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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 474 B R I T I S H C O LU M B I A of the province, with singles at the e. end of Little Shuswap Lake near Chase 17 Jun (Doug - las Leighton), along Fairview White Lake Rd. in the South Okanagan 4 Jul (Daniel Mitchell), at Moberly Marsh near Golden in the Rocky Mountain Trench 18 Jul (Douglas Leighton), and along Pennask Lake Rd. near Quilchena 18 Jul (Brent, Wayne, & Thor Diakow). Quite rare anywhere in British Columbia away from the Peace River region, a singing male Cape May Warbler was at the Illecillewaet Camp - ground, Glacier N.P. 1 Jul (James Telford). Two Ovenbirds remained from the spring period until at least 5 Jun along the Mel Deanna Trail in Castlegar, where the species is casual (Craig Sandvig). Another was found in the Blaeberry Valley near Golden 30 Jun (Douglas Leighton). Summer records of Harris's Sparrows are exceptionally rare in British Columbia, so one that remained from May through at least 4 Jun at Parsons in the Columbia River valley, s. of Golden, was of note (Peter Leicester). The first Baltimore Oriole in the Okanagan Valley in over 60 years, a singing male, was found at St. Andrews G.C. near Kaleden 1-6 Jun (Chris Charlesworth, m.ob.). A Common Grackle was reported at Beaver Ranch Flats near Quilchena 1 Jun (Adrian Leather, Jerry McFetridge); this species is only regular in British Columbia in the Peace River area. An imm./female Dickcis - sel was found at Montana Slough s. of Revel- stoke 11 Jul (v.r. Devon Anderson). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Chris Charlesworth, #106-571 Yates Road, Kelowna, British Columbia V1V 2V5 ( graphed over Machete Island in Revelstoke 30 Jun was of note (Logan Lalonde). In the Peace River Region, a Pacific Golden-Plover was at Fort St. John sewage ponds 17 Jun (Evan Pye). A Stilt Sandpiper at the McBride Lagoons 10 Jul provided one of a few local records for that fairly under-birded region (Elsie Stanley). Continuing from the spring period, a Hudso - nian Godwit was at Beaver Ranch Flats near Quilchena until at least 1 Jun (John Reynolds, m.ob.). Off Vancouver Island near Campbell River, a Hudsonian Godwit was photographed at Cortes Island 7 Jun (Ed Jordan). A Bar-tailed Godwit graced the shores of Boundary Bay in Ladner 24 Jul+ (Rob Lyske, m.ob.). On British Columbia's North Coast, a Bar-tailed Godwit was photographed at Venn Passage near the village of Metlalkatla near Prince Rupert 30 Jun (Ilya Povalyaev, Yousif Attia). Rare any - where in the interior, a Whimbrel was seen and photographed on the Osoyoos Desert G.C. in Osoyoos 14 Jun (Daryll Myhr). Quite unusual in the summer on Vancouver Island, a Long- billed Curlew was at Island View Beach near Victoria 9 Jun (Dave Robichaud). Unusual for summer, an ad. Lesser Black- backed Gull was documented at Shuswap Lake in Salmon Arm 7 Jul (Allan & Reba Dupilka). In Ladner, a juv. Franklin's Gull was at Boundary Bay 28 Jul+ (Mike Tabak, Mark Wynja, m.ob.). On Shuswap Lake, Salmon Arm, a Franklin's Gull was noted 30 Jul (Alan Burger). Up to 3 Forster's Terns, showing signs of breeding, were at Shuswap Lake throughout the month of Jun until at least 1 Jul (Roger Beardmore, m.ob.). The only location where this species regularly breeds in British Columbia is at Duck Lake in Creston. Another Forster's Tern was at Harrison Lake near Hope 2 Jun (Rick Toochin). HUMMINGBIRDS THROUGH FINCHES The province's first Magnificent Humming- bird, a male, was photographed at a feeder in the Bridge Lake area in the Thompson Re - gion 4 Jul (Yvonne & Daryl Llewellyn). Pos- sibly the same indi- vidual showed up at another feeder about 100 km away in the Lillooet area 10-11 Jul (Annessa Terry). The fourth British Colum - bia record of Crested Caracara came from the North Shore at Na - naimo on Vancouver Island 20 Jul (Graham Ford). This summer brought a surge of Northern Mockingbird records to the s. half Green-tailed Towhee graced the backyard of a lucky birder in Golden for just one day, 18 May (Doug Leighton). A second-year male Rose- breasted Grosbeak was along Front Street in Yale in the Fraser Valley 15 May (Rick Tooch - in). Another was noted at a feeder in North Vancouver 27-28 May (Kim Holland). At Chilliwack, a first-summer male Hooded Oriole was found at a hummingbird feeder 5-6 May (Carol Baird et al.). On Vancouver Island, where Cassin's Finch is rare, a female was at a feeder at Shawnigan Lake near Victoria 18 May (S. Clarke). At Penticton, up to 4 Purple Finches were along the Esplanade Trails from the winter period until at least 4 Mar (Amanda Lahaie, m.ob.). –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– J une started off cool and unsettled but grad- ually warmed up as a ridge of high pressure aloft gained strength. By the last week of the month, it was hot and dry throughout the province, a pattern that continued through the first two weeks of July. Mean daily tempera - tures at many reporting stations were up to 4º C warmer than the 30-year averages during the heat wave. The ridge gradually dissipated thereafter, allowing temperatures to cool and showers to become more frequent. WATERFOWL THROUGH ALCIDS Four White-faced Ibis, part of the spring in- vasion into the s. interior of British Columbia, remained at Beaver Ranch Flats near Quilchena throughout the period, and although not con - firmed, breeding was suspected (Todd Kohler, m.ob.). On Vancouver Island, a Swainson's Hawk was a good find along Swanwick Rd. in Metchosin 13 Jun (Rick Schortinghuis). Sum - mer records of Broad-winged Hawks are quite unusual in s. British Columbia, so one photo - This Baltimore Oriole at St. Andrews Golf Course near Kaleden, British Columbia 1 June 2015 provided only the second record for the Okanagan Valley and the first in sixty years. Photograph by Laure Neish. This female Bar-tailed Godwit was photographed in Venn Passage on British Columbia's North Coast 30 June 2015. Photograph by Ilya Povalyaev.

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