22-27 Apr (P. Rose); with increased observer awareness, this cross has proven to be annual in the Region. A small but seemingly stable population of Gray-head - ed Juncos inhabits the Pueblo Mountains in se. Harney. At least 3 were again present at Ten Cent Meadow 29 May (ph. BA); this marks the third consecutive breeding season with reports from this locale. Four Rose-breasted Grosbeaks 16-26 May was roughly half the recent spring average. A month-early Black-headed Grosbeak was at Eugene 23 Mar (B. Broderick). Oregon's twelfth Blue Grosbeak , present 29 Apr–4 May (D. Porter, m.ob.), was almost comical in its approachability and proclivity to sit and feed for minutes at a time at the edges of a busy street in a Beaverton, Washington office park. Two Bobolinks w. of Longrock 23 May (WDR) appear to be the first for Gilliam. A Rusty Black - bird at Granger, Yakima 23 Mar (ph. K. Lucas) provided a rare spring record for the Region, where most Rusties occur mid-Oct–late Jan. Great-tailed Grackle appears to be the latest northward-expanding species to become es - tablished in the Region. Up to 12 were present 1 May+ at White City, Jackson, where they may now be resident. Other small groups have been noted around Klamath Falls over the past year (fide D. Hewitt), with at least one there 29 May (D. Haupt). Up to 4 Great-taileds were around Fields, Harney 16 May (J. Billstine), with 2 remaining through the period (m.ob.). Single wintering Orchard Orioles remained at Neah Bay, Clallam through 4 Apr (CW, RM) and at Ocean City, Grays Harbor through 24 Mar (ph. BW, B. Carlson, PEL); these add to seven prior Washington records, mostly Sep–Nov. A Hooded Oriole at Bend 8 Apr (fide M. Swarens, C. Jett, ph. T. Crabtree) was about a month earlier than most cen. Oregon records, which a typical spring showing in the Harney oases. A MacGillivray's Warbler wintering at Eugene persisted through at least 26 Mar (S. Nance, m.ob.); this species, which winters in the Re - gion every few years, typically arrives about the third week of Apr. This season's Hooded Warbler was near Klamath Falls 9 May (K. Spencer); this species is now annual in the Re - gion May–Jun. An American Redstart at Port- land 23 May (C. Tumer) was a rare spring stray for w. Oregon. Both Magnolia Warblers were in Harney, with singles at Fields 21 May (K. Kuiper) and Malheur 26 May (R. Vetter). The Black-throated Blue Warbler, Washington's thirteenth, continued at Bothell, Snohomish un - til 2 Apr (D. Vargas); most prior records fall Oct–Nov, but two other records involved win - tering birds remaining into Apr. Northbound Black-throated Blues are not annual in Oregon, so one at Fields 28 (BA) was noteworthy. Al - though modest numbers of Palm Warblers winter in the Region, northbound migrants are rarely detected; this season, singles were noted from Neah Bay, Clallam 8 Apr (RM, CW) and Vashon Island, King 15 May (J. Van Os). A re - turning Townsend's Warbler x Hermit Warbler hybrid inhabited Mount Shuksan, Whatcom 16 May+ (P. Wegener); though this hybrid is fairly common in the s. P.T. (Jefferson, Kitsap, and King), more northerly detections are few. A record-early Yellow-breasted Chat at Rich - land, Benton 26 Apr (L. Hill) provided the first Apr record for Washington. Chats continue to make a comeback in w. Washington and are now locally uncommon in Clark; one at Olym - pia 12 May + (C. Warlow) was the only north- erly report this spring. Three westside Clay-colored Sparrows dur - ing May was quite surprising, as northbound migrants are not recorded annually w. of the Cascades; singles visited Portland 14 May (TMc), Eugene 22 May (TM), and Diablo, Whatcom 27 May (RM). A Vesper Sparrow at P.N.P. 11 Apr (M. Bartels) and 2 more on the coast at Lake Ozette, Clallam 5 May (S. Gre - mel, M. Holmgren, G. Montgomery) were away from known breeding sites in the s. P.T. and the upper Skagit River valley, where they have proven to be annual spring migrants in recent years. A rare w. Washington Lark Spar - row enlivened Lake Terrell, Whatcom 24 May (ph. GB). Four westside Black-throated Spar - rows 21-27 May was about double the spring average; most surprising of these was one at Kent, King 21 May (J. Billingsley), as Black- throateds are not found annually on Washing - ton's westside. Eastside Black-throated Spar- rows included 4 at Juniper Dunes Wilderness, Franklin 19 May+ (MH) and 2 at Amon Creek, Benton 23 May (L. Hill). Stray Sagebrush Spar - rows visited Steigerwald N.W.R., Clark 6 Mar

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