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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 476 O R E G O N & WA S H I N G TO N A Slaty-backed Gull wintering at Tacoma re- mained through 17 May (BL), providing a record-late date for Washington; this returnee was back at this locale by mid-Aug the previ - ous fall, suggesting that it may have summered locally in 2014. A paltry 8 Glaucous Gulls were noted in Washington, including a late-linger - ing single at Westport, Grays Harbor through 30 May (ph. K. Hemberry). Stray Black Terns included one at Sutherlin, Douglas 23-24 May (RN), 3 at Lake Terrell, Whatcom 24 May (ph. GB), and another at Luhr Beach, Thurston 28 May (D. Martin); away from a few breeding sites in the W.V., this species is a rare westside migrant. A flock of 20 Arctic Terns near Lopez Island, San Juan 15 May (M. Stackhouse) made a noteworthy inland count; although small numbers summered and bred at isolated nest - ing colonies at Everett and then at Dungeness Spit, Clallam 1977-2010, inland migrants are rare at any season. A Band-tailed Pigeon at Spokane 27 May (fide T. O'Brien) was extremely rare for far e. Washington. Washington's eleventh White- winged Dove graced Renton, King 17-18 May (ph. L. Bosshart); all records have been May–Nov. Burrowing Owls wintering near Tangent, Linn and on Yaquina Head, Lincoln remained through 10 Mar (R. Adney) and 20 Mar (m.ob.), respectively. A Black-chinned Hummingbird at Detroit, Marion 28 May (R. Gerig) was a rare westside migrant. A male Costa's Hummingbird was at Bend 14 Apr (B. & D. Page); this species has been nearly an - nual in Deschutes for going on three decades. Calliope Hummingbirds showed poorly in the westside lowlands, with only 11 reported 3 Apr–20 May; recent spring tallies have often topped 30 birds. Westside Calliopes appear to arrive via lowland routes then move upslope as the snow melts and plants begin to leaf out. Earlier-than-normal dispersal to upslope breeding areas may have been facilitated by the egon; the Region averages 3-4 per spring. Or - egon's fifth Little Stint graced the North Spit at Coos Bay 18-20 May (K. Castelein, D. Lauten, ph. RN); this is the first Mar–May record for the Region. A Red Phalarope at Union Gap, Yakima 30 May (ph. D. Grandstrand) provided only the third spring record for e. Washington. Three South Polar Skuas were off s. Or - egon 15 May (TJ), and another was 55 km off Curry 21 May (PEL). A Pomarine Jaeger off Bainbridge Island, Kitsap 2 May (BW, RS, GGe, J. Acker, M. Rossing) provided a very rare spring record away from the outer coast. An extremely early Parasitic Jaeger was 58 km off Cape Disappointment 2 Mar (SM). Another Parasitic near Port Townsend, Jefferson 14 May (M. Boyd) was in the P.T., where rare in spring. Seventy-two Long-tailed Jaegers were tallied from cruise ships 29 Apr–21 May, including a flock of 24 birds 270 km off Yachats, Lincoln 13 May (PEL). A Pigeon Guillemot flying up - stream along the Columbia River at Ridgefield 4 Mar (BF) was astonishing, as there appear to be no prior inland records (away from the P.T.). Early pairs of Scripps's Murrelets were 153 km wsw. of Cape Blanco 13 May and 56 km off Bandon 21 May (PEL); these southerly breed - ers typically appear after the breeding season, with most records Jul–Sep. Fifty-one Parakeet Auklets were tallied near the shelf edge off of s. Washington and n. Oregon 2 Mar (SM). Three more were seen from a cruise ship off Curry 15 May (TJ), and an inshore bird graced Boiler Bay 16 May (SS). Although Birds of Oregon: A General Refer - ence (Marshall et al. 2003) indicates that Sa- bine's Gulls may arrive by mid-Mar, 36 seen in Oregon waters 21 Mar (PEL) were consid - ered early, and 85 more off Washington 21 Mar (PEL) were record early for that state by three days. Another 730 Sabine's were observed off Oregon/Washington 29 Apr (PEL). After go - ing absent for several weeks, Oregon's sixth Black-headed Gull, discovered at Astoria in mid-Jan, reappeared there 16 Mar (A. & D. Heyerly) and was last seen 22 Mar (J. Lamber - son). The westside showing of Franklin's Gulls was above average, with singles at Olympia 4-9 Mar (J. Anderson) and near Monroe, Snohom - ish 7 Nov–21 Mar (G. Oliver) being particu- larly noteworthy; there is only one prior Mar record for Washington. Nine additional west - side Franklin's were detected 20 Apr+, with 4 in Oregon and 5 in Washington. Franklin's Gulls invaded e. Washington, with over 100 recorded 12 May+; these included 50 at Swal - lows Park, Asotin 29 May (K. Carlson). A Heer- mann's Gull at Westport, Grays Harbor 29 Apr (BL) was more than month early for the outer coast, while another at P.N.P. 27 May (KB) was a few weeks early for the Puget Trough. more Broad-wingeds were seen at Neah Bay 5-9 May (J. Sweeney), and inland singles were noted at Tacoma 5 May (R. Smith) and Sequim 6 May (BB). The only e. Washington Broad- winged flew over Fish Lake, Chelan 7 May (H. Morovac, M. Gallager, S. Ballinger, V. Palumbo). Swainson's Hawks, formerly quite rare w. of the Cascades Mar–May, have been detected there every spring since 2003; singles were noted from five westside locations 6 Apr–20 May. SHOREBIRDS THROUGH FALCONS A Black-necked Stilt at Granger, Yakima 20 Mar (KZ) was record early for e. Washington, eclipsing last spring's arrival at this location by three days. By 22 Apr, American Avocets had returned to F.R.R., where they have bred in recent years (J. Wolf). Six additional west - side avocets (3 in each state) were noted 24 Apr –9 May. Single Black-bellied Plovers ap - peared at four locations in e. Washington 19 Apr–30 May; spring migrants are scarce on the eastside. An American Golden-Plover at Atkins Lake, Douglas 17 May (ph. R. Taylor) adds to fewer than 10 previous eastside records for northbound birds. Pacific Golden-Plovers showed well, with 8 noted 14 Apr–23 May; all were along the outer coast. A Snowy Plover at W.W.R.D. 10 May (M&MLD) was just the sev - enth for e. Washington; prior e. Washington records have all come 27 Apr–28 May. A Willet at Reardan, Lincoln 28 Apr (JI) was a rare spring migrant in e. Washington. Another near Asto - ria 16-17 May (MP et al.) was equally unex- pected, as Willets are now rare anywhere along the Oregon coast away from Coos Bay. Five northbound Whimbrels were noted 13-18 May in e. Washington, where rare in spring. Nine Whimbrels dropped in at Fernhill Wetlands, Washington 26 May (S. Nord), with at least 3 still present the following day (J. Plissner); in recent years, there has been a strong uptick in the number of W.V. Whimbrel detections. Ten Long-billed Curlews from inland westside locations 1 Apr–29 May made an exceptional total for the season. Single Hudsonian Godwits visited Blaine, Whatcom 10-11 May (J. Duem - mel) and Astoria 15-17 May (S. Warner, MP, SF ph. DI); there are fewer than 20 spring re - cords for the Region. Marbled Godwits are rare northbound migrants in e. Washington, so 2 at Swallows Park, Asotin 21-24 Apr (K. Carl - son) and one at W.W.R.D. 25 Apr (M&MLD) were noteworthy. A Baird's Sandpiper, rare but annual during spring in e. Washington, was at Reardan 4 May (JI), while another at Ridgefield 3-4 May (BF) was only about the thirteenth in spring for w. Washington. Nine Pectoral Sand - pipers were detected in w. Washington 7-16 May. Four Semipalmated Sandpipers 2-30 May included 2 in e. Washington and 2 in w. Or - Well-documented Blue-headed Vireos have been few in Oregon and Washington, where there are just a dozen prior accepted records. Most reports are from autumn, when it is challenging to separate freshly-molted Cassin's Vireos from Blue-headeds. In more worn spring plumages, Blue-headeds, as seen here, are much more colorful and strongly patterned. This bird, Oregon's sixth, was at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge 14 May 2015. Photograph by Jen Sanford.

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